Tips on how to keep a diary of success and thanks

Tips on how to keep a diary of success and thanks

The word "diary" for many is synonymous with either a school diary, either with the diary, where impressionable girls describe their emotions about love experiences.

Bodo Sch?fer, a German financial adviser, known as "financial Mozart", proposes to keep a diary of success. What for? Already after three months to significantly increase your income.

Whether to trust Bodo Shefferu, because now there are many other reputable financial guru? The Bodo Schaeffer, whose credo from a young age, were the words: "winner goes through life first class", 26 years learned that such complete bankruptcy. It owes creditors 75 thousand. brands.

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But that's why his recommendations worth considering. As the saying goes, "one broken two nebityh give. Mistakes went Bodo Shefferu benefit: thanks to them, he realized that he needs a teacher. Why fight over the invention of the bicycle on which the other has long commute? Have the same coaches athletes, so why can't he apply the same coach, only in finance!

His mentor became American millionaire, who desire Bodo Sch?fer and his tenacity. In the past, the millionaire himself began his case with some thousands of dollars and brought its State hardly to billion. He helped to found the company Shefferu Bodo consulted him. Through 2, 5 years 30 days for apt pupil earned 100 thousand. marks, and to 30 years — a million.

Now Bodo Sch?fer lives on the interest from its capital, gives lectures, collecting a large number of people willing to learn from him, and publishes its own books. In particular, the "breakthrough to financial success", "the path to financial independence. The first million, "laws of winners. Wise truth. Strategies for success ".

The financial success of Bodo Sch?fer, who was unable to get an education in his youth due to lack of money, it seems like a fairy tale. But if you examine the principles of success, which he developed, and understand the sequence with which he followed, his achievements would not be surprising. Most people who would dream of getting rich, not enough perseverance and strength of character.

An indispensable component of success — journaling success, believes Bodo Sch?fer. "If you don't be lazy and will every day doing blog entries of success, after 90 days, your material will increase revenue by at least 20%. I'll guarantee you this! "he says.

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Looks tempting!

How does the diary of success?

So, success is a common Diary notebook where we henceforth every day will record their daily achievements, large and small. These include "earned" the day compliments, positive evaluations received from other people, their positive impressions from occurring around us events.

Such achievements should not be less than five. More please! The word "achievements" sounds a bit pathetic. When we hear that come to mind any global achievement of high results. In our case the achievements count and early recovery, which we did not managed, and compliment the tasty boiled coffee, and a successful purchase, and a well-done job is all what we have accomplished and what are grateful to myself and today.

In the Diary you can record success motivational quotes, famous people thought you liked your own thoughts and ideas.

Seemingly, what could be simpler! Unfortunately, many successful start, but after a few days safely throw any new business, inventing excuses: no time, boring, stupid, does not work.

So, our actions:

  1. Buy notebook, notebook, diary (diary of a better lead in paper form);
  2. In the evening before bedtime, dedicate yourself 15 minutes to
  3. Gather your thoughts and record everything that we have today, it turned out, we were satisfied with themselves — all that caused positive emotions;
  4. This should be done systematically, and not on a case-by-case basis.

What's the Secret Diary of success?

The fact of the matter is that we have too much time to dedicate to beat. Daily we conclude its attention to unpleasant situations and failures long remember grudges. Happy moments and all the good that is done to us and around us, we don't notice. And the impression as if our life is a chain of failures and defeats, positive it exists. Hence, the defeatist mood, lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem. Thoughts are the same as the known material. First we program ourselves that everything is bad, and then are justified and blame circumstances have prevented us from realizing yourself.

Brian Tracy, an American expert in the psychology of success, rightly observed that people care about their physical health, so prefer qualitative products. They don't care what they eat. But they neglect the care of spiritual health and clog their heads low-grade information and negative thoughts that eventually makes them pessimists and losers.

A man whose success diary will go into the habit:

  • Become more motivated. He will learn to notice the positive points, and every day he will be all the more reasons to praise yourself;
  • Rasproshhaetsja with depressive thoughts. He just won't be cause for depression. The same Brian Tracy wrote that "our mind can hold at only one thought — positive or negative. And what it will be — to choose us. " Using the diary of success we will make that choice. If suddenly we master the depressive thoughts — we will look through your blog success and realize that Saddam is not about anything;
  • Can control your way to the goal. Most people plan their day: in the morning they mentally recollect, what needs to be done during the day and in the evening before bedtime, sum up. However, some cases remain unfulfilled: about them or forget or postpone them until tomorrow. Using the diary of success much easier to control yourself, and that means, and organize;
  • Become more confident, because success Diary vividly confirms that he has something to be proud of.
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