Earnings on the Internet for online learning anything

Dina Kopceva, founder and head of Training Center "many languages" tells about the possibilities, the nuances and levels of online learning as a profitable business.

The Internet is becoming more and more an integral part of our lives. All, in one way or another, moving in whole or in part on work over the Internet.

The theme that I want to reveal is the topic "online learning", learning that is conducted over the Internet.

Five-seven years ago, learning through the Internet, there was little but now this method is becoming more popular and in demand, especially by seeking qualitative knowledge.

But not all who possess professional knowledge, know how to teach and pass on their knowledge via the Internet. And most units know how much this can earn.

Who can and can teach online?

For you, as for many will be the discovery that train can any expert and practically everything. If you are a professional in any field, you can also launch your online training and earn very good money consistently.

Subject can be absolutely any: business, music, school subjects, foreign languages, relationships, photography, crafts, health, travel and much, much more.

A huge number of people every day are looking for information and the opportunity to study music, drawing, prepare for exams for school subjects. People are fun and it is necessary to solve the problems in the family, relationships, learning how to be a good wife and mother, open the small business, start a profitable production at home and much, much more.

And you, as a specialist in one of these areas, guaranteed can teach, pass on their knowledge, and in gratitude, people will pay you good and very good money.

Now that the pros have this activity:

You become financially independent. No longer need to sit from paycheck to paycheck, take leave at their own expense, to spend the holidays with your child and there is no need to hoard 6 months on holiday at the seaside in summer.

You have the opportunity to travel freely and at any time of year, in any country of the world.

You receive free time for family, for sports, for hobbies, for self-study.

You can all spend the summer outside the city, for example, at the cottage, or rent a cozy cottage by the sea.

You can move to another country for permanent residence, as did we, without hesitation over how to get a job there. Jobs and higher income are your constant companions in any country.

What do I need to do. Important points

One of the key points is to look for potential customers, your future students. So the best option to express themselves online is a comprehensive promotion.

you create and fill free materials your site which should not be about everything and have focus specifically on your topic online learning.

The next and very important element of the promotion is a social network in which you need to create your accounts.

And the third essential element of promotion, which in my opinion today is hard to do-it's your You Tube channel. you write useful videos on your topic and post on your channel. No video is quite difficult to move.

How much can you earn on this

Let me give you a practical example.

Online training is significantly different from the usual, and the development of Internet technology today allows us to pass on their knowledge to a large number of people in different parts of the world simultaneously.

Suppose your theme: "profitable greenhouse", "Street fast food", "winter sports entertainment" or any other topic in which you are a professional and you have a personal experience.

Based on your knowledge, you have prepared a month training in which parse specific examples of business, with precise calculations, step-by-step actions (IE, search and rent, personnel, etc. d.) and additional explanations.

You have turned out to be a good, high-quality material with practical tasks. Today, such training may not be worth less than 4000-5000 rubles.

But what's important: your training should give people a concrete result and you guarantee this result.

During the training for you as a coach, it doesn't matter how much will people in Group 5, 15 or 35. you spend teaching from home 2-3 times a week (1.5 hours -2). On other days the Parties shall carry out practical tasks that you specify.

Let's look at the numbers

  • If you have a group of 10 people for training you earn 40 000-50 000 rubles.
  • If you have a 50-man training you earn 200 000-250 000 rubles.

And the number of classes in the same way: 2-3 times a week for 1.5 hours -2.

And these are the minimum fees for training. You can safely keep 2 training simultaneously on different topics, while increasing your income doubled.

I have to say this is not theory, it's practice. This is from our experiences and those of our partners. So we have been working successfully for more than 4 years.

Go ahead. You certainly don't stop at conducting training and will definitely make it to then put on sale. your participation in this case is minimal.

That's the way it works today. Start from scratch this online training really for 90 days.


Attachments to run an Internet business are minimal compared to conventional business.

Online learning today earn hundreds of people. But the number of those wishing to acquire the necessary knowledge in different themes of tens of millions of people. And some of them, certainly, awaits you.

Of course, in one article I have failed to tell about all in detail the intricacies and nuances of earning on the Internet for online learning. But, I am sure, shared, clear picture you have narisovalas.

If you are a professional or a firm believer in something better than others, don't waste your time-get the right online learning system, and run your online project.

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