Change of profession at the age of 30-45 years: pluses, minuses, effects

A desire to change profession, perhaps, had each, but most of it remained. After all, in theory, make it easy, but in practice few people dare. Well, if there are behind the rear as material support, then you can and take a chance. Or salary is so low that there's nothing to lose … Or Chief-tyrant and tyrant or collective formed heavy relationships: here it is not necessary to choose, circumstances are pushing themselves to decide to leave work. As they say, of two evils choose the least.

And if it isn't? Work is not like but well paid for it. Here are the scales and shakes, not allowing you to decide with a clear solution. On the one hand, material well-being, on the other hand, the desire to love along with the unknown and uncertainty. And then there's friends and relatives recall the adage: "do not seek goodness from the good.

By the way, the question of changing professions is not uncommon.

Firstly, in his youth, many still unable to determine what lies they have soul. Students often have no idea of the variety of professions and what they will be doing at the end of a University.

Secondly, SE14 on compulsory admission to University right after high school — and no matter what. The main thing is not to be left behind. Anyone who has money is more prestigious, who no less.

With the capabilities and wishes of the child who is considered a little. For example, a child like to draw, but the parents have no money "to do it" at the Art Institute. But my mother works as an accountant and claiming it the same future. And so "is born" accountant who will be with a heavy heart to carry out their work, damn it and dreaming all quit. And this will be his only day of wages.

At the same time, real-world examples show that many people become so held regardless of circumstances. In her teenage years, many of them were not up to education — had to go to work because their families were poor. And here was not to select specialty — did the work, which was. Some times in search of work changed not only the occupation but also the place of residence. And already having the experience, skills, accumulating some capital into adulthood began to engage in what was the soul.

It is curious that lately has spread the phenomenon of Downshifting. People risk change your lifestyle, profession, to do what they like, "to live for themselves". Wealthy businessmen in adulthood leave its prestigious occupation and engaged in what they have have soul. For example, write books, paint pictures or engaged in charity.

Downshifting is especially popular in Australia, Europe and the United States. (Probably the first daunshiftingerov can be called a French Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin, who left the job a stockbroker in Paris and moved to Tahiti to get away from the boring world of finance for him in the exotic beauty of one of the islands of Oceania).

Thus, the evidence shows that people who journey from childhood determined parents, tend to go with the flow. They and in adulthood rarely dare change the direction specified. Those who already from childhood accustomed myself to take care of themselves, is not afraid to experiment and ready for change at any age.

How to understand that it's time to change jobs?

It is never too late to change my job. But to understand that this is an earnest desire, rather than passing whim, to assess:

  • We think our work is boring;
  • We believe we have achieved that and we have no further career prospects;
  • us uninteresting to read books on their specialty;
  • at work are often distracted by extraneous thoughts;
  • There is no desire to go to work;
  • We caught up with "depression, panic attacks or anxiety.

Of course, the same symptoms occur and overwork, so before thinking about changing your job, take a vacation and relax. Preferably changing environment and without using vacation, for example, for repair.

It is also worth bearing in mind that in adulthood, people often experience personal crisis, and here also do not hurry to change work — first need to consult a therapist.

How to overcome fear of job change?

Suppose a man committed to change professions, but could not overcome some fears. And they are all, in fact, the new job will have to be a novice. And it's not so easy for a person to become a pro in your field.

Of course, to change the profession must be approached realistically. After all, it is clear that the woman, who worked as an accountant, did not go into a ballerina. Or a man who will not trade children's dream of becoming a pilot.

However, an accountant with knowledge of foreign languages can do translations and even open the Translation Bureau. Oh man, which leads to heaven, can attend the Aeroclub. Sometimes not even worth the change work is enough to devote more time to his passion.

Usually people change profession to which they already have. Or preliminary courses to better learn the basics of the future profession and acquire relevant links.

For example, Norwegian billionaire John Fredriksen, before becoming the owner of the tanker fleet, worked as a stockbroker in the shipbuilding company. And founder of the largest company producing fashionable clothes Zara Amansia Ortega Gaon started his activity with courier in the clothing store and sewing gowns.

Those who want to change careers but cannot decide, vocational guidance specialists can help. They use surveys and tests to reveal the wishes and possibilities of man and according to them define his vocation.

Understand themselves and what really would like to do, you can, if:

  1. Analyze the reason of boredom at work;
  2. Write down on a sheet of all the known profession, then cross out the ones that don't attract, engage, and those which would not age, and pay attention to the remaining;
  3. Imagine that we have received a huge inheritance, which can leave the job. What we wanted to devote my time?
  4. Remember installation laid by parents regarding education and profession;
  5. Remember three people from whom we learned something in life;
  6. Remember a situation where we had to overcome circumstances and risk, and some useful experience we got;
  7. Determine what is better for us to be the organizer or the Executive Director;
  8. Remember — do we have dreams, where we change your life.

So, man, would suffice to change work in adulthood, waiting for a lot of tests. He should be ready for the mental overload, lack of friends and relatives, to ensure that the new job he may have to become a "Rookie" and learn from the experience of more junior staff, as well as to ensure that its financial situation at first may deteriorate.

However, if he will overcome the difficulties, all these troubles fade quickly, and his efforts will pay off handsomely, as he will do what he is really interesting.

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