Earnings on filehostings: everything you need to know for success

This kind of earnings is good, first of all, that does not require any special knowledge, presence of own site, won't take much of your time and will generate revenue not only when you're sitting at your computer. In addition, it does not require any investment.

For example, suppose you have a file, which may be of interest to other users: summary, any media file or a database. You place it on any server-special file store, and get a link where this file may download other users.

Then this link you post on various forums, blogs, websites. You will earn money for downloading of your file, depending on the conditions of your work to fajloobmennikom, on average, from $5 to $300 per 1,000 downloads. You can display the transferred money into your eWallet, usually without commissions.

Of course, it is completely logical question: why fajloobmennikam pay you? Their benefit in this case is to attract more visitors, in this case-with your help, which makes the service more popular. You are given only a small part of the funds, earned fajloobmennikom.

Generally, people downloading the file, forced to browse a large amount of advertising before you will receive a direct link to download the file. These advertisers and pay fajloobmennikam, and they in turn pay you because you distribute links to the file, thus attracting visitors for viewing advertising.

In order to start working with the fajlobmennikami, you will need, first and foremost, unlimited access to the Internet, because it will have to deal with lots of traffic. You will need an FTP client, which will simplify the fill files on file shares, as well as electronic purse in any payment system WebMoney, for example.

And, of course, you must have a file that will be interested in other users. Where you can take interesting files? They eat almost any-you yourself periodically download from the Internet anything interesting you, all this is quite suitable.

A lot of useful information can be found on popular torrent. You can also access any file portal and download some recent published files, not forgetting to take out the description of this file accompanying text and a picture, and post it all on filehostings.

If you take the finished file description found on the site, the text you want to change a bit, because similar descriptions are removed by site administrators. To find a description and picture to your file, it is possible to arrive and so: to string search engine yandex.ru enter the name of the file you want to add the word "description", then select "search mode in pictures.

The next step is to register on filehosting and better on several. Here it is necessary to draw attention to the fact that many sites require links to RapidShare file sharing, as well as the presence of multiple mirrors, otherwise your news administrators do not allow to be published.

If you have multiple links to different file shares, the person who will download your file, thereby granted the additional convenience of choice: for example, it can have a premium account on any service.

Then you will need to register on the Radical-Photo to store photos and images. Some news sites require shading photo on other services, either on their own service. If you do not wish to consider such requirements, site administrators your news will be removed.

Now you need to place your file on filehosting. If you're familiar with the FTP client, you can use this method to load a file, if not-use the standard way to download through your browser. This method is available on each filehosting: on the site you will see a "Download" button.

All finish remains to place a link to your file. This is the basic process for which all deal. It is very important not just post a link and ensure that your file was downloaded as often as possible. So you want to publish news on sites where a lot of visitors, where your file is likely to be seen.

Pay sufficient attention to execution and file description. It should be colorful and able to motivate the user. Read the site rules, so they do not disturb when placing links, otherwise your news is not allowed to be published. On many websites there are examples of design news, you can see them.

In the future, watch out for the number of page views and downloads and choose to operate the sites from which your files download more. The more news you post, the more can be your income. You can use special software for newsletters, but some sites are protected from automatic mailings.

Therefore, the best option would be a paid software for automation. Of course, you can choose how to post your news-manually, wasting some time, or use the program. Sometimes a couple of news issued manually, will bring more than a hundred made programmatically. Manual placement is considered more efficient and better quality, at an early stage to use exactly this way.

In order not to get lost in where you placed the news and do a review of their work, keep a diary. This can be done, for example, in Excel. Mark where you have placed the news. A few days later look where your news is published, but where is removed.

Keep a record of the number of views and downloads. A few weeks later, you will be able to see which sites and that it is the best to download. Not worth a place on the same site more than two daily news Administration may delete your account on the site.

Don't expect big earnings immediately. Usually the first receipt of money occur through 5-7 days after the start of work. Earnings can make a few cents, but it will gradually increase, and certainly not without your effort. Better place files larger than 500 MB, and add keywords in the description, such as "Download", "free of charge".

Some popular software

DepositFiles is a reliable and high-quality file, without reference to which your news may simply not publish. After registration you will receive a bonus of $5 and hosted file for receipt of payment must be at least 1 MB.

Your file will not be deleted if its download at least once a month. The amount of payment will depend on the size of the file. Moreover, DepositFiles is the leader in holding competitions with prizes such as a laptop or PDA that is very tempting.

Letitbit-are also very popular. Payment per thousand downloads-from $5 to $15, the file must not be less than 5 MB. You can add income from paid downloads.

Turbobit-well established. Payment from $3 to $15 per thousand downloads a file larger than 1 MB. Owners of Gold accounts Turbobit pays 20% of the cost of premium access if it bought for downloading your files. Using Turbobit technical support, you can create your own file sharing and earning on it.

There are many other popular file-sharing sites, but within a single article, it is difficult to do an exhaustive review. For a beginner this information until it is enough. Go ahead, and you will succeed!

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