Nowadays the vending victoriously stride worldwide. In the countries of the European Community, there are almost 8 million in Japan alone, around 6 million. In Russia far much less …

Range of sold products is constantly expanding, appear increasingly "smart" vending machines offering a variety of vending services. In the post-Perestroika period domestic entrepreneurs have begun to show interest in vending, which is not surprising. International firms started to offer their developments, which have successfully introduced in the domestic market.

Probably not just around the corner while vending machines in Russia in terms of quantity and quality to catch up with other developed countries is now in many of the major cities of our country there are firms who are developing and offering the widest range of vending services. Their responsibility not only to development and implementation, but also the operation of machines, which is very convenient. Solid firms are closely monitoring the work of their "creations", prislushivajuts to consumer reviews and, if necessary, promptly made in vending machines changes.

Interesting question, and what terminals are most prevalent in our country and in the world at large? This is basically a vending machines selling hot drinks, in particular, the tea and coffee and juice and Cola, so aspiring entrepreneurs stop the choice on them. And then, as you gain experience, they extend the scope of activities by acquiring other vending machines already broader assortment-chips, chocolate bars, pizza. No wonder in the big cities it is possible to meet coffee shops and bars, fully serviced complex of such machines.

Despite this, not all domestic market niche "vending machines" filled. There are some areas that are waiting for their owners, such as using vending massage chairs. Relax in this Chair, people can enjoy a pleasant, relaxing and healthful.

Soft rollers mounted on the Chair, gently massage the neck, spine, buttocks and calves. It is the procedure quite inexpensive. And when you consider that some vending machines, including this one, are equipped with a special device to collect the money, the benefits of such vending will become apparent.

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