Small business loans

For small business development often requires money, which is not enough. If you take into account the needs and capabilities of small businesses some banks offers entrepreneurs Express-credit for small businesses.

This banking product specifically created for the owners of the companies working in the field of production and sale of goods and provision of services to the population. Small business loans usually take for replenishment of current funds for the acquisition of equipment or vehicle or real estate

When your business urgently needs a small amount of money, some banks are ready to provide loan for small business on similar terms and conditions:

  1. The minimum number of documents;
  2. Loan period up to 36 months;
  3. The amount of debt from 30 000 rub. up to 1 000 000 rub.;
  4. The interest rate on the loan is approximately equal to 26% per annum;
  5. The absence of commissions for granting funds;
  6. The lack of collateral and guarantors;

As a general rule, funds transfer to the account of the borrower, but in addition to this option, it is possible the issuance of cash loan.

Most banks in the conditions of competition are trying to create the most favorable conditions for potential clients:

  1. The dates provided by the credit loan is significantly lower than competitors ' banks;
  2. An initial assessment of the application for credit within a few hours;
  3. The minimum list of documents needed for a loan;
  4. Simplified system of verification of solvency of the potential borrower;
  5. Quick decision, regarding the loan.

When choosing credit institutions, attention should be paid to the working approach of the staff. Important is the choice of the Bank which will prepay the debt without paying unnecessary interest and penalties. Try to choose such credit institution where you will be given the opportunity to choose the repayment date of the loan. Flexible terms of loans are one of the most important aspects when choosing a bank-creditor. They stand in one row with the size of the interest rate on the loan.

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