Where to find your target audience?

Once you have identified your target audience for your business, it is time for the fun part-a detailed analysis of all the types of advertising that can be used to search for a target audience for your business and an increase in the number of clients.

Online advertising:

-Social networks

  • Create a group in Facebook and vkontakte, odnoklassniki. Keep interesting headings, write the theme notes, do not overload advertising, ideal place to talk about new products, promotions, special offers. Optimal ratio of 5:1 (5 articles -1 advertising)
  • Buy promotional posts in groups or news in the Openid (segmentation-for business)
  • Use messengers Instagram, Twitter, Viber, Whats up. Post Nice pictures, videos. You can create 2 pages: in one spin yourself a second business. Read our article “how to promote yourself and what benefits can be drawn.

If you for some reason don’t have your own site, use Instagram. For example, Olga Buzovoj there is no separate site for the sale of its designer clothing lines, it uses only pad Instagram. For inspiration check out the page olgabuzova_design

You’ll receive interesting promotions on whats up and viber on Tape, real estate agencies or Eurasia. If you are registering their clients, ask them to fill out a telephone and enter the base, just be sure to ask if they want to receive the newsletter on your promotions. A great way to strengthen customer loyalty, to return to the next purchase. If the phone yet, you can order our newsletter, if you search for “order sending in what’s up” google generates 540 000 results. Here are sites that we can recommend: Messageplus, Prostor-, sms-sending. Select the suitable tariff plans.

  • Advertise with stars. Arguably the most powerful form of advertising to date (mid-2017). Choose stars as close to your subjects, those who recognizes your primary target audience. You can of course experiment and order advertisement baby food Sergei Shnurov. Approximate prices: one post Olga Buzovoj is worth in the region of 50 000 rubles, have their own tricks. For sure, you come across posts where the stars declare sure-fire lottery, if you subscribe to all sponsors. Take a closer look next time closer to such posts. Participation in this post: 2000-5000 rubles + of you gift for subscribers (you can donate their services or goods). As practice shows, people are very lazy to unsubscribe later, especially if you receive at least a small gift will be very nice and it’s a great chance to get potential customers. You can also order a video review from popular bloggers. Price 10 000 roubles on average, of course, depends on the popularity and number of subscribers.

-Yandex Direct

The most popular and flexible method of advertising on the Internet. Surely you have noticed the following unusual item: after you’ve Googled it and found that: the trip to Italy (flights, hotels) and a few days later, advertising and airfare to Italy appears on various sites which are completely unrelated to tourism in Italy. As usual very simply, Yandex uses words that you entered in the search key, those companies that have bought advertising on request such words and will you display the details here. For posting your advertisement is enough to select options for ad placement and get referrals to the site, requests from clients and calls.  Select as many parameters (gender, age, region, queries) with exactly your ad should appear. Cost per conversion for the announcement of install you themselves, the average price of 15 rubles for one click.

Google AdWords

The system works at the moment of request in google, for example, we look for the “buy Pajamas Spb and the first 3-5 requests that you show this particular advertising shops rate naturally competitor Yandex Direct, but I want to add that for novice users, google sends coupons for 2000-3000 rubles, which can be activated by adding an invoice from 500 rubles. Note a very tangible bonus for beginners.

-Feature articles

At the moment you read business article, please note that some links are highlighted or mentioned several companies. Very effective and unobtrusive way of advertising. People are much nicer to read informative article than a brightly-marked sponsored post. Find the sites or articles that are close to your business, contact the owners or authors. Find out how much it will cost to post your ads on your site. If you like one of our articles, please contact us, we can help find you the best advertising option

If you are still in the development stage “startups” invest in advertising will still need and not spend it on everything, it is better to identify the first specifically to your target audience and make a bet on them. For example, if you sell “Spinners” does not need to advertise in the newspaper or if you decide to engage in orthopedic equipment, it is not necessary to distribute flyers near schools.

-GIS 2

If you have a physical address or IP, make sure to add yourself in 2Gis. This type of advertising is very effective for companies looking for on a territorial basis (near work or home). For example, dentistry, hairdressers, fitness clubs, massage, manicures. Increasingly, applies only to basic services. If you want to make a complicated procedure, customers are looking for based solely on reviews and recommendations.

-Message boards

The optimum type of advertising banners or contextual link. As an example, sites can lead avito or Yule. The variety of products or services on such sites is very large, for sure your product is also presented. According to statistics, most often at such sites are sold: consumer electronics, infant products for sports and recreation. The advertising cost is very low. Much of course depends on the categories, types of targeting and seasonality. You can buy a universal package for a week, up to 3 impressions per day on the first page-minimum order 100 000 rubles, or choose the most convenient option. Detailed price list can be found here.

-E-mail newsletter

This type of advertising is far from suitable for all companies. Will be useful only:

  • For products that are sold with regularity to 1 times per year. For example, pet products, solar cream, clothing for home, cleaning your teeth. All of these products and services, customers buy multiple times or at least once a year.
  • Informing customers about promotions, unique offers, discounts and sales to maintain the loyalty of regular customers
  • To send spam messages to all and sundry. Very bad option, do not recommend spoiling its reputation and positioning, but obliged to mention, because it is too kind of advertising


A very effective way of advertising, as alive people believe. Especially good influenced by girls in matters of beauty, appearance; young mothers, young people applying for technical issues (cell phones, household appliances, vehicles). Absolutely free platform, consult people who ask for your topics and consult your product, just make you want to very gently and in no case be submitted exclusively by satisfied customers

-Specialized sites

Many different business areas, which have their own specialized sites. On these sites you can find ready customers, main show their professional level.  Examples: tourism-booking.com, fparf.ru lawyers, building a Web site vashdom.spb.ru. If you have not found a site for your product or service, so it’s a great business idea, be the first!

-Banners for portals

More suited for manufacturers than for retailers. The optimum tool for attracting attention, increasing brand awareness. Of great importance, on what portals you razmeshaete advertising. It is better to choose a major and reliable companies that already know everything to make people trust Association and to your product. The cost of advertising depends of course of the playground, take as a basis the price tag avito


Advertising tool similar to forums, the same free most popular resource is owned by mail.ru. Unlike forums that here are more specifics. For example, the man immediately asked where to buy a good power saw and you throw your site and bring arguments, why you have. Be presented better also satisfied buyers.


Portals, where people leave their opinion about a product or service that you have purchased. Do not hesitate to ask their satisfied customers ask to write reviews. Very often faced with the situation where the wanted to write a good review, and the seller, and was unable to say where and how this can best be done. Please inform its employees about all advertising platforms that are important to you! It is also important to find out exactly where the customers come to you to understand which advertising platforms work best for you


Surely you do not fold used coupons and rejoiced at the opportunity to use the service for a nominal fee. So why not offer your customers to try your services. This type of advertising is well suited for beauty salons, restaurants, fitness clubs. However, this kind of advertising causes dangerous addictive consumer prices to a certain level, and it will most likely not want to pay more next time, and will look for someone who will give him such a service for the same money. If you are not afraid of competition for details of cooperation write representatives the following popular websites Biglion, Boombate, Kuponator.

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