Top 10 ideas for Video

Top 10 ideas for Video

The new era of the Internet. All wake up and fall asleep with phones, tablets and laptops. An ideal platform for the development of your business and yourself good earnings.

I first heard about the existence of a large number of video blogs on different topics and received confirmation that it is, from six-year-old girls in the year 2012. In the past, for me there was only one video blog, it was Canal + 100500

The girl opened my whole world that she looks popular bloggers about cartoons, Barbie, Monster high, makeup, hairstyles. She has their favorite bloggers, and she too wants to start shoot and upload video. Now a lot of children are already starting years from 5.

So what topic to choose for video blog to gain many subscribers and be in the top?


If you have the opportunity to travel a lot, and you may wonder and intelligibly tell about culture, people, attractions and food, then this theme you on all 100 fit.


Unusual, but at the same time simple recipes from what is always at hand. Decor, feeding on the table, food storage, kitchen utensils. Everything has value. Preparation of the new year, holiday, summer backgrounds. Pies, salads, desserts.


Insanely useful when you will find training material with useful turns, phrases, showing excerpts from American shows and parse language.

Children’s theme.

Review of new series, cartoons, toys. Kids love YouTube and want to imagine toys how to videos from stars.

House. Feng Shui, Interior, decor, design.

Proper use of space, new furniture, kitchen appliances. Do all reviews. All the housewives and Moms in your decree.


Education, development, transmission time. GoldMine! Not all know how to raise children, how to develop a child’s creativity, lateral thinking, independence, social skills, how to instill interest and perseverance. Total green field. All noticed that moms most active in all forums.


How to properly swing, raise, pump up your muscles. Stretching, Pilates, cords, press, yoga workout. How to prepare for marathons, proper allocation of time and stress.


Sewing, knitting, crafts, embroidery. Unlimited scope for creativity, revealing their capabilities, creativity. In the future, such crafts can be sold in vkontakte, Instagram, Avito or Julia. The clothes are hand-made or with elements of their own d?cor helps demonstrate your individuality stand out from the crowd. A regular topic of H&M it is possible to decorate so that it will look like Dolce Gabanna.

Cars, scooters, ATVs, review SUVs and hechbekov.

Undoubtedly, the ideal theme for boys, guys, male. You can arrange interesting Tripa, stars with friends, ride, tuning. Male population is very big fans of YouTube videos look much more than girls, and subscribe to a larger number of channels, but truly male steep channels not so much.


Why reinvent the wheel if you live a full life, growing in different spheres and want to share our energy with the people. See The channel Brothers, transformer, Aleksandr Tikhomirov. There is a great potential to grow its own show, to invite stars (Versus battle, shows a large Russian boss Yuri Dud). In fashion homemade videos where there are jokes, music, current events. Sex with Anfisa Chekhova. I liked this transfer, easy, relaxed, humorous, very spicy, but without vulgarity, remembering the format for this is really like a video blog. Sex subject will always be relevant, all girls and boys need to lose virginity, evolve in this direction. Adults need to diversity. Familiar things everyone can teach differently so that they will drop.

Try, try, choose. Don’t be afraid to try and look for yourself. Remember the basic rule: the chosen theme should primarily please you, and you should understand it better than most and then everything will be fine!