Sample business plan for online store

Almost every citizen of a modern metropolis, but once committed purchases in the online store, which has a more convenient service than traditional Pavilion.

It is worth noting that the emergence of virtual online storefronts became possible thanks to the massive development of the global Web. Its capacity is still not explored until the end, so they are of particular interest to entrepreneurs and representatives of domestic business.

Shop online today, there are almost every commercial organization that specializes in the production of goods or the provision of services, as well as small firms, which play the role of intermediaries between the manufacturer and the potential consumer of this product.

It is also worth noting. That this type of store requires the owner to significantly lower the cost of organizing and maintaining normal health of trading floor because its owner doesn't have to splurge on the contents of several sales consultants, as well as rent a room to receive visitors and show them your products.

All this he does through the Internet site on which the user virtual network can not only show the appearance products, but also to get acquainted with its features. Given all these advantages, it becomes quite clear that growth in popularity on the Internet-shops, which appear in Runet as mushrooms after the rain.

So we decided to trace the whole cycle of the trading platform, in which you may be a new business, which will be continuously submitted to the 200-300 goods.

To begin with it is necessary to present the sum of the total cost that you still need to be incurred during the creation of an online store. In particular we are talking about the costs of on-line, off-line and typical monthly costs.

One of the main advantages of this type of business is the lack of need to remove Office or other premises for the reception of visitors, as well as warehouse and dedicated server. It is quite enough to start trading room, computer and Web hosting. With each order, which will come to you, you will pick up right from our warehouse suppliers and then send it to the address of the customer.

Now you want to talk in more detail about each cost group, without which unfortunately you can not do. Firstly, the cost of online, which involve buying a domain and hosting, and domain registration in RU zone currently stands around 20 dollars.

Secure and fast hosting server 500 MB. As well as unlimited bandwidth for a year you can get it for just $50-100.

Still, you need to develop the engine under the online store, which will cost you $2 000-5 000, resulting in you get a professional website design, development project, as well as the deployment of all product groups on the showcase. Thus this group costs $2120 up to 5120 dollars.

Now is the time to talk about the cost of off-line. They assume the costs for registration of LLC, opening a current account and the establishment of the minimum authorized capital. All this will need a 500-700 dollars.

Then you need to purchase computers and all the necessary equipment, as there is a need to organize at least two jobs, set the laser printer and a cash register, all it need 1 500-2 000 dollars.

It now remains to make installation of LAN and configure all the necessary equipment-$ 100-200, another 100 dollars would be required to install special software. The total amount of this cost category will amount to $3 000.

Now we have to discover the so-called permanent monthly costs, which include costs for accounting-200 dollars, rent, which will be the minimum number of employees-$ 300, as well as pay phone and Internet access, extension of hosting, because this would require 200 dollars.

There may also be legal costs the company about $200-300. Still you can not do without advertising on Yandex and Rambler is about 400 dollars, and for regular technical support site-200 dollars.

And don't forget about Office expenses for Office supplies, printer paper and other items necessary to complete the work of Cabinet-$ 200. Thus, you will have to spend another $1240-1500 monthly.

At the initial stage, the head of the online store will be able to combine their functions with the content manager, but with business development will need additional work, which will be responsible for filling the Internet showcases.

In addition you will need to attract a qualified administrator who will answer calls and coordinate the work of other employees.

In addition, you will not be able to do without couriers, who will take delivery of goods ordered in your online store products to addresses of visitors. Thus, if you add up all the costs listed above, we will have a final figure of 5 000-8 000 dollars.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the online shop should be approximately two to three times more revenue than the cost incurred by the owner. In other words, you need to sell on 5-6 of goods every day, because otherwise your business is doomed to failure.

Everything is easy to provide 100-200 unique visitors to your site who will be not only for the sake of curiosity to visit your online shop not only for the sake of curiosity, but also periodically make purchases in your Internet showcase product categories.

Now you have to determine the Group of goods, which will be provided in your online store and to conclude an agreement on long-term cooperation with companies that specialize in supplying and data storage products, as in the initial phase, you will not be able to contain a full warehouse, filled with the requisite for trade in goods.

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