Venture financing (investment) innovative projects

Now one of the most famous sources of financing innovative projects is considered the so-called venture capital.

Very often under the term representatives of domestic and global business understand risk capital in the form of financial investments in projects in case of successful outcome of which the investor expects to receive a great income.

It should also be borne in mind that venture capital is used when the need to maintain business owners the organization with direct owners of such funds. Venture capital is required in cases where the investment is invested in high-risk projects that promise to bring more profit in the long term.

It is time to talk about principles of the existence of so-called venture, since the activities of such organizations is directly linked to the development of new products, innovative technologies, of which a massive consumer and not yet suspects. However, even a superficial examination of the market it is clear that the appearance of this object will be claimed by the consumer audience and will result in material benefit for the producer.

This kind of financing is based on a thorough preliminary assessment of the investment project, the main activity of the company. Each entrepreneur or Manager of the company must be aware that venture investing is based on the principle of incorporation, which makes it even more attractive for domestic businesses of different forms.

Before you use this kind of investing you must create a special venture capital fund with a large supply of mat?riel, which with the participation in the realization of innovative projects will be able to bring the owner of tangible financial return. However, it should not be forgotten that before such investment projects, financial risks which are very large, however, the possibility of obtaining large profits have attracted a large number of moneyed entrepreneurs who are willing to create venture capital companies, but only after a careful market research and consumer audience.

Along with this, comes the risk allocation between project initiators and venture capital investors, which is understandable the modern needs of the modern business. The most competent and experienced business representatives are fully aware that you should use all the most modern methods of protection project, because the risk of losing invested in it are always great.

It is for this reason that virtually all leaders would give great importance to insurance companies of their business. In fact, the most common mechanisms for the protection of investment projects are quite common and known throughout the world, and brought up to an appropriate level and in our State.

It should be noted that the form of insurance, which is used in the field of venture investment, for the protection of new projects from all sorts of risks fairly well developed now. The thing is that for this were created and developed a special insurance system at the State level, that allows to reduce the possibility of failure of projects within the framework of venture investing.

It should be pointed out several basic principles for the functioning of the venture financing of innovation projects, which lately appears more and more.

And so, the first and perhaps the fundamental principles in this area is the creation of specialized venture capital fund, which in most cases will wear some form of partnership. In this case, virtually all responsibility for decision-making or implementation activities will lie on the shoulders of the organizer of the so-called. He is also responsible for the rational use of funds from the Fund, which should be reflected in the business plan, without which it is impossible to start no more-or-less serious company in today's market.

The second principle is considered literate procedure venture financing of placement of funds from the Special Fund, which can be distributed among multiple projects with a high degree of risk, which should not exceed the mark at 25%.

Incidentally, the term of investment behaviour in this case should not be longer than three or five years. Because otherwise, the benefits of such a project would be considerably less with the initiator of the venture investing may lose any interest to this project, and as a result made earlier commitments begin to weigh it.

The third principle, which should keep in mind the heads of venture capital companies is considered the so-called exit investments from participation in the activities of such enterprises often perform quite difficult.

After all, the head of such an organization can place their funds in the form of shares on the stock exchange or transfer them the largest in the specific area of the Corporation. All these operations are considered very important in the implementation of effective action, the so-called venture capital companies, because that's actually depends on the success of the planned project and the size of the profit, which originally targeted the initiator of such an enterprise.

In conclusion, it should be noted that to implement this project should have enough experience and have all the necessary knowledge in this field, since otherwise all original risks will increase several times. In so doing, control the development of the venture financing of innovation project will be simply impossible, and therefore invested in such event to get back would be much harder.

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