Earn money in social networks vkontakte and Facebook

30 000 000 Russians daily are in social networks is an impressive figure. Sooner or later, many there is a logical question: "what benefit can be derived from social networks, in addition to the pleasure of communicating and receiving information?". We know 10 ways to earn networks.

1. The establishment of thematic groups

Create a club or thematic group can almost anyone. There will always be fans of winter fishing, crochet, caving, travel by auto-stop. And group koshkoljubov, dog breeders and gourmets will never remain without visitors.

First you need to attract more participants to the group must be filled with interesting articles, photographs, materials. At some point every properly developing group moves to a "self-service"-materials supply team members completely voluntarily and willingly, the founder need only toss topics for discussion and keep order.

The most successful materials placed on Twitter, on a page specially created for the group. The active promotion of the site, visitors are offered to issue a free subscription. Mailing lists subscribers, together with interesting information, periodically receive commercial offers. The classical scheme is quite effective and is great for promoting products and services.

2. Creation of themed communities for sale

The group is created and unwound, as in the first case, but then it must be sold to those who are in need of promotion of their goods or services. If the Group was originally created to discuss a specific brand or product groups, brand owners quite often are treated with a proposal to sell the group. Vkontakte and Facebook have groups facing tens of thousands of dollars.

3. Creating applications

One of the most profitable areas. Application, it usually tests, games, jokes, shall be arranged so that passing them to the end, you need to pay the domestic currency.

Players buy virtual items or additional game features and author of social networks gets a percentage of the profits. Paid applications in social networks are already yielding more revenue than advertising.

True to create an application that needs an idea and the means to pay a programmer.

4. Social network

The major networks are constantly recruiting professionals-administrators, application developers, etc. p. You can keep things simple and just get a job, enough to have skills and have access to the Internet

5. Advertising

Placement of advertisements on its pages, participate in promotions-option mode 1. For thematic and well-publicized group there will always be advertisers, ready for the money to place their banners, promostati and links. Can't wait, when you can find and contact advertisers by offering their services.

Placing a banner ad for one month, you can get a few hundred dollars.

6. Earnings on partnership programs

The previous method, in which the author group participates in the partnership programs. Direct sales are inefficient, and links to groups show excellent results.

Some services pay rewards for actions in which interested advertisers-links, promotional material, etc. d:

Social network "VKontakte", for example, provides for the placement of advertisements:

  • In the field «status»
  • In the "about yourself"
  • In the field "site"
  • In a published article
  • In messages in groups
  • In audio or video materials
  • In the "I like"
  • on avatar
  • on your own photo
  • In the "Invite friends" application

8. Creation and promotion of groups on order

Groups are created based on themes that are defined by the customer. Experience and technical resources will help promote the group just a few months.

9. Sale of own manufacture

Many popular bands posvjashhjony knitting, embroidery and other female needlecraft. The participants, mostly members of such groups quite actively communicate by offering each other products, services or training. In such groups collect wishing to master-class on hot batic, for example. In a group of a few dozen students gather. Price-a few thousand rubles.

10. Paid activity in social networks

There are social networks, paying for registration, filling profile, publications, profile views, clicks, etc. d.

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