What is Bitcoin, how to make money on Bitcoins?

What is Bitcoin, how to make money on Bitcoins?

Bitcoin (bit — a unit of information «bit», coin — «coin») is a kind of crypto currency (this is the Internet currency), which can also include Litecoin, Peercoin, Namecoin, Zcash and others.

So what is it and how to make money on it?

Bitcoins are created by complex calculations on high-power computer equipment. The bottom line is the definition of a unique code.
Very many people in the modern world spend a lot of time on the Internet, not only for leisure, but also for earning money.
On the Internet there are services that allow you to earn money at any time.
Earnings криптовалют — recently appeared way of earnings, allowing to receive profit without many thousands investments.

What are the bitcoins and what is the essence of earning crypto currency?

Bitcoins have also become popular, like WebMoney, Qiwi, PayPal.
There are many services that allow you to earn bitcoin by entering captcha (the code displayed with the advertisement). This way to earn bitcoins is very attractive, including for those who want to earn money without investing their funds. To do this, you need to create a purse in the system bitcoin, read the instruction, then register for one of the services of the Military Technical Cooperation:

Freebitco.in (the most popular, as you can earn in a short time, the information is very simple and accessible);
Freedoge.co.in (created by Freebitco.in and as simple as the first one);
Btcclicks.com (allows you to earn well during the day);
bitvisior.com (also an interesting way of earning, the payout occurs after a set of 100 BTC);
landofbitco.com (advantage — work without registration).

Automatic earnings bitcoins

In automatic mode, you can also receive crypto currency. To automatically obtain bitcoins, you need to install the STARTAVTOBET application on the computer, which brings the bitcoins in automatic mode.

Methods of mining crypto-currency:

What is mining? This is a way that brings a lot of money for a fast time. For such a profit, you need to register on one of the services (eobot.com). The principle of mining: a person pays a server on the server and his earnings are made up of reinvesting profits into the server space, which increases the rate of profit growth.
To understand how to crypt, you do not need to have mathematical knowledge, the computer will do it.
Experts are constantly looking for a way — how to simplify the production of bitcoins. One way is cloud mining. It is a selection of pools (virtual miners), which work together with one common powerful technique.
When choosing a virtual miner, you need to pay attention to which payment systems it works with.
Now there is a lot of digital money, but Bitcoin was and remains the most famous. Its main advantage is a high rate and a limited number, which generates a huge demand.
However, the rate may decrease due to political events, news of the media, etc. The forecasts are such that the rate of military-technical cooperation can rise to 71 thousand dollars for 1 cryptomonet.

Often a similar way of earning on a crypto currency is called making money out of thin air.

This is partly true, but it is worthwhile to work hard for such a cash equivalent. And any work, as you know, has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of earning on bitcoins:

Anonymity. Everyone dreams about the independence of his own opinion and his sources of income, but not everyone realizes that the unknown and the possibility of preserving the secrets associated with this only contribute to freedom. Including economic. Earnings on computers are not centralized, does not have a clear system. Nobody limits the waste of resources, and any personal computer connected to mining is able to connect to a common network and start collecting crypto currency.

Alternative ways of implementation. In the world there are not so many companies and Internet firms that accept calculations for crypto-currencies. However, the high popularity of this method of payment has led to the transition not only of stores, but also restaurants, cafes, delivery services and other services.

No commission. Transferring funds in the form of bitcoins on the Internet practically do not remove resources, a similar situation occurs in companies that take the calculation for the goods and services provided with a similar equivalent. The commission is collected only from emergency deliveries.

Absence of taxes. This is due to the fact that this currency is not officially confirmed. Although some states and began its active implementation in politics.

A reliable system. No matter how strange it may sound, there was not a single incident where a counterfeit bitcoin popped up. The method of mining crypto currency is simple, therefore, the forgery of such a coin does not make sense.

We should also highlight the shortcomings of such a system of earnings, which is not less than the advantages of mining bitcoin.

The negative aspects of bitcoin mining:

High risk. There is a well-known saying that risks justify many people’s actions. In fact, this is not entirely true, especially regarding the extraction of crypto currency. Any rash step of the earner can lead to the loss of all accumulated funds and return to the original stage. In addition, an important factor is that bitcoin depends only on the interest of network users, its demand and price do not depend on other cash flow regulators.

Lack of fixity and legality. That which served as a positive property of earnings can also have a negative impact on people who earn this crypto currency. No country has secured bitcoin as an official currency and, as the researchers predict, in the future such is not expected. In some countries, the production of crypto-currency is prohibited or punishable by law. Therefore, we can say that buying bitcoin is highly questionable speculation.

Lack of security. There is no single base — therefore, the work of everyone who is engaged in the production of bitcoin, can easily go into emptiness. In this case, thefts and burglaries, and deceptions from outside resources, pseudo-multipliers and some cranes are frequent.

What conclusion can be drawn? Starting work with bitcoin should be understood not only its profitable sides, but also to consider possible negative consequences. If there is no confidence in the earnings and opportunities provided by the crypto currency, it is worthwhile to think several times about whether to start production or not. Any Internet income involves a risk, and it is up to everyone to choose these dangers or to avoid them.

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