Success story Ksenia Sobchak

How did Ksenia Sobchak become successful?

A million-dollar baby or a blonde in chocolate

Speaking of the main secular lioness, an outrageous oppositionist, a scandalous TV presenter, the first name that comes to mind: Ksenia Sobchak.

Childhood. A family. Father.

Ksenia Sobchak was born in a family, already at that time, popular in the people of the lawyer Anatoly Sobchak and historian Lyudmila Borisovna. Few people know that for Anatoly Sobchak this is the second marriage and he already had a daughter Masha. But unfortunately, the circumstances developed that, Masha does not come into contact with the new Sobchak family.

Since childhood Ksenia was surrounded by the most privileged society and the most deserved politicians of that time and the present. Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev in the spring of 1989, at the height of his dissertation, participated in the election campaign of Anatoly Sobchak for the elections to the Congress of People’s Deputies of the USSR. And Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was in charge of his pre-election headquarters. Anatoly Sobchak became the first mayor of post-Soviet St. Petersburg and is one of the main authors of the current constitution of the Russian Federation.

The deputy’s daughter studied at the school with in-depth study of the English language, went to the circle of the ballet at the Mariinsky Theater, and studied painting in the Hermitage’s camps. It would seem that the girl should have been a humble princess, but in fact she turned out to be an obstinate empress. «Heir to the throne» often broke lessons, was always keen on the language and was not afraid to express his opinion on any occasion.

Ksyusha’s father died when she was only 16 years old, for her it was a terrible blow, she was hard at losing, because it was with her father that they were very close, he inspired her and was a great example for her own growth and development.

Education Ksenia Sobchak.

Ksenia decided to start higher education in her native city of St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg State University), but after 2 years she realized how closely she became in her native city, moved to Moscow, she wanted complete independence and financial independence. In the capital, she graduated from MGIMO in international relations. The diploma was defended on the topic «Comparative analysis of the presidency institutes in France and Russia».

So gradually, living in the capital, Xenia merged into the Moscow crowd and a new stage in her career and self-development began.

Moscow. Start.

In parallel with her studies, Ksenia combined work and entertainment. She was always attracted to the possibility of self-realization, popularity, recognition, the desire to be useful, while not following the trampled path of purring, poddakivaniya and universal approval.

The first serious TV project, in which she agreed to participate, was the most shocking and scandalous, but at the same time the most rated project on television — «house 2». In general, it should be noted that all those who lit up and built a name for themselves on this project are now included in the top of the most popular and popular stars. Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina — are in the top 10, Instagram stars, and Olga Buzova is still in charge! (Read the article). I do not know how the rest of the audience, but I immediately, since the beginning of the house -2 (the project began in 2004), it seems that Ksenia Sobchak has been a successful leading, secular lioness and public figure for a long time, although in the major All-Russian projects to «Tele-building of the Century», she did not participate.

Ksenia Sobchak on TV.

As soon as the mechanism of energy, enthusiasm and shocking Xenia began to stop. She was the host of the programs on the first channel: «Two Stars» and «The Last Hero», the leading award of Muz TV and «Blondes in Chocolate». By the way, in the fall of 2017 on the channel Muz-TV starts a new season of the once very high-rated program — «Star Factory», permanent leader Yana Churikov will be replaced by Ksenia Sobchak, we will soon find out what other updates are waiting for us.

Ksenia Sobchak at the DOM-2.
Ksenia Sobchak at the DOM-2.

Teaching aids and books Ksenia Sobchak.

Xenia Sama and together with other authors for today is the author of 6 books. On completely different subjects: fashion, love, oligarchs.

— «Stylish Tricks» — 2008
— «Masks, glitter hair curlers» -2008.
— «Loja Encyclopedia» — 2010
— «Philosophy in the Boudoir» — 2010
— «A woman for a millionaire, or a high-class marriage.» -2009.

Movies and music with Ksenia Sobchak.

Xenia actively began to attend all the most significant and useful social events, parties, presentations. To get acquainted with the right people there were no problems, she already had a talking name and image. She did not win the musical Olympus, however, then still, just the former manufacturer Timati suggested that she shoot in her video «Dance».


There were very piquant rumors that they even recorded a joint video of erotic content. Try to search on the Internet, perhaps somewhere else is preserved)

Later came to come proposals for episodic roles in the movies, oddly enough, most often offered to play themselves or a prostitute. Full filmography can always be viewed on Wikipedia.

Business and work Ksenia Sobchak.

Ksenia Sobchak always treats money very pragmatically and rarely invests in business. Her strategy is to earn on behalf: advertising companies, to be the face of the brand leading to the event or the TV presenter of the project.

-The most famous and confirmed business that Xenia had is the shares of the Russian company Euroset, which Ksenia bought for 1 million. Dollars. A sold for 2.3 million.

-From October 2014 became the chief editor of the fashion magazine L’Officiel

-At the same time, the restaurant holding Ginza Project together with Ksenia Sobchak: a democratic café-confectionery «Bublik», a closed small bar «Melodia» and a grill restaurant «Tverbul», the cuisine set by the famous chef Anatoly Comm. All establishments are located in the same place — in the building of the former Rimsky-Korsakov manor on Tverskoi Boulevard, near the Gorky Moscow Art Theater.

-Telekanal «rain» — during the hot season of the pre-election race of 2012, Ksenia Sobchak decided to fully devote herself to the truly worthy figures of «all Russia» and went to work for the opposition channel «Rain». I am sure that many of the readers are sure that the channel is entirely owned by Sobchak, however, this is not so. At the moment she is the host of the program «Sobchak alive» and interviews the most prominent figures of the Russian Federation. Among her guests: Oleg Tinkov, Alla Pugacheva, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Alexey Navalny and Sergey Shnurov.

-Other Revenues- Sobchak’s main income is still brought in by corporate events and advertising contracts. She also tours across the country with master classes «Theory of Success». The largest advertising contracts are TSUM, JPoint (jewelry), «Terekhov» (clothes), Prelox (a means for increasing potency) and Dior Makeup. The majority of advertising revenue comes from the Internet. One of her advertising post in social networks costs approximately € 7000-8000 for products from the luxury segment and from € 10 000 for goods of mass demand.

Ksenia Sobchak in politics.

«I’m not a politician or a political leader, I took part in the opposition movement as a civil activist who is not indifferent to the fate of my country» — quoted Xenia Sobchak in an interview.

The history of communication Sobchak with great politics began, during the pre-election race for the presidential throne in 2012. Then many seriously believed that Mikhail Prokhorov could become the best president for Russia. A handsome lone still relatively young oligarch and no less ambitious, educated, oppositionist Xenia could become a couple, more abruptly than the Clintons, Beckhams or Brandolina. But the election was not won and the heart of the billionaire remained unconquered.

Immediately after the presidential elections in 2012, the «Coordinating Council of the Opposition» was established, a non-state political and civil body that unites public figures who want to contribute (Shatz, Lazarev, Navalny, Dmitry Bulls, Parkhomenko, Udaltsov, Garik Gasparov, Parfyonov, Boris Akunin).

Ksenia Sobchak and Navalny
Ksenia Sobchak and Navalny

Says Ksenia Sobchak about politics:

About power:

«It is better to have a parliamentary republic, where every four years there will be different people, so that the country can function as a system, without binding to the personality of the president»

About Crimea:

«We need to fight for the economy, but not abroad with flags»

«To resolve the Ukrainian conflict, it is necessary to hold a new referendum, already without haste in the legal laws, with international observers. This would be a compromise and a starting point in resolving the conflict, lifting sanctions and stabilizing relations in the world.

What’s the use of screaming that our Crimea, if people do not have the money to get there and rest there? »

About Putin and Navalny:

«Putin and Navalny are popular, because very tough politicians with strong authority, charisma and will power are in demand in Russia.

«If you are not ready to go to prison for your beliefs, then do not flirt with big politics»

During an open press conference with reporters, Xenia asked if there was any organized baiting against the opposition, as was once organized against her father. To which Putin admitted that there was indeed a big baiting against Anatoly Sobchak, which in many respects shook his health. However, now there can be no talk of any kind of harassment, since no sanctions are being applied against the oppositionists.

Asked by Aleksei Navalny how much he can trust her and how far she is ready to go after him, she answered honestly as always that she «is ready to lose money, work, social status for her convictions, but she is not ready to go to jail, there is a line, weakness and cowardice »

About the great power:

«No one can be honest to admit that we are not a great power, apart from dusty nuclear warheads, we have nothing and we need to start building a great power like China (industry, roads), to compete with America is ridiculous with such a difference in GDP.

For the development of the country, one must choose the European way and start working without loud statements. I want to add from myself that it is not necessary to repeat the European mistakes: unnecessarily raise taxes to feed refugees and illegal immigrants on this money.

The other day in Smee, the news came that Ksenia Sobchak would be an ideal opponent in the upcoming presidential election. To which Xenia reacted extremely skeptical. Once she already said that the president is a Jew or a woman in Russia can be only after 100 years of evolution. Perhaps such an initiative of the Kremlin just decided to show its faster leap.

She never considered herself a politician. It can be attributed to the number of professional journalists who deserve to work on a federal channel without censorship. She considers herself competent in media matters, she can advise whom to interview, what questions should be asked, and who is now popular and in demand to make a good rating.

Criticism of Xenia Sobchak.

Xenia is a pronounced personality. It is difficult to characterize and give an objective assessment of all of Her actions and actions, as she sometimes leads a very shocking lifestyle. However, one can not fail to note all the intellectuality, erudition and scaling of knowledge in different planes of the heroine of this article.

Observing the behavior of Xenia as an interviewer and journalist, it can be noted that she always expresses her position clearly, showing her awareness in many events and processes. Also, he is not afraid to openly admit what she is not aware of at the proper level in order to give an objective assessment without bearing any delirium.

Her personality is often criticized as a kind of far-fetched character. For example, Gordon in one of the interviews harshly spoke about her as one of the leaders of the opposition, that Ksenia «frolic with her one-celled from home-2 and forgets, some new project will attract her, she will engage in other activities, she will play other dolls »

Personal life. Men in the life of Xenia Sobchak.

It is difficult to say which aspect of life of the main secular lioness is the most discussed: its millions, oppositional views or still personal life. We will dwell on it for a short time, so as not to become like grandmothers on benches, which every young neighbor with a haha ​​is considered a prostitute. And the track record of the men who are credited with Xenia is:

The first love of Xenia was her classmate Zhenya, they together ran from the lessons to earn the first money, washed the windows of cars at traffic lights. Xenia’s parents were certainly categorically against it.

Further simply under the list:

Lenya Nerushenko — lead singer of the Dynamite group — suffered from alcoholism, crashed on a motorcycle

Alexander Shusterovich — 3 years of marriage, preparing for the wedding, in which the whole Peter was to participate

Ilya Yashin, an oppositionist, went to the fiancés of Xenia for 1 year

Vyacheslav Leibman-oligarch oilman

Umar Dzhabrailov is a former senator of Chechnya

Sergei Kapkov, head of the Department of Culture of Moscow and director of the Central Park of Culture and Leisure. Gorky, left the family for her.

Eugene Papunaishvili — a fast-moving novel during filming «Dancing with the Stars»

Dmitry Savitsky, owner of the radio station «Silver Rain». There were about 3 years

If you are interested, any particular man, you can always google him and read all the gossip devoted to their novel.

Married to Maxim Vitorgan.

After 30 years, Xenia has repeatedly admitted that she no longer hopes to wear a white dress, but fate, as usual, decided everything herself. For Maxim it was 3 marriage, for Ksenia the first.

Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan
Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan

With Vitorgan Jr. they share common political opposition views. In my opinion this is one of the pledges of a strong family life. Since politics reflects the views of a person on the family, work, self-development and other significant aspects. Look closely at your mates, correlate between what you hold political views and how satisfied you are with your relationship.

5 years of relationships have shown that their relationship only grows stronger, feelings do not fade. Maxim is the very person she has been looking for all her life, it has a strong man’s core, strength of spirit, witty sense of humor and he is a support for relationships, all like her father.

Maxim is the first man for whom Xenia ventured to marry, there were many offers, more admirers. But Xenia always ended the relationship herself, each time feeling that this is not Her person, even if in all respects he corresponded to the title of the ideal enviable groom.

Everyone knows that Xenia has always had a very wary feeling for children. She never aspired to become a mother sooner and have time to give birth in the recommended cumulative period. In the network there is a video where it is in a rather rude form expressed about the neighboring children. What caused a natural public response.

Now, journalism has already raised its own son, Plato, and shows himself as a kind, gentle and caring mother.

I think Xenia is a good example for moms, who have their whole life reduced to children, diapers and cooking. Do not get hung up on the house, find the strength, time and energy for self-realization, to remain interesting for the husband, children and of course yourself!

In his spare time, Xenia is actively engaged in yoga, often goes on hikes, skiing, even a pregnant woman, she made a stand on her hands. A photo.

Now Ksenia finally just enjoys spending time with her family, she made friends with the children of Maxim from their first marriage, they often go on vacation and get together.

If I had the opportunity to ask Ksenia Sobchak one question, I would ask her what she thinks, what political views she was holding now. Her father, who would vote for in the presidential election?

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