Where to invest money to make

The question of profitable investments is one of the most pressing for any reasonable and prudent person.

As a general rule, any person feels confident, secure and perfectly arranged in this unpredictable life only if you can without much damage for himself to shoot with a great amount of personal bank account amounts, and it is desirable that in order to replenish the account would not put any serious effort.

But essentially, getting a good profit from funds earned previously, and be able to secure adequate financial present and no less worthy of the future is a sure sign of a really smart person.

  • Bank deposits
  • PAMM-accounts
  • Mutual funds (mutual funds)
  • Promotions
  • Bonds
  • Forex
  • Endowment life insurance
  • Mutual funds banking management (CFMB)
  • Hedge funds
  • Structural products (structured)
  • Gold and other precious metals
  • Real estate
  • Business

Not all considered further ways of investing money, someone they are just not suitable for a variety of reasons, but think about this increase in its financial condition would be able to absolutely everyone. What are the different ways to obtain basic income from investments?

1. Deposit accounts

This is the easiest way to increase your capital. For this you only need to open a bank account, and then periodically receive any percentage of the entire amount of the deposit. Thus, your money works in a Bank, and the Bank, using them, earning himself.

Practically this is done approximately as follows. You put on your selected deposit account any amount under 10% of revenue per year. And a year later immediately immediately after the closure of the account you will be able to return their money, and another 10% on top.

As a rule, if the contract is written, you can get and the interest for the entire time, until your money work at the Bank on a monthly basis, with certain parts. Loan rate in this bank 20%, so when your money will be given to another person as a loan, then back he will have to return the entire amount plus 20%, thus, the Bank itself on a similar mediation earns the difference between the percentage on deposit and interest at the credit rate. In our example this would be 10%.

It is the most simple, reliable enough, most understandable and perfectly predictable pattern. Any other financial instruments such predictability is not different. A significant role here as well and that all deposits, the amount of which does not exceed 700 thousand rubles, are subject to compulsory State insurance, which means that in case of any problems in the Bank, they are guaranteed to be returned to the depositor.

And not to get into a difficult situation, you will need a sum, which exceeds this limit, divided into several smaller deposits that you protect yourself in the event of an unforeseen and unexpected bankruptcy. You choose Bank to open a deposit account? You can search on the Internet site of the institution that interests you and using the loan calculator that is on the page of virtually every bank is easy to calculate the estimated revenue.

But even on the basis of the reliability of such properties, bank deposit money is not the most profitable. This is due to its low profitability, though the method itself is really good for the initial buildup, which can then be invested in more profitable areas and, on the other hand, such deposit may serve as excellent financial "airbag".

2. PAMM-accounts

This is a great innovative tool that allows you to increase your own financial status without personal involvement in the trade. In this case, the funds entrusted to the trader-Manager, and in the hereafter they shall be placed in a special account that already has personal capital of the trader. The result is that managing risks equally with their investors.

At the end of the trading period, all losses and profits are distributed absolutely automatically between the trader's pamm-account and all investors according to the agreement, which lists all the terms and conditions of such financial cooperation. From an investor only needs to choose a competent Manager and make the optimal amount for his pamm-account (see. «Rating of pamm-accounts ").

This is a really convenient way of accumulating capital, because such investments are absolutely no need to have any special knowledge and need a certain minimum threshold of attachments for a start. And the disadvantages of such investments are a complete failure to in any way affect the outcome and trust their money to another person.

  • How to choose a pamm-account
  • The principle of work of pamm-accounts on simple example
  • When to enter and exit from the pamm-accounts
  • Risks associated with investment in the pamm-accounts

3. Mutual funds-mutual funds

Today it is not the most popular way to invest money. In reality, the MUTUAL FUND is a financial battery that collects money from various smaller investors-shareholders and use these funds to fund managers a wide variety of investments, which aim to make a profit. Typically, these funds are invested in bonds, different actions, currencies and precious metals.

And they're not just invested, and they really manage. Built with serious forecasts a possible increase of any assets, the assets themselves are purchased exclusively in moments of the lowest price, but only if there is confidence in the growth of their value in the future. (A) identify this potential can only be through deep technical and fundamental analysis.

In addition to the serious analysis is subjected to the general situation in the economy, which was at the moment in the world and the region, as well as political and economic news and a variety of other constituents that are specific enough for a simple man in the street are complex and incomprehensible.

All this is necessary in order to completely rid its depositor of all these global issues and enough complexities to get his money, and then successfully make money on operations with them and yourself, and simple investor, which, in turn, there is no need to overly worry and distracted from what he does in real life.

Investments were really successful, you just need to choose the right MUTUAL FUND. Good advice for a correct selection can be found on the World Wide Web, and those who want to understand such investing in more detail, you need to undergo training "successful investor, which would explain and teach the basics of successful investing.

Significant advantages of the MUTUAL FUND are:

  • closer State control of their activities;
  • a fairly low threshold investment themselves;
  • professional cash management;
  • the absence of any investor taxation.

Of course, there are a number of deficiencies in this way:

  • compared to fixed income investments, in this case, the risk is higher;
  • Additionally paid the cost of the original design, and then the storage certificates;
  • stable remuneration of the company that manages your funds, which absolutely does not depend on the profitability of the investment.

4. Promotions

This is the usual securities, which confirm the ownership of a certain size in the total capital of the company and give its owner the right to appropriate a portion of the profits of this company. In fact, the species shares-Massa. But, in fact, in the long term, investing in equities finance more intelligently and profitably, while too risky.

Mentally prepare yourself for the fact that such investment will require you to permanent monitoring of the market situation, to avert and prevent capital loss because of a significant reduction in the value of those securities in times of crisis.

5. Bonds

It is usual for us debt paper that guarantee the obtaining of an issuer with a specific amount of money. This type of investment is designed for people who appreciate a certain stability and do not like to take risks. Too big margins in this case expect is not worth it, because the yield on bonds compare with similar yield deposits.

Such an investment cannot be called beneficial financial tool but as a way of diversifying investment it may well exist. The term "diversification" means a reasonable allocation of capital for investment between trusted, stable and risky, but more profitable tools. Reliable is deposits, precious metals, bonds, who with a small yield virtually without loss to save the initial investment capital, with virtually no safety depends on the market situation.

6. Forex

Foreign EXchange is the interbank exchange market foreign currencies at free prices. At its core is the usual speculation different currencies. So in the case of the purchase of 100 euro for 130 dollars, after a while they can sell for $160, then your income will be 30 dollars. Typically, Forex trading currency pairs. But the cost of various currencies changes all the time, because it depends on many different factors.

So, for example, financial instability in some eurozone States periodically evident oscillation value of the euro, as investors initially fearing a serious depreciation of the currency, just get rid of it. As a result, the amount of euros on Forex significantly increases, while its value relative to other currencies is strongly reduced. It is on these significant variations in exchange rates and earn on Forex.

In principle, this Exchange can be traded independently after a preliminary study, and can be trusted with their money to professional traders. In fact, this method of investing enough questionable, although it really is widely advertised on the Internet and the media. If you can trade Forex, you have some knowledge, serious experience, a clear strategy and strong desire-then it really is your method.

In reality, the statistics are very exchanging: only a few were able to multiply his fortune on this Exchange, but optimists who remained almost entirely without initially invested funds is simply millions. And whether to Trade Forex-exclusively for you.

7. Life insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances

At its core is a standard endowment insurance of their own lives. From habitual for us type of insurance it is that if during the term of the contract was not insured event, it is quite possible to get once the entire amount that accumulated, or receive certain monthly payments until the very end of their lives. Of course, such a way to invest money by no means profitable.

8. CFMB-general funds in banking management

They are somewhat similar to mutual funds, but in fact have more extensive investment functions. In reality it significantly expands the objective possibilities of increasing their yield, although in some cases also dramatically increases the risks. In practice there are cases of high yield investing this way up to 600% Apr.

If you are interested in the work of CFMB, information about this can be found in the Internet, and pay attention that the recommendations themselves on such investing enough restrained. This is due to the fact that CFMB not so closely controlled by the State, such as mutual funds. Known mass of cases where such funds ended the uttermost collapse because Frank unprofessionalism. Why invest in CFMB best small amounts to part with which you will be not too sad afterwards. Other comments are simply unnecessary.

9. Hedge funds

This is a fairly new and malorasprostranennyj way to invest in our country. At the present stage a similar tool of financial management is available only to a small group of really wealthy investors, while abroad, such funds are quite popular. The minimum investment you need to make to get into the hedge fund ranges from several hundred thousand and comes up to a million dollars.

The problematic nature of such investment is the total absence of any reasonable regulation that allows enough to freely choose a variety of investment strategy games and, in turn, use vast amounts of investment instruments. And the result of such control can become as huge profits and huge losses.

Perhaps the most vivid example of such hedge fund George Soros's Quantum Fund is that once was able to get just a fantastic profit in one day, which amounted to $1 billion.

10. Structural products

This is a whole complex of certain financial instruments, which offer commercial and investment banks for certain specific categories of its customers. This type of investment has gained unprecedented popularity in times of crisis, when the situation on the market at the time the situation demanded a more robust and serious ways investment potential revenues of which exceeded normal deposits.

The original principle of such structured product is fairly simple: of the entire initial amount of capital big part is approximately 80-90% is invested in bank deposits, and the smaller part is the remaining 10-20% is placed in the options and futures.

This method of allocation is reasonable enough, since even in the worst-case scenario the investor himself virtually nothing to lose, and if an attachment proves to be really successful, he will also be able to get tangible profit in 20-30%. At first glance-it's not much, but in reality is a much higher potential income on deposits.

I must say that it is enough stable, albeit small, yield on investments is a characteristic sign of high professional level. Even Warren Buffett is a genius investment-stable earns 24% income per year for their clients. And although the average person such a figure is absolutely not impressive, but only Buffett can provide such a stable profitability.

11. Precious metals

For the ordinary people, wealth is in the amount of gold. Although in fact unlikely to succeed it is profitable to invest funds in this precious metal, but in times of crisis it is gold will help to keep your savings.

That is why in times like these, investors are trying to quickly get rid of bonds, shares and other similar products and it is gold. And when the economy somewhat stabilized, then start appearing other profitable investment methods, including rise and demand for securities. So in the complex for the economy of periods of gold prices seriously grow up, and then usually considerably reduced.

12. Real estate

At all times it is advantageous for the attachment of the available money, because in the future, its cost is constantly growing, and besides, you can successfully pass on a long-term lease and receive from this process, stable monthly income.

In fact, things are not so optimistic because good real estate is very expensive, so this way of investment can only be really wealthy people. If you own a big money, then you can consider as decent options for investing in real estate.

You can do a little differently. When thinking about investing money in real estate at the time of its construction, you have dispensed with much smaller amounts. But in this case it is necessary to make the price of housing in certain parts of the agreement.

In this case, it is reasonable to calculate the final version, will you have the ability to make payments and how such funding substantially constructing object affect the General standard of living of your family. If you're satisfied with this investment, in this case, the cost of one square metre in a new apartment will be much lower than a ready built houses.

13. Business

All considered investment options have certain advantages and disadvantages, respectively. But in any case proven rule: the more secure investments, the less but more stable yields, and vice versa.

There is another good option-your own business. Its profitability depends solely on its owner. In this case, there are no definitive rules and requirements, but certain success are its own efficiency, imagination and ingenuity. Of course, there are other, not always depend on us, external circumstances that could significantly affect the development of such business, but usually they are not critical, because everything is in the hands of the owner.

Very often, chosen destination correctly in the business can bring in up to 100%. Stable profitability subsequently gives additional possibilities to invest earned money in various financial instruments, through which you can get a decent extra income. Along with the success of the man himself grows as a person.

As a rule, life is constantly proves to us the truth of one simple principle: you can't rely on anyone, host their own lives exclusively you! Make the right choice to invest their money in your own business! you will be able to! You must succeed!

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