Tips for promoting startups without investment

Maxim Brecht, Director of the Service Station. Roux gives tips on how to develop a start-up without investment.

There are three main causes of failure of startups: bad command, adverse market conditions and insufficient investment. If the first two all is more or less clear, the last paragraph is not always so obvious.

How much can you remember stories about how one little, but very talented guy became a billionaire with world fame or simply seek an excellent result, developing his idea only at their own expense? How can he manage it? Let's understand.

The first thing is to reduce costs

Concentrate only on really necessary things. At the start of many wrong spending your budget, simply because they do not understand what is important and from purchase or lease and you can easily unsubscribe.

For example, some carefully choose a sofa in the Office or buy tricked out expensive printer, wasting not this much invaluable time and quite a bit of money. And totally in vain, as it carries no benefit to the business. Every time you meet buy new equipment or furniture, ask yourself: "if I can help it work better? If I can with him to release the product faster? "Only in the case of a positive answer boldly up out of pocket.

Another problem with startups-high salaries for themselves, and for their employees. Of course, most leave without fee cannot be subordinate to, but at the stage of origination business worth a moderate appetite for relatively high wages.

Happens all would desire!

Solid experience in prestigious posts is fine. It gives novice businessman self-confidence and success result. And, by the way, is often a key "kick" to start their own businesses. However, in the context of startups are key several other qualities.

Emptiness in your Pocket is still not a reason to abandon the idea of startups

Burning desire and vdohnovlennost project 12:00 am a day-these factors become critical to the ultimate success. They are the same in principle pass cutting on all matters pertaining to startups. Ideal if you Moreover will be surrounded by a group of like-minded people, like you, inspired by your idea. A banal phrase that if you really want to achieve, then, really works. Only and want to be so to not a single doubt remained.

Immediately worth to clarify that under the experience I have in this case mean fixed term work as subordinate or superior in his company. Here he is, most likely, when you start your own business slightly useful. And business experience-a very different conversation.

Naturally, the man who had already tried to develop their project and knows firsthand all the subtleties of startups will be more scientifically and not spend time to fix errors in previous times. But every startup is unique and does not accept a templated approach that also must be taken into account.

Select the employee: with whom to build a company?

Sincere interest in the prosperity of the company is the most important quality of the employee, the lack of which is so often complain about employers. And if the applicant is already in the sformovavshujusja company it only serves as a great asset to professionalism, in the case of a startup entrepreneur and his team will be critical.

Practice shows that the novice entrepreneur, rather, it is worth giving preference to hyperactive in terms of business employees with stubborn and strong-willed character and experience of doing business. Experienced doers without "burning eyes" are often ineffective on the generation stage company when often work on moral and volitional.

Although again supermotivirovannost employee as his competence, not hurt and the largest Corporation in the world with billions in revenue volumes per day. Fact-there are application specialists loyal always and everywhere.

Ideally, you should gather as a team of people to create a safe atmosphere that plus will steep specialists in their field. But it is important to understand: really cool professionals will go only in cool company.

Successful startup is also possible without a million investment, but without the wit and the overwhelming desire is not exactly cost

Dream high, and not about the money

No, we are not going to talk about high moraljah and human values. All are much more pragmatic. Successful becomes the product that originally was designed to solve the problem of customers and ease their pain. The same product created just to attract money or fame, as a rule, does not carry any practical value, and therefore is not delayed in the market.

Money is the only metric, the end result of the business. In addition, if your service or product is made exclusively for them, then it will be obvious to consumers. The audience quickly raskusit Mercedes design, and your product will disappear from the market. In the end, the only one who started their own business for the sake of ideas proves to be successful.

The desire to help people in any difficult situation is great, not only in terms of humanity and good attitude. It turns out, is a fundamental and for business.

Bright ideas will warm and consecrate a beacon, even if you're suddenly at some stage otchaetes. Besides, money doesn't tell you thank you and people to whom you were able to help, be sure to thank. Bringing in your budget the same money.

If you don't have enough faith, don't start a startup

The theme of doubt we already partly raised at the beginning of this article, when talking about motivation startapera. Written thousands of articles with tips on how to fight the newbies businessman doubts and insecurities. But believe me: If what you going to do-really "your" reasonable component will be absent, and doubt.

Some experiences from startapera can still occur. And it is quite normal, because the radical change of life paradigm that inevitably occurs when, startup creates fear. But faith helps him overcome. Desire to succeed in their field a much stronger it. And if you believe strongly enough in your project, then allowed only one variant of developments is a victory.

If the same disturbing feelings persist, and, on the contrary, only amplified, stop and think. So much you actually want to open their own business? Or is there some sort of field of activity, which attracts you so much more?

Are you afraid to start your business? Then, it's probably not your vocation

Is it worth taking friends to partners?

The answer is no, and there can be no definite answer. The human factor is unpredictable. I know stories that best friends sought excellent results without damage to their relations. But I know, and such cases where partners have not been able to come to a common denominator, eventually broke down and their friendship, and general business. The ratio of tragedies and happy-end-50 to 50.

Be too naive-not suitable, because people may be quite different kind and honest as you thought. But don't trust anyone at all is also a mistake because then it takes a long time to control each step partner. Of great importance in this regard is the level of your confidence in the other.

It should be as high. The trust gives a lot of advantages not only for friendship, but for business as "tempered" time and other problems, you can always rely on. By the way, the perfect way to keep friendly relations and overall business-lock all agreement officially. On paper.

Crossing experiments in communications is a great way to personal development

If the personal qualities of his friend you are not sure, look for partners among strangers. Try as much as possible to communicate with interesting people from your area. Revolving in Wednesday minded, you'll practice to develop your own experience, increase professionalism and get an alternative view, which kicks off some you on interesting ideas.

After all, if you want to be cool, you need to communicate with. But as a pleasant bonus to communicate with professionals-useful contacts (or as they call it, a "link"). They come in handy when you need help or advice of a professional. But as is the case with money, remember that communication is not objective. It is much more important to communications and those useful knowledge, which they give.

Watch and copy, but so does everyone just?

Copying the business model of companies megauspeshnyh-fashion trend among startups today. The idea to imitate any of the world-famous corporations, not inventing anything new, and receiving a positive result very seductive. The benefits of such a scheme are obvious, so let's talk about the pitfalls that await people wishing to start their own business by copying other companies.

Firstly, our market is far behind American and European on almost all criteria development. This means that if you look at the situation in America or Europe, you can now judge the situation in Russia a few years later.

However, even immutable rules sometimes fail, what to speak of the hypothesis of "one way of becoming markets of all countries". Assume, analyze, calculate perspective, but ultimately use only common sense and consider the factor of randomness and unpredictability.

Secondly, without knowing the internal business processes of the company on the path where you want to go, copy her actions seemed only external manifestations, is undertaking the senseless. Raised the problem of integrating external manifestations of a foreign company and own experience.

If you don't have enough information, the example of successful corporations use exclusively for "recharging" its motivation. In addition, you should always remember that really works only our own experience, as a stranger, no matter how valuable it is, and forever will remain a stranger.

A successful startup is not always the result of innovation

For some reason most young startups think that the whole world is waiting for their ingenious innovations. They are in the long agony of coming up with something completely new, but then it turns out that a similar product has already been created, but it simply was not known. Or worse: the novelty is useless and simply no need. So if you decided to bring something innovative, carefully check whether it has been established already before you and adequately assess market demand in your product.

In fact, you can go to another, more promising ways and do what others are doing. But better. Much better. And remember that all new-well advanced.

Training: to walk or not to walk?

Another trendy Internet trend of recent years, videoconferencing and online trainings. «Create successful business for two days! "," build a dream company with the ruble in the Pocket "and other names in that spirit today meet very often. But who managed to become billionaires after such trainings?

Their effectiveness is clearly close to zero, because the experience of their teachers tend to be very narrow and not expert. You either don't learn anything new, or information received no benefit. In addition, do not overestimate their ability. It is impossible to go on a week-long course and suddenly become superprofessionalom.

Even though I'm pretty skeptical configured in relation to various trainings, I think that sometimes they are useful. For example, is an ultra-concentrated pre-workout squeeze valuable ideas from people at conferences, already successful, young startaperu.

Better yet, if you prepare a list of issues and ask them directly to the person who had experience in solving similar tasks to yours. Useful and short course in an area about which you do not yet know, but which intend to dive. So for a couple of minutes you will receive instructions on how to act, which alone would have searched for months or years.

But here's the lesson, stretched for a few months, probably worth avoiding. It is better to spend time on your own method of trial and error, because even the most useful theory cannot replace the practice.

Whether advertising on the start?

This is a matter of lively disputes and divides all the startups on those for and those against the PR at the start of the project. I join with colleagues from the first group. I believe that to create mediashum and claim their product is worth as soon as possible. I think it is, rather, a necessity than just a bonus for business.

Fortunately, today the Internet provides tremendous opportunities in this area, with almost all the ways online ads do not require any monetary investment. Thanks to MEDIA references in your product will have the audience, when he actually comes out on the market. In addition, receiving from interested readers feedback, you can get good ideas for further development.

Yes, perhaps, early PR is a kind of risk, but if he will play, and the benefits will be very large. The more any startup to a large extent and there is one big risk. Don't worry that your idea someone steals and will implement it before you.

If your company is doomed to success, you can yell about their coolness everywhere, you still nobody will catch up. To the same effect is triggered blind faith audience when you consistently say that your product is wonderful, people start to believe it sincerely.

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