Максимизируйте свой лидерский потенциал как интроверт

Why introverts to become great entrepreneurs? 5 tips for the introvert in business.

What do Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg? In addition to the fact that they are one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, all three are introvertami.

This may come as a surprise. In the end, introverts are people shy, quiet and even anti-social. Most people don't assume that introverts-it is the type that thrives in a fast-growing, aggressive business world. However, this thinking is changing.

Understanding introversion

Introversion is not the same as shyness, which is linked to fear of social judgment.

In fact, although they tend to find social interaction tedious and be nurtured only by time, introverts are not easily perceived as having a personality. Introversion is simply one end of the spectrum of personality, that has its opposite in extroversion.

The terms introvert and Extrovert were introduced by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. According to Jung, Introversion and extroversion is ways to respond to the outside world. He described the introverts, preferring small groups to large groups of people and enjoying activities such as reading, writing and thinking.

Thus, while people tend to be more introverted or more jekstravertirovany, most falling somewhere in between. Although they may be more difficult to identify, introverts make up approximately one third of the half of the population, or one out of every two or three people.

Introverts as entrepreneurs

Understanding what is introversion and what introverts can achieve, has changed significantly in recent years, thanks to the innovative works of Susan Kane, the author of the book "silence: the power of introverts in the world who can't stop talking and Wharton Professor Adam grant, among others. An important conclusion of new scholarship is that the entities are self-conscious when they maximize their talents can flourish in business and other areas once considered only a province of "nationals".

Cain, who for many years worked as a Wall Street lawyer, noticed that she struggled trying to adapt to the rapidly evolving lifestyle that seemed so easy to reach her peers, and enjoyed themselves in crowded bars and large groups, feeling that it is more suited to home life and quiet dinners with friends. He author-public, he acknowledged that it took years to cope with its introvertirovannoj nature in a culture that is heavily biased towards jekstravertam.

Finally, listening to her intuition, Cain renounced what it calls "samootricajushhimisja election", and wrote a book in which began the so-called quiet revolution. Her message has apparently been heard Adam grant, whose study of leadership helps to further undermine stigma introversion. He recalls how he instructed two teams of Wharton MBA students, first year 2011 and again in 2013: "raise your hand if you're an introvert.

In 2011, only several students raised their hands. Two years later, more than a third of the students raised their hands. Grant attributes this surge directly the work of Cain and how it helped get rid of the perception of "introversion as a liability.

5 tips for introvertirovannogo entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, your introversion can be a powerful tool if used correctly.

Maybe you're an introvert, which is suited to your personality, having spent years trying to be an extrovert. Perhaps you would like to adopt plans that you planned in private, and, finally, make them publicly available.

If so, you would be wise to stop playing with the jekstravertirovannymi ideals and instead maximize its potential as an introvert. Staying true to yourself, you can achieve far more than you could pretend to be someone who you are not. The important thing to remember an introverted entrepreneur is as advises Cain, put yourself in the zone of stimulation that is right for you.

Discomfort in entrepreneurial endeavors, such as networking, conversational speech and leadership, may seem like a personal weakness, but with a few adjustments they can actually become strengths.

1. Maximize your leadership potential as an introvert 

Maximize your leadership potential as an introvert

Innovative research Grant Adam about leadership show that extroverts may not necessarily make better bosses, although people strongly associate with jekstraversiju leadership.

In his experiment, Grant considered profit from pizza delivery franchise and analysed the different management styles. He discovered that active employees are earning higher profits under introvertirovannym Manager, while neproaktivnye employees earned more jekstravertirovannogo Manager. Grant explains, "introvertnye leaders are more likely to listen carefully to the proposals and support the efforts of employees to be active." Jekstravertirovannye leaders, by contrast, "love being the center of attention" and "tend to be threatened by the staff.

As an entrepreneur, you can introvertirovannyj apply the conclusions of the grant for their own businesses, encouraging employees to speak and make suggestions. More broadly, you can achieve better results from employees, simply allowing them to work with their ideas.

2. Consider the jekstravertnogo partner

Consider the jekstravertnogo partner

In the same way as you would be able to produce a more charismatic appearance on woman in Saturday evening, you can take on board jekstravertnogo partner to help you in the business world. A famous example of this is Steve Wozniak (introvert) and Steve Jobs (Extrovert), couple who continued to run the Apple Computers. In this case, Jobs was responsible for marketing, while Wozniak was focused mainly on product development.

3. Schedule of meetings "one on one"

Schedule of meetings "one on one"

Crowded room and small talk is never helpful for introvert, but if you wish to make yourself and your business, you will find yourself in the middle of both.

Contrary to popular belief, introverts are not bad with people-they simply prefer a small group of people whom they know to a large group of strangers. To make this work in your interests, use their preference for social quality, scheduling meetings one on one or small group meetings. Compared to the big room of strangers, these more intimate arrangements will help introvertu become more driven.

4. Self-help as an introvert

Self-help as an introvert

The ability to sell yourself is critical in business, but self-promotion can be especially difficult for introverts. The trick is to move in ways that match your skills.

For example, introverts often succeed in writing, so you can use the well written article in industry publication, to reach more people. Or you can construct a well-thought-out campaign on social networks or series of blogs from the privacy of your own Office.

You may not, however, avoid time communicating. What you can do is make more use of social events.

Instead of attending a networking event and aimlessly walk around the room, trying to make small talk, try to organize an event. Hosting makes you one man and forcing others to come to you. The same applies to public speaking. Out on the catwalk, you can immediately attract many people, rather than to get bogged down in many small conversations.

Introvertirovannyj New York journalist Malcolm Gladwell notes that speech on stage "has nothing to do with the extroversion. This is a play, and many performers are very introverted.

5. Recharging through one time

Recharging through one time

In spite of all your efforts aimed at cooperation in accordance with the introvert, you reach a point where you just have to avoid others in favor of his time. Resist the temptation to see your desire for solitude as "responsibility", and remember that time alone-air introvert.

Time spent alone in a quiet environment, restore your energy and, more importantly, can lead to a dramatically changing insight.

You intravert or Extrovert? As you have adapted their entrepreneurial efforts to force your personality?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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