Whether investors pay attention to Has (Even)?

Anton Rabinovich, risk manager company IQ Option on price prospects of new electronic currency and about the dangers of long-term investment in innovative projects.

For the first time in history this week Dow Jones index reached 16.000 points, I would like to suggest that this news will be the headline of the leading financial publishers, but, oddly enough, many of them preferred to focus on the growth of the virtual currency "Has".

Has-anonymous virtual currency continues to rise in value has already been 3 month, and soon, perhaps, that one Has is the equivalent of 1000 u.s. dollars. Whether investors pay attention to the "asset" as another way to invest, or a financial bubble?

A few facts about Has

  • Has often referred to as "kriptovaljutoj" because to maintain and protect the system uses cryptographic methods.
  • Has not a tangible asset, but only number associated with a set of conditions.
  • BTC-sign denoting Has listed that convert Them into real currency.
  • Mt. Gox was the largest Exchange Bitcoins until recently-it was approximately 70% of transactions Bitkoina. But in early November, China Exchange BTC ahead of Mt. GOX on volumes, and even attracted funding amounting to 5 million dollars in security trading.
  • The first were sold to Them by 0.3 cents in 2010 year.
  • In May 2010 when price Bitkoina was negligible. For example, one of the participants of the Forum virtual currency bought pizza for 10 000 bitcoins. Today same day this amount is equivalent to approximately 7 million United States dollars.
  • No one is responsible for the asset: the name of the person who wrote the specifications Has-Satoshi Nakamoto, in fact, is a pseudonym, and nobody really knows who is the person or group of people. It is obvious that in the area of cryptography, it is impossible to make a stable system alone. The transaction Has been conducted on thousands of servers distributed around the world, and every ten minutes the whole system repeatedly synchronizes the list of recent transactions. The result is that no Government in the world can establish uniform rules for the currency.
  • From 2011 to 2013 year illegal trading silk road took Them, who were the most popular currency among drug traffickers. According to the FBI, total turnover of Bitcoins for silk road site for all its lifetime amounted to 9.5 million Bitcoins and only 2.5 million less than the total number of Bitcoins at that time.
  • The maximum possible growth of prices Bitkoina is 25 points in 10 minutes, and all because every buyer of an asset should finalize the puzzle for a successful transaction and the average time the puzzle is 10 minutes.
  • Today, there are 12 million Bitcoins. According to the creators, the number of Bitcoins would never exceed 21 million.
  • Bitkoina price soared by more than 20% 18.11.2013, after the SEC United States Department of Justice announced that virtual currency is legitimate financial instrument. SEC Chairman Ben Bernanke in a letter to Congress said that Has can provide long-term prospects, especially if the innovations will contribute to a more rapid, safe and efficient payment system.
  • Has most likely primary financial story of the year 2013. Total capitalization Bitcoins now stands at 7 billion dollars, while that in the beginning of the year, the virtual currency was trading at a price equal to 13.55 dollars and to 19.11.2013 its price totaled $900 United States is growing by about 5000% for one year!

The incredible growth of virtual currency this year increasingly attracts the attention of investors who want to cash in on the innovative idea, on the other hand, it is enough to look at history to see a number of such examples, which ended badly for the crowd.

Statistics show Internet search, Russia is very interested in the Bitkoinah country, and this interest appeared last week. In China, meanwhile, for Them even sold real estate, and in Canada first in the World Has ATM. Germany has already recognized Them settlement currency, and eBay may soon enters into the system the ability to pay for goods this digital currency.

However, the daily volatility Bitcoins, as they say, "not for the faint of heart, with 26 000 to 12 000 (that's minus 55%), and from 12 000 to 21 000 (+ 75%). In support of Bitkoina has taken quite a lot of representatives of the Government of the United States, which is the main growth engine of the digital currency. However, many skeptics and opponents Has expressed the opinion that if the positive statements by the Government on currency ended, its price can fall rapidly, and then confirmed fears that this is just a soap bubble.

We look forward to the denouement of the story, and yet stand for innovation and economic growth of virtual currencies, as well as the possibility of their role as a cheaper alternative to the modern system of international money transfers.

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