Reorganization of Companies

Reorganization of Companies

Imagine a situation-you already have a legal entity, whether it is LLC, AO or other organizational-legal form, but the changes are acutely ripe. For example, you decided to allocate a new company from the structure of your company to give it a certain type of activity.

Or, on the contrary, you wish to join a partner company, which is engaged in a new type of economic activity for you. I think so. What's the big deal? The usual moments of business activity, and not rare.

The problem is this-all such changes in the organizational and legal form of the enterprise must be documented, and the process is strictly regulated.

Types of reorganization of enterprises

Let's analyze some of the types of reorganization:

1. Conversion. Already from the name it is clear, that your firm remains, actually, in the same structure, but changes its characteristics, the organizational-legal form. That is, if you had Pao, it is quite realistic to turn into an LLC, only need to pass through the whole procedure. Here the important points are the consent of all the founders or shareholders, the preparation of a competent transfer act. In addition, the transformation of a joint stock company will have to address the regulator of the financial market.

2. Selection. You are allocating a new company from the structure of your company, which will get a part of the assets. As a matter of fact, in this case it is necessary to pass all registration of the new legal entity which is complicated on its own. But your company or society will continue to work in the normal mode.

3. Accession. If a firm joins the existing one, it is included in its structure, and as an independent legal entity to work terminates. That is, we are talking about the liquidation of a legal entity, the procedure of which can be delayed.
All stages of reorganization of companies, of course, can be found in the legislation, but it will be difficult to go through this process, warn immediately. An experienced lawyer in this case will prove to be an irreplaceable assistant. Your existing company will be able to continue working quietly while the process of preparation of documents will go.

It is the lawyer of the company "will take over the appeal to the state bodies, tax and so on, will notify all interested parties about the reorganization of the enterprise and ensure that the legislation was not violated, and all documents are made competently.

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