Where to invest 100000 rubles

Where to invest 100000 rubles

With the emergence of free funds, each of us strives to invest them, first and foremost, to save yourself from inflation as well as to receive benefits as a percentage of the investment.

Ways to invest money there are many. Which one to choose will depend on the amount of funds to and from your preferences. Having sum of 100 000 rubles, you can select one of the options for bank deposits: a lot of proposals, no special knowledge in the area of investment is required.

The risk would be minimal, and the amount of interest will depend on the deposit period. Than it is, the more, respectively, and the percentage. But, as a rule, it makes no sense to invest in a deposit of less than one year. Before making a deposit, you should carefully read all terms and conditions of the Bank, especially regarding a possible early termination of the contract.

Traditionally considered a profitable investment in real estate. But, under this option, the investment, the amount of funds must be more solid than the 100 000 rubles. In our case, you might want to consider with real estate mutual funds.

One of the ways of investing money is investing in business and start-up projects of different nature: sites or services that are new to your market. You are giving your money to those who are engaged in these activities professionally, in the case of successful development and completion of the project, will receive a share of the profits.

Here you need to have some level of financial literacy in order to properly analyze the market, identify potential demand and the possibility of future draft before deciding to invest. In recent years, have become increasingly popular this way of capital appreciation, like stock market shares, or Forex. You can try to do it on their own, going through trial and error, and can be trusted with all the operations of professional traders, that is of course preferred.

A convenient tool of confidential management investor funds is a pamm-account, on which the trader's own funds and funds from investors. When the trader operates with private funds, and all its commercial operation is automatically duplicated on investor accounts of the PAMM-account.

You can distribute their funds to pamm-accounts of several Governors, thereby reducing the risks. Monitor account in real time. This method has many advantages. First of all, this high percentage per annum, 50-70%, and even more, that you cannot get with other ways of investing. It is believed that the rate of return on investment is proportional to the risk. In fact, the risks of pamm-accounts does not differ from risks other types of attachments, and reasonable approach, you can get a considerable profit.