The most promising business in Russia in 2018

The most promising business in Russia in 2018

In connection with the current crisis in the country, many residents believe that opening their own business next year will be very costly. There are also other burdensome factors hindering the opening of business, for example legislation. And to any entrepreneur it seems that all branches are already busy and even overcrowded. But if you spend some time analyzing the situation on the markets, you can find a large space for the implementation of ideas.
At the moment, there are 5 key areas for business development:
— technologies;
— the desire of people to save time and money;
— Ecology and healthy lifestyle;
— childen’s goods;
— self-development.

Business and Technology

Since technologies do not stand still and are actively developing, creating a business using them is the most popular option. There are several clear ideas:

Creation of cinema clubs

The creation of cinema clubs is just beginning to gain popularity in Russia. The idea, it would seem, is very interesting, but it has its drawbacks. The room will not be easy to find, because it should be large. The visitor will have to pay both for food and for the time spent at the cinema club. Plus — the cost of the equipment itself. It turns out quite expensive, and attract customers to such institutions will be difficult.

Delivery with the help of drones

Delivery with the help of drones will take less time than delivery from the courier. But this venture has its drawbacks. The cost of drones is quite high. Load-carrying capacity is not great. The range of delivery, too, leaves much to be desired. In addition, the legislation of the Russian Federation does not clearly state the attitude of the authorities towards unmanned vehicles.

Rent of bicycles on the electric drive

Ergonomics is a key factor in the use of bicycles of this type. The owner of the device can both ride himself and carry a small load. The battery will last for several hours, and even if it runs out, the bicycle can be used as usual. The overhead lies in the organization of the sales process.

3D printing

You can organize the business of assembling and selling the printers themselves, but the cost of parts will exceed the proceeds from the sale. Plus, experience in assembling such equipment is necessary.
Another idea will be directly printing products on the printer. Modeling skills and creative thinking will be useful here, because the assortment will have to be updated.

The desire of people to save money and time

It is also possible to develop entrepreneurial activity on this aspiration.

Shop with fixed prices

Revenue is the volume of sales. Complexity arises only in the assortment, because it must be goods that will cost the same. And also attract customers equally. This should be the right products, such as office or household chemicals.

Capsule hotel

From the advantages of this business — the opportunity to develop it even in a small space. Cons — organization of safety and comfort. But often these hotels attract customers because of the small price. All that a person needs to spend one night is in such hotels. But the profit mainly depends on the services provided in addition.

Ecology and HLS

Always in a trend!

Gym without exercisers

The name is in sports in a special suit. The training will take about thirty minutes, but it will be equal to several hours spent in the usual gym. But for such institutions, qualified personnel are needed.

Healthy fast food

Not fat burgers and high-calorie potatoes, but a balanced diet. Cost from the point of view of purchasing products and again require qualified personnel preparing healthy meals.

Childen’s goods

The niche that is most popular among businessmen.

Houses for children

Such a house can be designed and adapted to any space. In this regard, the business is very popular. Of the minuses — the safety and quality of materials for manufacturing.

Hairdresser for children

A place where young children can relax and trust the master to perform their task here. Cons — qualification of staff, types of services provided.


Even on self-development, it would seem, the process in which only the person participates, businessmen manage to earn.

Training Center

The idea is quite popular and so the centers in one city can be counted to several thousand. From the minuses — you need to think through the right format to attract customers.

A book or series of video lessons

The book will require tremendous work, starting with the preparation of ideas and writing, ending with difficulties in publishing. But with the cycle of video lessons everything is much easier. The camera and Internet connection are all that’s needed for this. Of the minuses — creative thinking and difficulties in attracting the audience.

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