Women who build business

How to start a startup. With ideas. With inspiration. With madness in the best sense of the word. While these concepts have sex? I doubt it. We create something new when the time comes when we feel forces and are ready to realize their dream. And it doesn't matter who is taken for the realization of this idea is a man or a woman. Or important?

Gender stereotypes still have great influence in our country. Historically, that our eighth day of March, and at all the major federal channels each a humorous show is full of jokes about women's foibles and follies. Us since childhood explained about the purpose and importance of the family and only supplied to it. Do not argue, nature inherent twist socket and maintain fire. But there is another side of the coin is a business woman. Today we increasingly hear about startups that offer women. I once opened a laboratory for personal branding BAKE Pro and today my client — including young Businesswomen of Russia.

My opinion is that there are no gender differences in business. We all do their own thing in their own way. Today everyone can discover something of their own, around a lot of information: literature, trainings, webinars and entire schools of building a business. Everyone can learn and personally I am pleased that today the trainings on personal effectiveness and Azam business increasingly come across women who decide to start their own business. And it is doubly pleasing that these young and successful Lady — wife and mother. That is crumbling before our very eyes the most powerful stereotype that woman keeps hotbed at the time as a man earns money. Does not interfere with one another. If a woman has a favorite activity, she is happy and satisfied and this, of course, is his personal life.

I believe that a modern woman — confident, courageous and more liberated: she is not afraid to negotiate, and hire employees and build a business. Modern women travel the world, write books and give birth to children. Erased boundaries between home and work, so that you can work from home. Opportunities to start a business from scratch, almost without attachments. Today, you can apply your skills over the Internet, it lets you quickly go to your desired audience and maintain a relationship with her from anywhere in the world.

The problems that beset women-startups

However, on the way to build their startups us women still face some difficulties:

Gender stereotypes

Gender stereotypes, unfortunately, hard to occupy in Russian society. And Chief among them is a woman could not be successful without men. I.e. us to open his case will certainly need a rich patron. This is not the case. I myself started from scratch: worked in a large intern cultural center of Saint-Petersburg, was on standby. There the trainings to learn what marketing and PR and started spinning. In the 18 years I became chief operating officer, and later opened an agency to build a personal brand. No one helped me, I myself was looking for investments and were filling their coffers itself itself the first business bumps. This is a very big stereotype in our country and I am very pleased that young businesswoman break it, opening his case, relying not on the man's shoulder, but on their own skills and abilities.

You are not taken seriously

With this, including, we strive to BAKE Pro — with frivolous attitude to women as a businesswoman. I believe that a professional — he and Africa professional and it doesn't matter whether it's heels and raising three children. A woman the same rights can study business, develop new markets, to negotiate, to open branches and while traveling. One of my clients-Ghalia Berdnikova — is a very vivid example of the strong and strong-willed Manager who embodies femininity and beauty. I am an expert in their field, my staff does not lag behind. We write articles in specialized publications, educational webinars and prove their case that the US must be treated seriously and we truly develop strategies building personal brand.

A woman will not give investment

That is, you don't take seriously, respectively, you will not give money to realize their ideas. Firstly, if you know exactly what you want and how to achieve this is already will apply to you in all seriousness. Secondly, do not need large investments to start their own business. Maria koshkin, creator Mark eco-fur ANSE, started with 30 000 rubles. That was enough to sewed together the first model. Further more. You start selling and increasing working capital. The main thing is to make this first step. Not relying neither on whose millions and credibility. You are your own credibility and you are able to earn my first million! Believe in yourself!

Women are succeeding only in their areas of

Certainly, there are some niches in which a woman easier: children, fashion, relationships, education and so on. Today, however, the boundaries are erased and women serve in the army, and men up delicious cupcakes. It is only important that who you are and how to implement your idea. The idea of no sex. Therefore, the success of your event depends directly on how much force and skill you put into it. Among my clients are men. However, my partners take me seriously. I'm for them, first of all, the person who is ready to implement their goals. Yes, I am well look and focus its appearance a lot of time, but this does not mean that all transactions and customers come exclusively on my appearance. And on it too. But this is about personal brand, not of gender stereotypes.

Summing up, I would like to say only one thing — be yourself. Appreciate what nature has given you. And use these givens for personal purposes. Grow, learn, try new and never forget that you are a woman. This is a wonderful gift that often only plays into the hands of the US in business: we are well cope with time-management, often possess skills of persuasion, we have well developed intuition. In the same way as men have their quality, to help you in business. We are different, but we all do one thing to help small businesses in Russia to withdraw to a new level!

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