Flower business

No holiday is complete without beautiful tulips. They are given for a birthday, March 8, may holidays or new year's Eve. In any such case always need flowers. Some gardeners grow bulbs for commercial purposes. Despite the hard physical work, the result exceeds expectations.


Frame built from different materials, which has a different area. The larger the building, the higher the cost. Therefore, beginners, it's best to start with small Territories. Most popular greenhouses are made on a wooden base and ceiling is film. It beat to the inside and the outside. Thus formed airbag that controls the temperature.

You should also take care of lighting and heating. Conventional Sun during winter time is not enough. If the lighting is understandable, there are difficulties with heating. Some prefer the oven heating and other gas. At a glance, it might seem that more economical stove. But it is difficult to retain the desired temperature, due to sharp fluctuations in heat. Flowers can die or grow after the scheduled deadline.


Plays an important role and the Earth. It should be easy, loose and have mineral fertilizers. In the autumn of her vskapyvajut and add sand, peat and humus. After the hothouse and the land is ready, you need to take care of watering system.

The most economical irrigation-drip, ensuring a continuous flow of moisture for plants. Flowers grow in water add nitrate, which gives stable growth.

For sale, one should choose the roots of tulips large. They must reach a diameter of 3 cm. Small baby belongs to the second and third class. Usually it 2-3 year dorashhivaetsja to the desired size.

Planting and cultivation

Plant flowers depending on the holiday, which will be sold. Often grown to 8 March. Tulips planted in September, with dense rows in the ground or in boxes (boxes). Then, abundantly watered with cold water. Through half soil nitrate. Up to 10 January flowers should be raw, dark and cool place. The temperature there is 1-3 degrees. During this time the light is not needed. Perfect cellars, which expose the boxes of seedlings.

From 11 January to their transfer to the greenhouse and increase heat up to 15 degrees, extending the light on 8:00. At night the temperature dipped to 7-10 degrees. By the end of February already appears the ovary. Will remain a little time until 8 March, and during this period the plant gets the color and size of the bud. If he turned out to be small, not enough light and heat. Happens and on the contrary, when bloom earlier. Due to the warm weather or early disembarkation.

In the Krasnodar region is difficult to grow flowers because of the mild climate during winter. But flower business in Kuban occupies the first place.

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