The most simple and specific methodology for choosing a niche for business

The most frequent question I hear from starters: "the more profitable (better, more interesting)?" is like asking: "and which profession to choose to be rich (happy, successful, and so on)?". There is no universal means for choosing a niche business. This is a personal decision and a personal journey of each. However, I understand where these issues arise: today there are so many that it is impossible to understand what else is missing in this healthy and filled with goods world. And if we take Internet sales area, at first glance, seems that the network has it all. What we don't offer, and what only colourful sites not enticed. And as in all this variety does not become one of the millions? I repeat once again, magic pills does not exist. Business is an organism, and how it will behave in your situation, it is difficult to say. But there are intelligence, experience and knowledge that will help you make an informed and, most importantly, informed decision.

Niche is the Foundation of any business. As saying the sailors: how to ship, so it will float. And here: choosing a niche business often determines its success. People spend a lot of money and effort on advertising and marketing, eventually — do not get the desired response. And the reason — incorrectly selected niche. Because, if consumers are not ready to buy your item today, no colorful site and newsletter will not help. They just don't need it today and all. So at the very beginning of the serious approach to the issue of picking a niche.

Remember, your chosen niche must meet three basic criteria:

Product benefits

In this case, the product is a more advanced concept, it can be both product and service. Today, increasingly, we are moving away from selling physical belongings within the scope of solving problems or fulfillment of people for their own money in the best way. Today it is not enough to just buy cheaper, sell more expensively. The market is so crowded with products that gain in value is almost impossible. Dumping will ruin your business. And your goal should be not only the desire to sell and implement exactly the right thing or service and those in genuine need. Price is no longer the advantage. Your main task is to understand what are the benefits of what you are selling, that it gives people. On this topic there is a wonderful film — "the pursuit of Happyness." The protagonist is desperately trying to sell medical equipment that simply do not need people. Or if you need to, but not those who he called. The story ended well, by the way. However, in real life, such errors cause large losses and disappointments.

The product should arouse emotions

Our brain is made up of two hemispheres: left and right. The first is responsible for logic, the second is for emotion. In the first case you can convince their customers to make a purchase by comparing, USP, a story about the benefits of expert evaluations and so forth. People in this case, evaluate you and your product, compare with your competitors, find pluses and minuses. In the second case, you call the emotions. The person sees your product and want to buy it. There is no reason or they are too abstract: I and all, because it's cool. Women often bought clothes and shoes, drawing on the left hemisphere. That is why we often hear phrases like: "I saw this dress and realized that it was my", "these shoes as from the log. One of my friend who goes to the last Bentley once told me: "the best thing in this car understand those who never buys. I knew absolutely nothing about this model, one look was enough for me to understand what I want this car ". The price here is of very marginal relevance. If the thing you really enjoyed, you won't be pricing.

You are an expert in your chosen niche

Obligatory rule — understand that sell. If you are ill you know the product, learn. Today, you don't even have to get up from the table: online weight training video about everything. Otherwise, your incompetent calculates immediately. The consumer is not a fool, he simply does not want to spend their money, so you can expect just a barrage of questions, half of them you just don't expect. You must not only know your product, but your chosen niche, especially competitors, all possible alternatives, technical capabilities, history and so on. It is impossible to know everything. However, if you decide on his case, be demanding above all to yourself. Amateurs can be seen immediately and it's very reduces the level of confidence.

Also, the following points are very important:

Do not buy the product beforehand

A very common mistake among starters — large attachments. If you think your product is the bomb and everyone will want to buy it tomorrow, test. Make an announcement at "Avito and see what the response will be. Or ask around among friends and acquaintances, it would be interesting to them to buy this product. Mcdonald brothers once employed (Yes, and that was with them sometime). They realized that the time spent on lunch, you can use usefully. Instead of visiting a restaurant, they have to take a quick snack-muffin and cutlet. As a result, lunch has been reduced by 40 minutes, at which time they made calls. As a result, the indicators have improved. After the first award colleagues began to take interest in the recipe for success. So they have the idea of "fast food". Only then was the first restaurant, waiters and waitresses on roller skates. Ideas for business tells us life itself. And if you are sure that the new Chinese phones exactly blow up the market, try to collect at least the first twenty bookings prepaid and only then make the purchase. Otherwise, you may find that the phones now nobody wants, because the new Samsung and will only dump.

Solve life situations. Do not attempt to "vparivat"

A very important point — the ethics of your communication with the buyer. Don't try at all costs to sell your service. Go from reverse — and why it can apply to you. Note the most famous brands. They don't sell themselves, they sell the idea. Of course, Apple is the brightest example of when sales turns into sale lifestyle. Today, this entire philosophy, fashion trend, neugasaemaja classic. All together and one small phone or laptop. We sell technology that can make our lives easier and faster communication. We choose a convenient, and most importantly, functional design. And of course, the left hemisphere is activated! Such an integrated approach to the implementation of its products made the company a leader!

There is another concept is the fashion. Phenomenon is very controversial and ambiguous, while another is temporal. Sometimes 21 life of one trend is only one to two months. But literate outstanding salespeople make millions. Today in the trend of eco-friendliness. Green won and filled annotation — eco and bio-all around. Today we see the jekoshuby, ekomobiles, eco-food. People stopped eating meat that resulted in countless bio-markets and in reality, and in the network. Another trend is the local marketing: local food, local designers, local handmade markets and so on. In fact, you can easily earn money on anything made with their own hands. Under the new year — this can be handmade garlands to 8 March-bouquets of summer vegetables — celery Smoothie copyright and oak bark. Use your imagination, try yourself, don't be afraid of creating things with my hands: the stronger it will resemble the works, the faster and more expensive to sell. Stay on trend and do not remember, everything has its time. Especially in today's world.

Use analytics

Before purchasing goods or open your online school for anything whatsoever, explore the market. Recently budding businessmen based on Yandex direct. Way to good but not always true. Remember, your query in a search engine is not yet for sale. Very often, the performance of the famous personality on tv or advertising queries surge generates bright on this or that product. For example, you offer to buy cars for only 300 000. And you enter in the search model and compare prices. You wonder how much cost this car before. As a result, enquiries on this car, but it's only thousands of temporary activity, and not the fact that the car at peak sales. I would recommend looking at Analyst sites coupons. If you go over the action, you can see what time and what services were sold. Actually sold, you know. Query in a search engine is just finding information, it's not always buy. See real analytics, which clearly shows that for the product and how many people bought. Only in this case, you can talk about the relevance of one or another product.

Do not hurry to earn. Emotions only harm the business. Be very careful and prudent. Today, you can sell anything, even air from the Himalayas. It would be a desire and would demand. Therefore, before you flee to conclude a contract with suppliers, test what you want to sell, spend analysis and be sure that you have the right amount of orders for the successful implementation of the first instalment. Take your time and believe in yourself and your product. Good luck!

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