What and how to sell on the Internet

Lately, even despite the crisis, there has been a steady increase in the volume of retail trade. Internet sales also rebounded, and even surpass the normal trade.

Over the past few years, online sales have grown by more than 50%. There have been significant changes in the minds of buyers-more and more people prefer to buy online. A few years ago, such a purchase was something extraordinary.

Only for the year 2004 the number of Russian Internet users has doubled, and the leading online shops cater to 1000 more buyers of Runet in 24 hours. Web shops have already posed a serious threat to traditional retail. And if you haven't realized, then now is the time to develop in this direction, otherwise tomorrow you simply pass over competitors.

How complicated e-commerce?

The complexity of network consists only in technical terms. But all the issues are easily solved due to the presence of a sufficient number of specialists, new technologies and ready-made solutions.

One of them is finished electronic playground. This online platform where buyers and sellers conduct transactions in real time. By using the same kind of resources you can also sell products and services to the consumer, if the resource includes this feature. Working with the likes of resources includes:

  • Search and selection of suitable product for sales;
  • To create and run virtual store;
  • Formation of the catalogue of the goods and services;
  • The choice of methods of payment;
  • Advertising and promotion of the online store.

Choosing the right product

Contrary to the prevailing negative view, goods such as clothing and footwear sold quite well over the Internet. Although until recently it was thought that for such products best suited to regular retail.

Very good sold in diverse Network Electronics, mobile phones, perfumery, souvenirs, gifts, books and even seeds. All prejudices aside, you can sell anything you want. Success largely depends on how well chosen market niche, from knowledge of the product and of the marketing policy. And if you successfully sell in real life, say, television sets, the more likely you will be able to successfully sell them online.

How to: create and run a virtual shop

E-commerce site you can create yourself, you can hire programmers or to entrust this case specialized Design Studio and Web development. In the latter two cases, get ready for a decent cost. After all, a commercial site is a matter of degree.

It may cost 100 dollars, and maybe more than a million. And this is just the beginning. Choosing a design, website content is time-consuming. And if all you've done correctly only practice will show.

If you for some reason are not satisfied with the above option, and you want your store quickly and inexpensively, it offers ready-made trading platforms, which pretty much in Runet. Using these services, you will get a number of benefits:

  • The small cost of the store itself;
  • The finished design options you can choose according to your taste;
  • Fill store necessary goods by using a simple editor;
  • Configure and start the online store will take no more than 2 days.

Formation of the catalogue of the goods and services

If your range is limited to a few products, and you don't often refreshing, no directory needs. But if you work with more than ten types of goods, then you should consider creating a digital catalog of goods and services with an integrated control system.

Look for services that provide suitable forms and methods for adding and classifying goods. It is desirable that this was standard classifier based on filling out forms.

Payment method selection

In Runet there are currently several popular ways of implementing electronic payments. This is payment by credit card, bank transfer, and use of electronic payment systems "Yandex money" or WebMoney. Before you use the services of a trading platform, ask whether you can use all of these methods of payment.

Advertising and promotion online store

Resource optimization and promotion is persecuted only one goal is to attract visitors. Among the many ways of promotion of a site, note the following:

  • Site optimization for search engine queries Yandex and Google;
  • Mailing list for e-mail addresses;
  • Exchange of a reference weight. A large number of backlinks to your site will new buyers;
  • Advertisement. Can be both banner and text.

It should be noted the fact that banners are heavily losing their popularity. And yet intelligently located, well-formed banner can give you additional traffic. In the process of promotion of your site it is advisable not to get hung up on one thing, and use multiple methods. Nobody argues with the fact that the Internet if not yet become very soon will become the most popular channel for advertising and trade any commodity. Use and you it truly endless possibilities!

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