Where can I get money for business?

Where can I get money for business?

Today it’s just a sin to not do your own business. Therefore, those who claim that they could not open their own business because of the lack of initial seed capital, simply use the standard excuses.

Many today’s multimillionaires generally started their business from scratch, without having a penny in their pocket, but just an idea. So, many beginning businessmen and businessmen, first of all they are interested in where to get money for business.

Here comes to mind a phrase from the famous joke song of Vysotsky «Where is the money, Zin?». And indeed, the problem of finding start-up capital, sooner or later, will affect every person, because «fewer and fewer people prefer to work for the owner.»

By the way, many people, wondering where to get money for business, forget about their idea «fix», only because they do not want to resort to someone else’s help, and at the same time they forget that sometimes such ideas bring to their creators billions in profits and the world glory.

Remember, the same notorious social network Facebook, which was organized simply by a boy to communicate at the university, today is a world wide web that everyone enjoys, and its creator has only to reap the rewards in the form of millions of revenue.

So, where do you get money for business to start-up entrepreneurs? It is also worth emphasizing that in this article we are only considering the real ways of obtaining money provided for by law, that is, we do not suggest that you rob a bank or engage in fraud, but suggest that you consider and weigh various options for raising funds.

By the way, according to successful businessmen and entrepreneurs, the question of where to take money for business can hardly be called global, moreover, in the matter of business organization, money is not at all a defining feature. The determining sign is rather the realization of the idea itself, at the same time the mistake of many entrepreneurs that they are trying to invest all the funds in the purchase of a full set of equipment, technologies and raw materials, freight personnel and so on, without calculating the very performance of the business. Is not it easier to start small, gradually increasing the speed?

Today, asking about where to get money for business, you can get four unambiguous answers:

In the bank
With relatives and relatives
Earn on your own
As can be seen from the above list, the question where you can take money for a business answer still exists, and there is nothing complicated in the implementation of this issue, the main thing is aggressiveness and desire.

Well, you already have the idea of ​​own business, it remains now only to choose the way to attract money from the above — to implement it. So, the natural question of starting entrepreneurs, is it to take out a loan for business?

By the way, this is the most common way, and in the leading countries it is even privileged. But it’s not for us, small business in our country, for benefits to realize our business ideas — can not count. Therefore, when answering the question of whether to take a loan for a business, first, specify by what percentage and what terms of lending you will be offered.

It is worth emphasizing that you may not get a loan if you have a bad credit history, there is no collateral or guarantor, and interest on a bank loan is unlikely to seem colorful to you. Alas, but this is the law of the market, everyone earns as he can, you are in your future business, and the bank is at your interest. So, whether to take a loan for business — it’s up to you.

By the way, many successful entrepreneurs in the issue of taking a loan for their own business, respond positively. And all because this method for owners is still more attractive.

Alas, but no one wants to share power, and if you use the attracted funds of an investor, then you will not be a full owner of your own business. In addition, who said that you can take a loan for your own business, you can only in the bank?

By the way, you can always take the help of relatives and relatives, which is more profitable. Who will offer you a low percentage, how not relatives. From this point of view, cooperation on both sides is viewed as very attractive.

Judge for yourself, and relatives do not worry about the safety of their funds, but on the contrary, they multiply, and you, you get starting capital. However, whether to take a loan for business from relatives — has the other side of the coin. Big money is always fraught with big problems, and without returning them on time, you risk quarreling with family and friends.

If we consider the situation, which is better an investor or a loan for business, then here too the situation is twofold. Judge for yourselves, today investors can not be distinguished by decency, and therefore investing their money in the future can in general deprive you of the right to own business, taking up raiding.

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