«Where to get start-up capital?

-This question excites aspiring entrepreneurs in the first place. Here there are a lot of very different ways and options. Each in his own way and in their own way difficult:

Your own savings.

It can be inherited, remaining after the deceased relative. Or cumulative contribution that parents have a child, and on reaching the age of majority, he will be able to withdraw the money. Another option is the accumulation. Anyway, people show up their savings. Them that he would be able to send on opening their own businesses.

Bank loan.

A useful thing, but very dangerous. Everything here carefully weighed and counted, not to be mistaken with interest. Otherwise, you will have to pay twice or even three times more. Of course, with such a loan is quite simply "open". But need confidence that you will pay off.

Search for sponsors and partners.

It's not the easiest way, but it proves its effectiveness in the future. If you are a person who is similarly interested in starting a business, then the whole process will be much easier. All costs will be divided into two. If one problem, another will be able to resolve it, and vice versa.

Borrow from relatives or friends.

This option is a little better than a bank loan-will not need to give interest. But if "giving" debt tightened may damage relations with loved ones.

Sell any thing.

It would seem, just a great way to gain some money. But not always the thing turns out to sell quickly. Suppose the girl tries to sell the dress through a dedicated team on site "vkontakte". It makes the photo in the album drops and dresses with the price and their coordinates. And then it turns out that apart from her album has five thousand pictures almost the same dresses. The result is predictable-hardly anyone buys her dress.

Earn yourself.

Probably the single best way to. Of course, the time it will take. But be confident that each month to the account will receive a certain amount. And with that amount you will be able to defer some part to development.

Some might wonder: "can the money and don't need it at all?" or "Did you cannot open your case without attachments?"

Of course, you can. But it is difficult.

Of course, if a person wants to open her own furniture manufacturing plant, he will have to get into enormous debts. And not the fact that they can be then give away.

Because it is better to think over the idea, build a small furniture shop with its unique chip.

However, in either case you will need to invest any money.

And if a man owns some ability or skill? Good writes texts? Good doing makeup? Good draws? Wondering on Tarot cards? (Can be any, even the most unusual).

It is in this case, it will be able to open your case without any attachment.

For example-gave girlfriend birthday set of Tarot cards. At first it seems well as from such nonsense can do business? A good man has studied the system and makes a perfectly decent hands. And there's nothing easier than taking over such a deal hundreds. And if a man also draws, he can do good cards and sell for a tidy sum.

In conclusion, I would like to cite two curious formulas that help you understand how better to start your own business:

Large attachments + Weak Implementation + Laziness = Zero Profit.

Small investments + Competent Implementation + hard work = success.

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