Terms and cost of Registration Ltd.

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    How much does it cost to open LLC? This question is interesting for many new openings. Read more.

    The cost of opening a company entirely depends on how you open a firm: yourself or with the help of third parties.

    Independent registration of the company is the most economical option. But it is still necessary to understand that the economy is not always justified. Especially if you open an LLC for the first time. In this case, you risk to spend much more time on the registration of the company-from 4 weeks or more. Although experienced organizations involved in the registration of firms will do so in 1.5 weeks. The most unpleasant is that if when submitting documents for the registration of LLC you allow certain errors in the constituent documents, which subsequently find tax, then when you re-submit the documents for the registration of the company you will again have to Pay fee-4000 rubles. Understand? Made a mistake-modify documents, pay 4 thousand, made another mistake-pay again, etc. In the end, it may happen that self-registration will be more expensive (stingy pays twice). It happens.

    Do not think, we do not blandish you necessarily to address to experts. If you understand all the documentation, you know how to prepare the constituent documents, the Charter of the company, open a current account-do everything yourself. In this case, you should be aware-you want to spend time on independent study of documentation and "Begatnju" in instances or you cherish your time and are ready to entrust this case to a third party or an experienced lawyer. Everything is in your hands.

    Open an LLC independently

    From the irony to the case. If you decide to open an LLC yourself, it will require the following costs:

    1. Registration to the legal address (if it is not possible to register on the director's home address) – from 0 – 15000 rub.;
    2. Introduction of the authorized capital (it is possible property, Org. equipment, furniture) – from 0 to 10000 rub.;
    3. Notary Services (certification of documents) – 500 – 1500 rubles;
    4. Duty (fixed amount) – 4000 rubles;
    5. Opening of the current account in the bank – 700 – 2000 rubles;
    6. Production of the company's Seal – 600 – 1500 rubles.
    7. Legal Services (Verification of documents) – 1000 – 5000 rubles.
    8. Other expenses (unforeseen) – 500 – 3000 rubles.

    Total cost of Self-Registration LLC-from 7500 to 40000 rubles.

    As you can see, the amounts may vary dramatically. Somewhere you can save. For example, it is not necessary to make a charter capital of 10 thous. Rubles with money-can be property (computers, furniture). The cost of opening a current account depends on the bank, here you can also save if not open in the first climb bank, and go through several and compare the conditions. Same with the seal. Resort to the services of a lawyer or not-this is your decision (if you are confident in the competent registration of documents).

    Third party Services

    If you choose to use the services of a third party, the registration Services of the LLC will cost you:

    • Preparation of documents (preparation of constituent documents for self-registration) – from 2500 – 4000 rubles;
    • Opening a turnkey LLC (you only pay money-for you will do, including Will prepare a seal of the company, prepare documents for opening a current account, write a notice of opening a current account, etc.) – from 10000 to 15000 rubles (depending on the number of founders);
    • Registration of the Legal Address of LLC (for 11 months) – from 12000 to 15000 rubles.

    Of course, this list does not include expenses for payment of duty, formation of the authorized capital of the company and notary services. Therefore, safely add another 10 to 20 thousand. Rubles. Total costs for registration of LLC with the help of third parties will be: From 22 000 to 51 000 rubles.

    Terms of registration

    Now about the registration deadlines. So to speak, depending on external and internal factors, on Registration LLC can leave:

    1. Preparation of documents – from 3 days to 7 days (maybe more, depends on who is preparing documents);
    2. Filing and processing of documents in the tax Inspectorate – according to the Law 5 working days. But people work in the tax. Therefore, there may be delays (1-2 weeks). In any case, delays in the registration period will be illegal.
    3. Notice from extra-budgetary funds and Rosstat-if the tax has not issued notifications from these authorities, you will have to get them yourself. In this case, add another 2 days to visit RPF, FSS and the territorial division of Statistics.
    4. Printing (after company registration) – 1-2 days;
    5. Opening of current account in the bank is 2-3 days. If you hurry, you can open one day.

    Total: 11 to 28 days.

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