Trends and prospects of SEO-promotion of sites

Sergei Jagovkin, a specialist company "Promotion Center, talks about what is included in the process of unwinding a commercial site and on recent developments in the SEO industry.

On the Internet attract users to the site and other clients can only search engines. If the site of the company is not involved in the search progress, then visitors can simply not get caught. That is, if the resource is created, it necessarily needs a promotion and promotion.

Directly, the very process of advancement and promotion is pretty difficult, long and unpredictable process.

The task of the companies within the framework of such services as website promotion Web site is a high position in the SERP and direction on its pages of potential clients and buyers who are interested in the goods or services. And not just readers, namely, those people who have the desire to buy something.

What is included in the services of site promotion?

1. Search promotion

In this case, the main objective is to obtain a positive result. That is, a site will be accessible only for people who are interested in these or other services. Thanks search promotion website will be placed in the leading positions in the SERP for the main key demands.

2. Contextual advertising

Advertising can be called an excellent lever if the client wishes to increase traffic to their site thoroughly the next day. In this case, the main aspect of its use is competently prepared advertising text plus a well-chosen key requests.

3. Copywriting

Information contained on this website is the main element that makes the ordinary visitor from a regular customer. Experts distinguish two kinds of texts: inefficient, that is, the so-called "wallpaper" and effective that focus on results.

4. Search engine reputation management

At present, competition is flourishing in all spheres of activity. It has not remained unnoticed and Internet space. It was here that she thrives even more, especially for website promotion. Once the site is beginning to emerge in the top positions of the competitors immediately attempt to "cast a shadow". But, companies to promote work solely for the benefit of their customers, and therefore such manipulation would not pass.

5. Analytics

Site promotion without full analysis is not quite the right approach. It is analytical calculations give the opportunity to implement more effective development of the site.

For example, some sites that sell products and services, 10-15 visitors-this is quite a satisfactory result. Such attendance can arrange every second owner who does business on the Internet. Therefore, it is the Analytics and provides an opportunity to get excellent results that ensure stable incomes.

Why do I need SEO promotion?

Without the right approach and creative skill hardly customers would be able to find your site if it had not benefited from the reference, which was advanced search engine. It is worth to understand that with the introduction of search query, the search engine produces a huge number of results, but the most popular will be at the top.

Therefore, for this purpose, and this service is applied as website promotion. Often, attempts at self promotion of unprofessional suffer a debacle because many business owners are not competent in this area.

All the same, to get quality services and successful result, should contact the company specialists and get terrific results.

Website promotion today

With regard to the promotion of the site currently, Yandex recently spoke about the changes that relate to AGS algorithm. His landmark-search for sites that contain malopoleznyj content and made exclusively for selling links. Now the page of such sites will not be excluded from the search, and will lose their TIC.

Such improvements in the filtering algorithms are not waiting for anybody. It is, inter alia, from updating this algorithm very seriously affected the scope of manimejkinga. But, with regard to the other victims, hostages of the new system were normal, and sites with useful content.

What were the causes of the "false" positives? Among such: proximity hosting, feeble characteristics, such as design, attendance, other behavioural factors. Experts say that the algorithm was set up so tightly, that because of his actions fell really useful and necessary sites.

But now, with regard to the promotion of the site and its search, the categorizer to virtually unchanged. But instead of to exclude pages in the site, the developers decided to just cancel the TIC.

For whatever reasons, the algorithm has been changed, and what the consequences of these innovations entail? A specialist in this area suggests that such changes have been made to improve the metric completeness in response to low-frequency queries that it is practically impossible to find useful documents. Even those sites that are not created for people who have some useful information, which cannot be thrown away forever from the index.

A new AGS created to solve several tasks at the same time. The first is the fight against spam. It is because the new AGS webmasters started creating quality resources. The second algorithm reduces the load on the server search engine.

That is, all the sites in one way or another came under an algorithm will be indexed, but the TIC will be forfeited. Moreover, ACOG also struggles and with selling links. But such changes can only be seen after a few years of the new algorithm.

Price and terms of execution of tasks

With regard to delivery dates, as well as the value of the order, such details are negotiated individually with each customer. The higher the competition site, the longer the period of its promotion in the top.

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