Success Story: Timati

Success Story: Timati

The first time I heard about Timati, when he, like the other lucky ones, were cast to the TV project «Star Factory 4». Four seasons were already behind, everyone knows that the coolest part is the first, then by decreasing. «Korni», «Fabrika», Victoria Daineko and Irakli Pirtskhalava, these are the ones i liked.

How it all started: Star Factory

But contrary to my personal predictions, it was the «Star Factory 4» that HYIPED. Irina Dubtsova, Stas Piech, Banda.   Timati and Alexa’s love story is the spesial one.  At that timeI was teenage at 12 years old age, the most romantic age. And then the petals of roses, declaration of love for the whole country, they dedicated songs to each other and made extraordinary surprises. I do not remember such a romantic story, even at the DOM-2. In general, the concept of the «Star Factory» was very exciting. All participants were in the same conditions, took classes by the same teachers. Every week  was a summary concert. 3 nominees, 1 is saved by TV viewers, the fate of the other two is decided by the participants. They personally approach  «star» and explained their choice.  A lot of  teardrops were left by me, spectators, participants, nominees and teachers.


Timati immediately had a prejudiced attitude. Everything was clear with him, rich dad, who pushed his son. But Timur quickly became one of the leaders among a very strong cast. He initiated RAP group «Banda», becoming the leader in it. An interesting fact is that Timati and Dominic Joker were acquainted with each other before the project and moreover, they played in the same group «Vip77», it also included Pashu, Leo, Mc Dynamite, Master Spencer and Baby lee.

The new band «Banda» immediately became very popular, bold and driving, the songs became hits. None of the participants was so lucky to win the project, but the producer Igor Krutoy, who was unrolling the hip-hop group, shot a video for the song «Crying Heaven» and  record the album «New People». Me and other fans  still do not understand why Anastasia Kochetkova, rather than  Alexa, played the female part in  «Banda».

During the hole project, Timati had several extremely successful performances, which became hits — «Crying the Heavens» is an absolute favorite.

Also there were such tracks as «I need only you», «Pain is love», «Oh my God» (review the performance, at the beginning is usedthe popular movement  «mannequin challenge»),  jointed performance by Timati, Dominic Joker and t group «Reflex».

Although he didn’t win the project, his participation was certainly bright. If you are more than 20 and less than 30, turn on Timati’s track «Crying Heaven»(music and word by Dominic Jocker!), I’m sure you know all the words

I was waiting The road tour of «Fabrika Zvezd 4» like a summer vacation. Tickets to BKZ (Big concert Zal)were bough for several months, probably as soon as they were on sale. Until now, I regret that I did not dare to give flowers and ask for an autograph. Then in childhood the stars from TV seemed celestians.Timati conquered me with his assurance, ability to read rap, clear, musically and powerful a «Crying the Heavens» was performed with incredible depth sensuality, it was impossible to restrain emotions. I would like that Timati sometimes sing that song at his new concerts, it’s part of him, the audience loved him when he was young not so brutal, but so romantic.

Soon after the end of the tour «Factory of stars 4» Timati was a little lost. Maybe I stopped actively interested in him, whether he was completely submerged  in his newproject  «Black star club».

Again, people started talking about Timati when his friend and colleague of the group «Banda», Ratmir Shishkov, crashed in the accident. A terrible tragic death for a young guy, his girlfriend and friends. Timati gave several interviews, immediately felt how much he experienced the loss of a friend, almost a brother, they were  really closed in spirit with each other. Then Timati announced the final disintegration of  bang «Banda».

The era of «Black Star Inc.» «

Black Star Inc
Black Star Inc

From this moment an extraordinary breakthrough not only in Timur’s career, but also in all Russian hip-hop life. Unique, out — and — outer brand  «Black Star Inc.» was founded. Personally for me, real russian hip-hop started from Timati and this from this group.It was first, time, when i started to proud our music, it became competative to the world’s leader- America. At that moment, I moved in Europe for study. I  liked night life visited night clubs, bars and music festivals.  You can not imagine how proud i feel when, on a par  with David Guetta and Enrique Iglesias, Ketty Perry you listen Timati — «Welcome to St-Tropes». People of all ages  from completely different countries liked,  sing and listened this track.

Each new Timati’s track is not like the other. Artist does not sing banality, all songs made very qualitatively,  nonrepeatable, has it own motive, meaning and history.   One track can be lyrical and gentle such as «London», «Requiem for Love», «My Way».  Another one is impudent and driving like «Lada sedan» or «My best friend is President Putin». Only the quality of the rap remains unchanged

Timati is succeed in joint creativity with all russian meters — Grigory Leps, Philip Kirkorov, Dj Smash. Personally for me, the best proof of Timati’s success is fact, that he was first who raised up  russian hip-hop  and Rap to a new international level! He recorded duets with the top foreign performers: Snoop dogg, Flo rida, Eve, Maria vinans, Timbaland, Xzibit and many others. None of  russian Pop artist still didnt come close to this level. For all his career Timati was not even once rightly recognized as the best singer of the year by version of the most populary accepted awards (Muz Tv, Golden Gramophone).Timur as any other popular artist often criticed for his prodaction, bussines or private life. But its clear, that he has creative and busines talent. He produce firmed well- defined Rap texts, that sounded strictly melodiously at high speed both in russian and english. For the long time, he was unique by himself, he did not build a monarchy of quality Hip- Hop and Rap motion, but decided to share the success. Young, bright and talented artists now are united by the label «Black Star Mafia»  (at the moment the label has been operating for  more than 10 years and unites such artists as Mot L’one, Natan, Kristina Si, Egor Creed, Klava Koka, Scrooge, Dan Sokolov , MC Doni). Black Star label separately deserves respect, that all the participants carry true message for the youth: healthy food, sport,  develop yourself, do not be afraid to express yourself, be strong, bright and move ahead to your goal.If your are talented, you always can join to his team on web Black Star Inc, you can find actual vacancy.

In cooperation with world known director, scripwriter and clip maer Khudyakov, they shoot such cute clips, as films arnt still produced in our country.

Nowdays Timati has some different sourses of income.

-«Black Star Wear» Cloth line. Under the label «Black star» more than 5 year he produce and sell men’s, woman’s, childrens and teenager wears. Cloth is quality and consumer grade. There are a lot of shops in 7 countries and more than in 30 cities. its also posible to order online or buy franchising and make business with Timati.

-«Black star Burger». Is absolutely unique direction. Russians answer to Mc Donalds, but much more cheaper, tastier and quality. Isolate from the «Mass Market» product, tuning it by yourself and a completely new unique product is ready! Once again Timati made hit, now is from ordinary food, that always was street and quick. He offer original idea to eat total black burgers by total black gloves.

-«13BYBLACKSTAR» Barber and tatoo shop.

Global Star Russia«. It enclusive partner of «Black Star inc» in matters of advertising, organizing events and concerts.

Personal life of Timati

The personal life of Timati has always been bright, discussed, filled with gossip and rumors.Soon after the break with Alexa, Timati was credited with a huge number of romancee, including celebrities (Ksenia Sobchak, Victoria Bonya, Masha Malinovskaya). For a long time there was no official confirmation, one model succeeded another. The first who stayed was Sophia Rudeva (Miss Russia 2009), model Mila Volchek model also did not work out. Alena Shishkova and Timur met on clip’s shoot. Blond beauty immediately subnited  singer’sheart, by that time he was already famous, accomplished artist and was ready for a serious relationship, family and children and home joys. To the great regret of the fans the couple dispersed, Alena present the daughter  Alisa to the singer. I’m sure none of you didnt expect, that Timati will show himself as such a loving, sympathetic father. They still spend a lot of time and travel together with Timothi’s ex-wife and their daughter. One of the few pairs, who kept respectful relationship and it shows him like true gentleman. His behavior  in his personal life is good indicator of his personality. Cause For a man a lot  sayshis attitude towards women.  Now he has a relationship with Anastasia Reshetnikova, we wish a couple good luck.  Timur deserved to gettrue love and family. When you get strong supportm you can do abcolutely everything, and create much more uniqe projects, that increase all russians busines and art. I imagine, that one day  Timati will have as large family as Djigan has now. So brutal looking fathers with children. I’m sure he will be able to pass his strength, confidence, ambitions, sense of life and business to his children.

Timoti’s father  sent him to America at the age of 13, hoping that son will clean up his act,  begin to study important sciences, that seemed was necessary to know.  But Timur has learned much more than  father hoped, he has felt American’s freedom,  has caught the breath of the future business. Russian’s culture and bussines were strongly needed in a sharp jump in order to catch up in development the best world companies, to be comperative, weighty and respectable at the same time it must be very popular and high-quality. I see clear parallel with Vladimir Putin, whow he raised Russians economic after coming to the power.