Prepare a business plan for investors

Almost all Russian companies engaged in once the drafting of the business plan.

The main reason is to draw in your company by foreign investors. In practice, 90% of such attempts fail. And the point here is not in poor investment climate. After all, manages some firms in similar circumstances still get money from foreign investors.

In addition, business planning, this is the missing piece needed for a conducive investment climate. And writing a business plan, it is within the competence of the management of any enterprise or firm.

And here at this point and is the main purpose of a business plan that is often ignored is the most powerful and comprehensive tool to manage within the firm. Internal and external function business plan are inextricably linked. Experience shows that if given enough attention and efforts of the drafting and implementation of the business plan only within the company-investors often come themselves. An example of what not to do in order to attract investment.

Not so long ago a company-call it simply "the firm" is a vile quite complex but promising big profits project. The problem was that the whole project was only in the minds of employees. It was necessary to systematize and organize all available information. At that time, none of the staff and management of the firm lacked relevant experience. It was decided to invite someone from the outside. It was a kind of Professor, has already issued about business planning for several books.

For quite an impressive amount, he agreed to help. The first thing that made the Professor-gathered all available information and presented it on one sheet of paper. He further stated that owns several Western planning techniques, and invented his own method. The format of this method and draw up a future plan.

After several weeks of hard work, the business plan was ready. The first impression of the staff and management were positive-so much information in one place! After some time the question arose on the practical application of the plan to attract investment. In addition, there is additional information that you want to test and implement the plan.

This proved unfeasible, because the method of Professor was unknown to the staff, and the Professor left for a business trip. Had a few days before meeting with investors to develop its own method of calculation. The academic version has been abolished, and filed as a museum exhibit. Hence the conclusion-if there is no specific methodology for business plan development, it remains the plan on paper. But the story does not end there.

After the election in South Africa, blacks received its representation in Parliament. Hence, it was concluded that white capital in the country will be subjected to oppression, and will begin its migration from Africa. Since all Western markets have been busy for a long time, it almost inevitably had to come to Russia. Naturally, the company management are willing to first to get with it.

Marketing research was conducted, found African consulting firms. They agreed not only to develop a business plan for the project, but also find a investor. The contract was concluded, and work has begun. Within the project management was undertaken a number of missions and meetings. However, after some time, the consultants began to make pointless proposals not related to a project-about car supply in Nigeria, Russian technology in the testing conditions of the Sahara, etc.

The company management decided to meeting directly with prospective investors. To the surprise of the guide when it was revealed that representatives of the right companies did not heard about that in a few months become investors in the project company. It is clear that after this incident, working with Africa ended.

This situation reveals the glaring lack of work on the external market, the lack of basic monitoring of consultants. Guide the firm resisted euphoria in anticipation of easy money. This was their mistake.

Had to search for new reliable consultants. Was found by some American company with a good reputation. It dealt with the submission of the consultancy services and obtaining investment for business plans. Due to the lack of time to conduct an audit of the company. Moreover, the U.S. side offered perfect conditions.

The Americans even invested some funds in a number of commercial projects of the company. They were successful, the firm sponsored the consulting contract, and the leadership was to wait for the results. And the results were exactly as with the African side. After some time began to receive extensive proposals for the supply of agricultural products in one of the African countries.

The guide even suspect Americans in collusion with the African side. The case has forced the leadership to descend from heaven to Earth, and completely revise their views on the external market. It became clear that without a strong position and the permanent audit consultants success cannot be achieved. Formula business plan. Staff consulting firms say that the bulk of the clients come to him with the position of "need money, not a business plan.

This phrase to fully display the attitude to business planning in Russia. On the one hand, the Russians vehemently deny entrepreneurs the old system, and, on the other hand, can't get rid of the Soviet stereotype. Someone should give money unless the State investor. But the fact of the matter is that just nobody and nobody should, and the investor must prove and prove very convincingly that his money will become even more money.

Otherwise, what is the sense of it? A potential investor should see money on paper sooner than he spends. The problem is that business plans are made and money under them get not too many businesses. About this clearly demonstrated the meagre incomes of those consultancy firms that work for a percentage of financed by the business plan.

According to some experts, you should work on improving the interface between the investor and borrower. Example-two consulting companies. One is foreign, a credible investor, another Russian, with her works the borrower. And Russian is constantly in contact with the foreign party. And this is just one of the issues to be addressed.

Another problem is a kind of "deafness" Russian entrepreneurs the main adopted project management standards in the West. Including management.

While management is perhaps the most basic guarantee of profit. Investors very discouraged Russian leadership's inability to correctly guide the implementation of the project. In all fairness, it is worth noting that its influence has "friendly" way of thinking.

Russian accountant had not yet learned to see the difference between investment and barter. The USSR many years conducted foreign trade. Everything was very simple-shipped goods-got money. Or received money-shipped goods. All. The same approaches try to apply for investment. If you need money, it means they should anyone give. For example, partner.

It is clear that nobody is going to invest in the economy of the country, where they simply do not know how to take it, and can not provide investor guarantees. Read more of "how to be a business plan for investors»

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