Visualization of desires, or performance objectives of the power of thought

The word "visualization" comes from the Latin visualis, meaning "eye". Concept visualization occurs in physics, mathematics, medicine, architecture, computer graphics, as well as in psychology.

Psychologists say that using render ? their visualization wishes "can achieve fulfillment in every sphere of human life," one need only create in your mind a picture of what we want. And such "mental rehearsal" should be carried out as often as possible.

"It is just because it is unreal! If all desires were performed in this manner, the world would not have been poor and miserable! "," some might say. However, people who regularly making such "tricks", claim the opposite.

For example, a colleague, loving France, dreamed of there to live and work. Falling asleep, she mentally was walking on sunny streets or rainy Quays of Paris, where she once was visiting girlfriend, imagined myself in Metro hustling, or sitting over a cup of espresso with Croissant under a striped awning or a glass of dry wine in the Lacy shade trees. Her dream came true: she now ? employee of one of the publishing houses of the French capital.

Of course, one only wishes, fantasies and imagination little ? there are certain rules that you must abide by the visualization to make it work. Otherwise we would have resembled Emelju from Russian folk fairy tales "By a wave of the wand, which spent days rolled furnaces and zagadyval desire and magic Pike in response to his words" a wave of the wand, I hotenju them reprised. We have only this Pike No.

Another is hardly a fantastic story. The employee and her husband returned from a summer residence. Along the way they broke down the machine, and a dirt road so late was deserted, so count on somebody else's help. Mobile phones at that time there was, and they waited for Vista to spend all night "in an open field.

She had nothing else to do but sit back on the seat, close your eyes and mentally imagine how suddenly a miracle and appears noble Savior, and they happily return home where till drink hot tea and warm pie. But it is not expected that the Savior really go after is was a priest, who by chance was returning home on the road, rather than one that always. He not only helped them escape, but also invited visit to his home to drink hot tea.

I'm sure many have noticed that reality can be not only positive thoughts, but also negative. For example, it is worth saying that we were missing an important event because of severe headaches, and yes even for greater credibility "get in the way", as the pain will be forthcoming. One acquaintance as an excuse on which she struggled with homework, lead suddenly ill child. And why something happened so that a healthy child at that time really suddenly got sick. She later stopped practicing this excuse.

What is the rendering engine?

Around the "fault" of our subconscious. We just mentally drawn picture is desired, and the subconscious had already joined and beginning to look for ways to implement what we navoobrazhali.

Dream about your home? Don't just dream and imagine in detail, where he will stay, number of floors, rooms, planning, Interior. This is the first step towards the implementation of desires. Subconscious mind continues to work and suggests different options that you can use to make true tale ": take credit, take, sell, look for another job with more pay i.e., visualizing desire, we begin to work on its execution.

There is another theory of why rendered wishes come true is much more than just desire. Under it all in this world, including our thoughts, is a clot of energy. The stronger the desire and imagination, the stronger this energy and the more she works for us.

Those who believe in the mystique, consider rendering as a signal-request the Supreme forces hozjajnichajushhim in the universe, to help carry out his plan.

Proper visualization

To varying degrees, all people own rendering. Buying a new thing, we imagine, how will it look like, what will be the reaction of our friends. A variety of pictures and images arise in our mind when we read books, listen to the stories of travelers. Before our eyes glide through the city and the country, which we have never seen, we represent humans, animals and plants, hear sounds and smells which never experienced in reality.

Some people images are brighter, the other paler. There are people particularly impressionable, which are able to relive the joys and problems of others as their own. Is not too difficult to get in the way of the actors. But even if we do not have such talent and treat the breed "tolstokozhih", we, too, can master the art of visualization, but it can be improved forever.

1. Desire must be sincere, and that it will come true, you have to believe

If to visualize treated skeptically, it won't work.

2. Submitted pictures must be bright and detailed

They Fear their desires ? they tend to come true. If our desires are not clearly expressed, uncertain, they can happen differently than we had imagined.

One widowed acquaintance, dreamed to marry again. Her dream has come true soon, but now there is a new: divorce. Her second marriage was nowhere near as happy as the first, though longing, a seemingly fulfilled. Visualizing it, it did not specify desirable and undesirable traits future candidate. In the end, her new husband turned out to be stingy and vorchliv, she could not accept.

3. To render the need to connect other senses

For example: hearing, smell, touch, taste, smell, feel ? to hear the sounds, feel the taste. Then the visualization will be more effective.

4. Visualize the desire you need to being inside an imaginary picture, rather than watching it from the

We should not say ' I want this and that ". You want to imagine that we already have what we want in real life.

5. Visualization training should be relaxing and disconnecting from other concerns.

We won't be able to focus on their desire, if we will listen in parallel, if the phone doesn't ring, not whether the maker, no fried Burns slightly whether food on the plate, etc. p.

6. Time to render

Hard recommendations, how many times and how many minutes per day to give visualization does not exist. The important thing is not to force himself, but more often to engage in, so it will be more efficient. The most convenient time, having to visualize, at bedtime or after it, unless, of course, we are not sleeping.

"Mental rehearsal prepared individually, depending on the development of figurative thinking and the" magnitude "of an object. Visualization are invited to conduct until the desire not to be fulfilled.

7. Engaged in rendering, you need to be consistent

Cannot be sprayed and desire to jump from one to another, then the third, etc. That is, for example, today the dream of an apartment tomorrow ? a small cozy cottage, and the day after tomorrow ? about two-storey house with pool and garden. You should first decide what we want actually.

8. In one rendering, you can combine multiple desires

For example, we want to have a good job, your House, car, happy family and with this great look. All these desires can be easily placed in one rendering, only it will need more time.

9. Dream or desire should be realistic and achievable

Do not immediately become a dream "the Wolf of Wall Street" outshine Scarlett Johansson or have the "smart House", like that of Bill Gates. Who knows, maybe in the long run it and feasible, but still better on the way to the execution of such global desires first work on implementing a more down-to-Earth.

10. Books to help

Those who want to learn how to operate the rendering, it is necessary to pay attention to the book of John Kehoe "the subconscious mind can all, in particular to Chapter 3" Visualization or visualization, where secrets of successful visualization.

About visualization purposes and American writer writes Maxwell in his book "Molc Psihokibernetika. Manual Mechanism for success ", which became a best-seller, and in its amended edition of" new psihokibernetika ".

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