Tale about investor Pinocchio

There was once a State in Napa Kingdom investor. His name was Pinocchio. Once Pinocchio buries his five gold coins on MMM field using Alice and Basilio Cat Fox.

Passed a little time. ACE field digging up and five gold coins never found, Fox and cat and put him in jail. After the incident, Pinocchio took another name and became the plow a few years to reclaim the five gold coins. Meanwhile, occurred in the realm of the State financial crisis. The State Treasury is quite empty, and the number of the same frustrated as Pinocchio increased several times.

Years went by. The economy of the State of the Kingdom slowly rose and Treasury beginning replenished money. Visited the Kingdom-Effect State. The effect of this Devaluation was born. Our investor «spirit and his pocket again began to delay gold coins. Our investor became meditate on how to preserve and increase their capital rather than bury their works.

Thought-thought our investor and he decided to keep their gold in the Bank, the largest in the Kingdom-State Bank. The State Bank has not produced the jaws during the crisis, and therefore will not allow then to do so. And then remain investor gold coins in full safety. And decided to include them in the Bank. And he became rejoice that his gold not only preserved, but also provide income.

And in order to avoid an unpleasant situation, he read the newspaper. Read-read their investor and learned soon that inflation eats at the Bank his income, and sometimes gold themselves. Again he became sad and think how to multiply your capital to Inflation it is not eaten. He looked and saw that brokerage companies and reliable investors rather than cats and foxes. They operate on equities, which serve people in the realm of the State and in other kingdoms and States of light, gas and oil.

Learned the investor that stock prices take off quickly. And he decided to view quotes over the past few years and saw that local plant shares soared tenfold and that bank stocks provide income is greater than the rate of gold coins. And to think he didn't buy him the Bank's shares. Thought-thought and made up my mind but didn't know what to do in order to buy shares and where they are sold. And he decided to call the broker known that an investment company "Zolotaya Rybka" works.

He became a request that made him rich, and he said that he opened the account, was carrying the gold coins on putting. He opened the account, the Treaty was signed and became their gold to market throw. Investor mood has become simply an excellent, does not buy shares, those growing up, he sells them and new purchases, and they also grow. Thought the investor so forever will be. And all thought.

Went to Kingdom-State rumors that bourgeois will come from other kingdoms and States, and buy up everything. And everyone started to buy more shares to bourgeois should be allowed is not inherited. Fortune investor fell unexpectedly. He bought shares, and they grow not steel, bought another one, and they began to fall. Never had with the investor never happened, and he did not know whom to blame. And he decided to call the goldfish and asked how much they still fall. And him and replied that the shares will not fall below freezing.

Woke up investor on the sea shore, without anything left and began to think that he continue to do it as the next investor to be. And he decided to broker change, turned to another company. And they said there's an investor that he needs to play from the short and explained it like this: stocks an investor give a loan, he sells them, stock prices are falling, and you sell them again, then give their company and the profit yourself allot.

And became our investor play by different rules. And again he went like clockwork. All would have continued, the tragedy happened, and the investor all morning and bought on the market that came just under the arm. Shortil-shortil, but not for long it on someone else's grief made. Another couple of weeks, stock prices have stopped falling, and even a couple of rusty steel prices, and the investor all shortil and shortil.

Soon stopped him company shares giving, and then advise the steel so that it shorts closed, but did not believe the investor. Company shares, which gave the investor loan, began to demand, had to return them to the investor, he left only one third of gold coins from those initially.

Become an investor again think he did not know the reason for his failure, let the arrow. This boom has led him to the bookshop and bought there investor a lot of books about the stock market. Learned it from the books a lot, met new priestly, and he decided to play at the stock exchange, bought a computer that stock prices could predict and began to play.

But not immediately to our investor gold coins trickled, seriously he was given, he could not understand how the portfolio manage, calculate the amount of risk they opened positions. It is difficult to understand why an investor at the Exchange there is no low or high prices, why can't sell when stocks are rising and constantly buy when falling.

Several times he had to go to the Grand Council, Called the Wizard of the Emerald City, but he only received investor green glasses and coming home with nothing. Had the investor to send his wife to study therapeutic massage, which could stress relieve. But still in the end investor won the victory.

And everything changed in my life, even investor psychology has changed him. If he was just a player, it has now become a trader. Now our investor perfectly understands all the analysts and brokers he became one language to communicate. And why all this happened?

But because it so happened that figured our investor, that is just so not razbogateesh that work for that need. Figured our investor that Exchange is useful to the community investment process that Exchange is not playing for money. And in order to avoid the press this investment process must be their brains thinking, not magicians for help request. And once understood this investor our immediately began living happily and richly.

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