Wine cellar

At every point of the globe there are people who make wine or collect this drink. But every self-respecting collector or the winemaker must have a wine cellar, which must conform to the General requirements.

Basic requirements:

Inside the wine cellar must be supported by a certain temperature, no matter in what part of the world this cellar is located. The best temperature for storing wine is considered to be +11 C, but it can vary from +10 to +14 (C). It is also necessary to avoid temperature drop, because the lost aroma of wines.

The humidity in the room must also meet certain requirements in order for wine is not peresyhalo and on the walls of the cellar is not formed fungi and mold. The normal measure of moisture in the cellar is considered to range from 60% to 80%.

In the wine cellar must be the only artificial lighting, no ray of sunshine should not penetrate and hit the bottle. From sunlight wine is not stored for a long time, and some varieties may even deteriorate.

In order to maintain the quality of the wine, experts do not recommend building a cellar near the railroad tracks, and other objects that may be vibrating.

In the cellars must have good air circulation. In order to achieve this you need to make the natural air vents or any other form of ventilation, the main thing is that everything worked smoothly.

Inside the wine cellar have to use materials with good heat and sound insulation.

All of the cabinets for wine and other necessary furniture picked on the basis of moisture in the cellar.

The door to the cellar should be well closed to outside weather conditions (high or low temperature, humidity, etc.) as a possible influence on wine quality.

Stored in the wine cellar of vegetables, fruits, conservation or anything else is strictly forbidden, as the aroma of the wine could deteriorate from extraneous odours.

If the cellar is laid a new batch of wine, then you must first prokurit room mozhzhevelnikovymi sticks to restore microclimate.

Constructing and maintaining cellar requires no small effort to wine was quality and stored for a long time, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances. But for wine connoisseurs make wine cellar all rules will have no difficulty.

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