Феномен Успеха: Ольга Бузова / The Phenomenon of Success: Olga Buzova

Phenomenon of success: Olga Buzova

Self-made woman. In our country there were no people who were not indifferent to this girl. Whatever she was doing, so as not to say it will not remain off-screen. Everyone considers it their duty to discuss and express their opinion. What she is real, pretends to be on the camera or vice versa shows her real self and remains as mysterious as the smile of the Mona Lisa.

My point of view

I will write my point of view, even if it will cause public outcry, but Olga can not and can not do otherwise – she can only be loved or hated.

Olya, I love you, you inspire me! You’re extraordinary. You have a crazy energy and you give emotions. In the modern world, emotions are valued. People mistakenly believe that money, but it’s not. We need money only to satisfy our needs. Which in the end bring emotions (satisfaction, pride, joy, happiness).

Another universe of Olga Buzovoy

Why do we generally love the stars and somehow treat them? They live like in another universe, do not go to work from 9 to 6, do not pay a mortgage, do not save for vacation. For them, Monday is not a terrible monster, which everyone wants to get around. Olga is one of those, she lives in her universe, you can get into it, but it’s harder to resist. You work 24/7. On Saturday, instead of a family dinner, the TV host goes to another photo or video shoot, but look how she does it! All those who are subscribed to it in the Instagram will notice with what genuine enthusiasm, she strives for new performances, projects, acquaintances.


Everyone knows that the career of Olga Buzovoy began with the TV project “Dom-2”. Many mistakenly think that Olga entered the first 15 people, but this is not so, she came only a week and a half after the start and chose between her and another girl. No one now even remembers her name, but I’m sure, even if Olga were not left then, she would still make her way to television and become famous.

Romantic relations began with Roma Tretyakov. Such different in appearance and in character, they were together for 3 years. It’s strange that Olga did so little about this stage of her life in her book “The Price of Happiness”, and it was in these relationships that Olga opened herself and laid herself out emotionally and sensually. As Olga herself said in an interview: “These relations were very fruitful.” She not only received the first experience of real relations, they also launched several of their TV and radio projects (“Roman with Buzovoy”, “Caution, stylists!”) Released several books (“Roman with Buzov”, “Love On-line”). The management of the TV program perpetuated the most popular and long-lasting couple, setting their wax figures in the wax museum in Moscow. And this was in the early 2000s, without Instagram and Vkontakte! Personally, I did not watch “House-2” all the time, but I knew the couple “Roman Tretyakov and Olga Buzova” well, I had a notebook in English with their image, stickers and a pencil case. Why do not know until now, but then they were almost all.

It seemed that Olga Buzova was a member of the house for two years 10, but in fact only 3.5 years (1683 days). And her novel was not only with Roman Tretyakov, but also with Alessandro Materazzo and Stas Karimov. When Olga Buzova told the producers that she was going to leave the project, she was offered to become a presenter. Just imagine how many participants left the project. Among them there were many popular ones (Victoria Bonya, Alyona Vodonaeva, May Abrikosov, Sun). But they offered it to her. To become a leader on the level with Ksenia Sobchak or Borodino an unthinkable privilege. But far from immediately Olga won the respect and confidence of the participants. Above her constantly joked, did not take seriously, openly mocked. I had to win with perseverance, wisdom, intellect. For me, Olga began to reveal herself as a wise and interesting girl when she became the leading one. She has learned to choose the right words, tips, questions for participants, to offer solutions or to provoke the necessary actions of the couple in order to keep the relationship.

Very authoritative for me is the opinion of Ksenia Sobchak about Olga. In a special issue about Olga’s career, she said: “Olga, very bright and natural, is not afraid of all her shortcomings and virtues, which become a continuation of herself, she is very harmonious in all this.”

Leaving the perimeter as a participant and graduating from the institute, by the way with a red diploma, Olga began to discover for herself the project behind the project. In each of which she joins and lives as a part of her life. Not for a tick or money, namely to get emotions, nourish yourself with new experiences and share your energy with your people!

Now thanks to all social networks, we have a unique opportunity to get closer to the real life of the stars, to see how many our idol wakes up, what it eats, what places it visits, what music it listens in the car and where it can be found in real life.

Projects, which Olga is now engaged in all the rumors, she does not even have to strongly PR, it’s enough just to share one post in Instagram. During her solo creative work, Olga Buzova managed to prove herself as a competent member of the jury of such projects as “Dance on TNT” and “Comedy Batle” in matters of humor and dance. She always tells all participants only what she feels and thinks. The spectator can not be deceived, it is always felt that Olga sincerely worries and admires people. She does not need to try to pick up words, she is not afraid to look stupid, saying that she thinks, all because she is a whole kind person, with a positive attitude to people and the world.

Olga has several of her own projects.

The designer is a youth, affordable to many under the price policy clothes under the brand “Olga Buzova Design”. She personally participates in the choice of fabrics, styles, images. All things are removed by a professional team led by the mistress of the fashion line. Personally, I really want the store to function not only as an online store, but also as a physical store, for example, in Olga’s hometown of St. Petersburg.

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◼️▪️OLGA BUZOVA DESIGN 2017 ▪️⬛️ . Костюм артикул: ➖ D 171 ➖ Ткань: 80% хлопок , 20% лайкра. Цена: 4990 р Размер: XS / S / М Цвет : чёрный, красный . Доставка по Москве и МО. Доставка курьером по всему миру 🌎🌏🌍 Для заказа Вы можете воспользоваться whats app, sms, звонки, viber : 📞 +7-963-711-81-22 . Оптовое сотрудничество: olga.buzova.2015@bk.ru 📩 или тел : +7-922-670-61-73 . ⚜️. Пункт самовывоза: м. Павелецкая. Ул. Зацепа, дом 21 @shtab_number1 🛍

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Co-owner of the bijoux room jewelry store. All the fans of Olga know that she has her own sister Anya. Not just a sister, but the best friend and partner with whom she shares business. At the moment, several salons in Russia (Sochi, Moscow, Khabarovsk). All the most fashionable, affordable, for every taste. I want to believe that the network will develop, open in new cities and shopping centers.


In September 2016, Olga presented her autobiography. “The price of happiness” turned out to be a very personal, positive, useful book. In it Olga gives practical advice for the figure, health and personal life. Describes his story, the difficulties with which he had to face and who remained behind the scenes. The book is given special value by its format, each page is amortized with a special scent, which Olga created together with the famous French perfumer. Promises to release your own perfume!

Книга Ольги Бузовой "Цена Счастья" с автографом для Кати


Olga tried herself on the stage of theater and cinema. The first time that Olga had to go to a serious stage, happened in force majeure. She had to urgently replace Maria Kozhevnikova in the performance “Chic Wedding”, then she was already purposefully invited by Anton Lirnik in his play “The Man in High Fidelity”. There are always critics who say that there is no acting talent for Buzov, but fans are always in the absolute majority! It is impossible neither to admire the dedication, diligence and talent of the artist! Olga made another gift to fans, starring in the purely St. Petersburg comedy “Poor People”, many will say that she played herself, but in fact the image turned out to be collective, once again proving that Olga is able to laugh at himself and well gets used to any image.


Unconditional triumph and the opening of 2017. In less than a year of solo activity, she recorded 6 songs and shot 5 clips. Each next song was ahead of the previous one by the number of views and consistently ranked first in iTunes. “Under the sound of kisses,” “I’m Getting Used,” “People did not believe,” “Little is half.” The songs practically tell the story of the relations between Buzova and Tarasova. Creativity always helps to survive severe life upheavals, betrayals and coping with depression. Despite all the hayters, she deserved the recognition of her colleagues, in one of the last interviews, Eurovision winner Dima Bilan admitted that he would like to sing a duet with Olga Buzovoy.


Olga Buzova – Innovator

She is interested in everything, she is not afraid to experiment with appearance, manner, clothing or sphere of activity.

Any of us thought that I was going to get rich on one thing and travel and rest. I am sure that Buzova has already earned 10 lives in advance, but continues to please us, her fans with new projects and their creativity. She gives a lot more than many professional artists, she just puts her soul into everything she does.

Olga Buzova very actively leads the Instagram herself, she shares all her bright emotions, problems and experiences. After the divorce, she gave a great example to all women that you do not need to get depressed if your husband left you. The pair “Tarabuziki” was the most sweet and strong in the Russian show business. Nobody doubted them, including Olga herself, but life once again showed that nothing is eternal, everything is fleeting and can change at any moment. Because of what exactly the couple broke up, it’s not for us to judge. The main thing is that Olga Buzova, with her example, showed how to experience difficult periods in her personal life: one must deal with oneself, develop, temporarily leave for work, creativity, a favorite thing. Do not sink to the level of slander, gossip, condemnation of the ex-husband and his new lady. For the first six months that Olga was alone after the divorce, she never once said about Dmitri muck.

Also, please note that for all her creative life, she never insulted her colleagues and did not wish anyone any harm. Let’s learn boundless love and kindness towards everyone around her. Just imagine how hard it is to save when you woke up early in the morning and made a beautiful self, posted in Instagram, and 2000 people in different variations wrote you a direct text – “dumbass”, “forgot to put on tits”, “so that you died with All their home-2 “and other” compliments “. Ordinary people who put out their usual photo, will write only “cutie”, “beauty”, “divine”.

The future of Olga Buzovoy

For me, Olga Buzova certainly grows. It grows from year to year. Her appearance, demeanor and speech are improved and improved. A man works on himself every day. Let us sincerely wish Olga luck in all her endeavors, so that she continues to inspire millions of people to exploit. Olga needs a strong shoulder close by, who will support her and will not limit her. Aquarius is a very complex sign, all the time in search and focus at the same time. I do not know about you, but for a long time I have seen with her a number of her PR man Anton. They are on the same wave, understand each other, with a sense of humor and a positive attitude to life. No frantic schedule will prevent such relations if they are together, like Valeria and Joseph Prigozhin.

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