Do you know the answer to the question, how many subscribers to receive stable income? Of course, the wage directly depends on their quantity. However, if you choose the right strategy and routinely create high-quality content, even with 100 subscribers, you can count on a good start. So let's consider the basic ways of earning more in detail.

Promotion and sale of their goods/services

As practice shows, via instagram is a good playground for various services. This social network with success using:

1. people who want to receive stable income by working on yourself. For example, lawyers, psychologists and master of photography;

2. private entrepreneurs, who have their own beauty salon, garage, restaurant or entertainment establishment;

3. people working on the Internet on a regular basis. For example, webmasters, designers or programmers.

Standard photo with description of services will be a perfect advertising in instagram, which surely would interest potential customers. Regular users of social networks have long known that many people having an advertising profile, usually try to become subscribers, to attract attention.

Promotion and selling other people's products and services

Advertise other people's products through affiliate programs-this is a simple and effective way, bringing a considerable profit.

All you need to do is find the right product from the sale which you will make a profit. Further steps are very simple-enough to take the affiliate link on this product and place it in instagram (directly in the profile or advertising post).

Because the link is in the description under the photo is normally inactive, you must create a separate page for each product, and then just write promotional posts in your profile, where you will discover additional information through calls a specific reference.

If you are able to effectively use this way of earnings, permanent revenue of tens of thousands of rubles.

Sale of goods of a certain kind

Who can effectively use this method? This way of earnings will be owners of Internet shops, as well as those who sell products created by his own hands. But mostly the owners receive profit trading networks, thus attracting new customers.

For example, true connoisseurs of products of a particular manufacturer with great pleasure that subscribe to the official pages of favorite stores, because you can watch out for periodic updates and make purchases at the best possible price. Also using the instagrama shopkeepers run various promotions that attract an audience even more.

Additional earnings from advertising

This kind of earnings is very profitable if you have a lot of subscribers. Famous personalities, successful bloggers and other people who are in great public attention, earn at least 500 rubles for advertising one post.

Do you have a desire to get a few thousand rubles for a regular publication with photo in my instagram? There is no doubt that such income will appeal to everyone.

Even today there are exchanges where you can buy or sell advertising. The most popular among them:



After reviewing the data resources, you will learn the answer to the question, how much can you earn on advertising?

Paid account promotion

Promotion of the accounts is one of the latest ways of earning instagram, which can help you get an impressive income. Today, many people who are clearly aware that via instagram bring real help, need the services of professionals to advance.

The main tasks of these "masters":

1. create an attractive profile for the company;

2. create content that will be of interest to potential clients;

3. promotion account using the most effective methods;

4. Organization of advertising campaigns.

Any difficulties in discharging duties usually does not occur, so everyone can learn the basics. Moreover, for promotion only one account, you can get up to 20 thousand rubles. And imagine if such pages will be few? Income will be really high.

Way to earn money for school

Why this method is suitable for school children? Because in this way it is impossible to earn big money. Special services provide an opportunity to earn in instagram, perform the following steps:

1. to add other users as friends;

2. writing comments;

3. placing a positive evaluation.

For such actions, usually pay from 1 till 5 rubles. In this way, you can earn up to 200 roubles per day if the case seriously.

Here are sites that are ideal for students:




Register and earn money without investing any money. It is noteworthy that such sites may help you find a job not only for instagrama but also for the other social networks.

Summing up

So we got acquainted with the main ways of earning in via instagram, which may be used by everyone. The only problem is to create a profitable account will take some time, so please be patient.

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