What small business better open?

Every year the State is taking an increasingly vigorous steps to support small businesses, since the development of this economic category allows you to create more jobs, develop infrastructure in certain regions, as well as to improve the welfare of those involved in opening a small business. More important is the fact that an increasing number of taxpayers from a number of individual entrepreneurs, which means the State Treasury can get decent replenishment.

What is a small business? This is some of the private persons, the main aim of which is to obtain income through the sale of goods or the provision of services. The main indicator that distinguishes this type of enterprise is more than a simple scheme of calculation of taxes. Becoming a sole proprietor, a person pays only a single tax.

Statistics collected by Rosstat, state that recently individual entrepreneurs, which habitually record in the category of small enterprises show an impressive average annual earnings and the lower limit of annual turnover. The figures show that even now the many small businesses can be put into a group of medium-sized enterprises. The most busy areas of small business in Russia are trade (wholesale and retail), automotive service and repair service of household products. Then followed on popularity real estate services, transport services and communication services. At the bottom of the list of mining, construction and agriculture.

The industry choice for small business is a private challenge individuals. The direction of future enterprise it is necessary to choose so to feel it for real and defend its interests, no matter what. Doing their thing is to have a precise understanding of its intricacies that will allow you to be a competent person.

You cannot start a new venture, having no start-up capital. Without even the slightest investments you simply won't be able to open the case. But choosing the way of funding and size, remember that credit in the current economic climate you can simply ruin.

Also, your business idea must be new to the territory, which you have decided. And it doesn't have to be an innovative concept of a commodity already successfully may be the case, if you decide for a non-standard method of doing business. In any event, a fresh approach to your business will help you avoid problems with competition on the selected area.

Faced with competition, you will have several ways to reduce negative impact to the business. Above it was stated that a new look at enterprise protects you, but there are other options. For example, studying the local market, select the product that is not available in your area. Then, having concluded with the supplier of this commodity contract which you become the sole distributor of the manufacturer in the specified area.


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