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Lesson business requires certain human qualities: determination, intelligence, confidence, ability to quickly in the atmosphere, and make decisions. In addition, you need at least basic knowledge in the field of Economics and finance. But any business starts with an idea. If you're determined, you have the ability and, more importantly, the desire to start your own business, consider the option of fish trade. How do we start wholesale and retail trade? Certainly, with a savvy business plan. Materials to develop easy to find on the Internet.

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Trade in which fish can be?

There is the following list of products, trade which exercise almost all stores:

  • Live fish;
  • Frozen;
  • Salted fish;
  • Smoked;
  • Dried fish;
  • Products: cutting, filet steaks.

Wholesale fresh fish

Having some experience and the necessary tools, you can organize the wholesale fresh fish. Promotions and discounts are a great way to attract buyers. It is worth considering that the fish is more profitable to engage in small towns and cities, as in the big cities there is a stiff competition. You should see how many fish farms operates in your area. You then need to compare the amounts of fish for trade with the number of residents and make reasonable conclusions about the feasibility of such a business.

In any case very important aspects are product quality and integrity. If you are treated with great responsibility to his occupation, then fairly quickly "can obtain" buyers that will contribute to the ever-increasing your income.

Harvesting and selling herring

Good popular salted fish population, therefore harvesting and selling herring is also quite cost-effective idea for retailers. Find raw materials do not make special work, because herring is extracted is very active. Besides, this fish has a huge range-Black Sea, Caspian, Danube, Pacific herring, chernospinka. Given the taste preferences of your customers, you can choose lean or more fatty fish with delicate or hearty meat.

"From scratch" to start such a business more difficult. It is much easier to start, already having experience of billets or trade. And most importantly, you must be a lover of fish.

For those who want to deal with salting of herring would not prevent the knowledge of several basic principles of correct her. Soft malosolnuju fish otmachivat. Usually, the meat from the spine can be removed without difficulty. Continue to make cutting the fillets and slices meats. A small and already salted fish otmachivaetsja to cutting and large-after. You need to learn how to correctly herrings. For fillets using milk and water at a ratio of 1:1. Otmachivanie takes 12-20 hours, provided that the water will be periodic change. When harvesting herring or herring pickled, spiced salting maceration is not required.

Requirements and rules for trade in fish, it equipment

Requirements and trading rules are governed by the sanitary rules for food trade enterprises Sanpin 5781-91. The list of rules is actually great, so we'll deal with here only a small list. The entire list you can find here on the website These requirements says about all equipment for trade in fish (fish tanks, refrigerators, etc.).

Sanitary requirements for planning, device companies

50. It is forbidden to place in residential buildings (the first, second and ground floor) specialized fish and vegetable shops as well as stores total trading area of more than 1000 square meters. m (in accordance with Snip 2.08.01-89 "residential buildings").

56. Grocery stores should be insulated and specially equipped premises for the preparation of food for sale: razrubochnaja for meat, preparing food and milk-fat products, fish, vegetables, etc.

Facilities for storage and preparation of food to trade should be as close as possible to the boot and implementation and should not be passed.

Sanitary hardware requirements, equipment, utensils

77. The enterprise food fish trade should be equipped with the necessary trade and technological and refrigerating equipment in accordance with the type of the enterprise, its capacity and in accordance with applicable equipment model of enterprises of the food trade.

80. Departments for implementation of perishable foodstuffs must be compulsorily equipped with cold: refrigerated counters, cabinets, cupboards, etc.

82. Chopping boards, decks for cutting meat and fish should be made of solid wood, with a smooth surface without cracks.

83. For each kind of products should be separate cutting boards and knives with clear markings, which must be stored in appropriate departments in designated areas.

Sanitary requirements for reception and storage of foodstuffs

115. Reception and storage is prohibited at bases and depots of chilled fish, smoked fish, culinary products and semi-products made of fish; This product should be reported directly to the shops.

116. Fresh fish should be stored in a container in which it was received from the supplier, the storage temperature should be -2° c shelf life in the enterprises of the food trade is 48 hours. Frozen fish is stored in boxes, stacked in piles with lining slats between the rows of boxes in accordance with the requirements of the normative and technical documentation.

Live fish kept in the Aquarium, in the warmer months, is no more than 12:00 am, cool — no more than 48 hours at a temperature of 10° c, in clean water.

Sanitary requirements to release food

135. Wholesale and retail trade of raw food (fish, seafood, meat, poultry, eggs, vegetables, etc.) and semi-finished goods from them must be carried out in special departments separately from sales of ready-to-eat foods.

In departments and stores orders when preparing individual orders, weighing and packaging of raw and ready-to-eat foods should be done separately.

Sanitary food transportation requirements

180. For the transportation of fish and other foodstuffs should be allocated special transport. It is prohibited to transport food transport, which previously carried pesticides, gasoline, kerosene, etc. silnopahnushhie and poisonous substances.

For the transport of certain types of foods must be allocated special transport labeled in accordance with the products.

190. Live fish for Commerce is transported from reservoirs in vehicles-tanks with thermal insulation with special container (100 kg) for ice, as well as equipment for saturating the air water in which fish are transported. Water temperature in the tank should be 1-2° c in winter, spring and autumn 4-6° c 10-14° c in the summer.

Don't forget that here an exhaustive list!

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