The most unusual business model startups

The most unusual business model startups

The emergence of startups just as unpredictably as inspiration. Insight can overtake suddenly, and may be the result of a long reflection on the imperfection of the world. It is said that cases of enlightenment often occur after attending scientific conferences.

The use of conferences. Retention Of Science

Conference-event very useful. Them aspiring entrepreneurs adopt experience, learn about trends, getting acquainted with potential partners, clients and investors.

True, not all young startups appears happy chance to visit a forum, and a ticket to the Forum can afford not everyone. But these reservations can't stop that seriously decided to fight their way to the top.

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Jerry Zhao realized that success does not come to those who wait for him, lounging on the couch. Jerry was born in a poor Taiwanese family, and knew the value of money. After school he collected bottles, because the other way to get money is not there. Having matured, Zhao moved to California, armed with a determination to succeed.

The first pancake, as usual, turned out to be a flop-startup failed with a bang. The second idea was a more viable, but not brought good revenue. At the beginning of 2012, 2012. start-up of no. 3 was launched-Science or science Retention preservation ". The idea is that the company was to help companies from the scope of e-commerce to retain customers with an extensive database processing. But first the Science needed Retention clients.

To expand the range of useful acquaintances and enrich knowledge, Zhao went to a profile in the Midwest Conference. Alas, he could not afford to buy tickets, which cost several thousand dollars. Enterprising Jerry realized that the inability of Americans to differentiate Asians apart, will help him to cheat a little.

Zhao in advance began to search LinkedIn and Google Asian age, visit the Conference as the main exhibitor. While the applicant did not have to work in a large company. Suitable person eventually re-appeared — Jimmy Lee.

Jiao carefully examined all the available information about himself and his colleagues. On the eve of the Conference, Gerry withdrew the motel room and nervously in the morning, went to the event. Hiding backpack for flower pots, he approached registration and introduced himself as Jimmy Lee.

He said he was already at the Conference, but had to briefly exit the Hall and badge forgot. After a brief explanation, Zhao received a coveted badge.

Capturing a backpack with a laptop, "Mr Jimmy Lee entered the meeting room, crowded by entrepreneurs, not even suspected that they are in dire need of startup, the fictional Jao.

The aim of Jiao was, first, learn as much as you can about competitors, their methods of work, to properly assess its position in your chosen niche. Seeing the principal Conference badge and realizing that "Jimmy Lee" can pay for innovative ideas, young startups readily told all about his business.

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The second goal was getting acquainted with Jiao managers of companies working in ecommerce. He had to explain to them the advantages startups Retention Science. And then, of course, Jiao used her name already. The hardest part was not to stray, seeming: "Hi, I'm Jerry … Hi, I'm Jimmy.

Having overcome all difficulties, Jao gave away and gathered a few hundred business cards and business cards and went home contented themselves.

To complete espionage story Jerry Zhao met with this Jimmy Lee, a business owner in the area of e-commerce. As a result, they became friends and Lee became a client of the company. Only after this, Jiao told Jimmy history.

Now, Zhao said that he did not advise anyone to repeat this experience and smiling sheepishly. But we think he's still proud of myself.

In the late summer of the same year Retention was financed by the Science $1.3 million. thanks largely to the contacts established at the Conference. Zhao again going on the Forum, however, now he buys a ticket.

What started out Airbnb? Obama, mattresses and flakes

In October 2007 the year just arrived in San Francisco, Brian Cesky and Joe Gebbia decided to donate participants design conference room free. Hotel reservations lacked, and friends were unable to pay the rent. In the empty room were stacked three inflatable mattress, and the list of services can be described as "air bed and breakfast" (air bed and breakfast).

Enterprising young people on the portal have posted pictures of the proposed shelter and were very happy when it was revealed that over the weekend earned renting $1 000000. Initial success encouraged them to create a website where anyone could propose their homes for rent. The first offspring of Airbnb was extremely simple, and the founders could not solve the problem of informing about the site.

Launch version no. 2 was timed to the nomination of Barack Obama on election as candidate for President of the United States. Many wanted to attend the ceremony and draft Airbnb came in very handy. The service was free advertised among landlords and those who wanted to rent.

However, interest had waned to a site when ended crowded events. To prevent start-up alive Finally, shortstop engaged design boxes of cereal, which housed the advertising Airbnb. While still held elections and half boxes printed a caricature of Obama, and on the other side of John McCain.

When the order is taken from the printing house, the only thing left is to glue the boxes and remove them. Boxes sent out reporters who did not fail to call their idiotic. However, CNN mentioned this trick.

In this companion durachestve earned $30 thousand, which, of course, very soon were spent. But young businessmen not lowered hands. They presented their famous cereal business incubator Y Combinator. There used the same definition is "idiotic" box, but investors interested in the project. Soon the project already knew in all corners of the United States.

Every business risk and startups are risky. But there are always people feel only organically in the process of creating something new. These creative personality able to extract ideas from accidentally heard phrases, headings on a newspaper page or from the advertisement. All what we normally remain indifferent to a talented entrepreneur becomes the signal from the effects.

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