Rent a Segway business idea

Rent a Segway business idea

Segway is an electric car. A unique transport for walking. These electrosamokats do not have qualitative analogs, and hardly such will appear. Segway — a board with two parallel wheels, equipped with two batteries, height-adjustable steering wheel and gyro sensors. The uniqueness of this subject is that, despite all the laws of attraction, the board quietly keeps the balance of the driver standing on it. Bewitches at first sight, as something alien.

Segway does not have gas and brake knobs, the movement you control yourself. Electrosamotion reacts to body movement and slopes. To accelerate, it is enough to make a tilt forward, and for braking — back. Sensory sensors track all movements of your body.

People can be skied on an electric car seat at any age, even children, the main thing is that the weight should exceed twenty kilograms. This concludes the Segway limit. It is very popular also because it is completely ecological, does not pollute the atmosphere.

What do you need to organize the rental of electric cars?

The best zone for business is a zone of rest and entertainment of townspeople. Any place of mass gathering of people. To get started, you need 2-3 scooters and a person who will instruct those who want to ride. At the first step in the promotion of business, they can be you.

Be sure to purchase protective helmets. Make a colorful advertising poster or pillar, where it will be indicated that you invite people to ride on a miracle scooter. After that, it remains only to wait for customers, and they, of course, will appear. People with joy are drawn to everything new.

Some aspects of business

In addition to an equipped fixed rental site, you can offer your services for all kinds of holidays, promotions. At first, you can make a cheap rental, it will attract customers who will recommend you to others. After that, you can gradually raise prices. Especially Segway in Russia can be counted on the fingers. Abroad they can afford only well-off people. In our country, personal Segway is only available to politicians or media magnates.

It is very advantageous to make lease agreements with recreation parks, clubs, boarding houses and tourist centers. In every place where people rest, you can find potential customers.

Tax system

Everything is quite easy here. Register for yourself IP, choose a single tax on imputed income (ENDV). The advantage of registering a business in person is that the amount of tax depends on the number of people working in business. Take into account the region in which you live and are going to start your own business. In each region, the taxation is different. On average, deductions amount to 400 rubles a month — a mere penny compared to income. Every three months you need to submit a tax report (declaration) if you want, you can compile it yourself.

Possible earnings on Segway

In Russia, rental and rental Segway for five minutes is 150-200 rubles. And approximately only 500 meters of run. A fully charged electric vehicle travels about 30 kilometers. So it turns out that Segway is able to roll about 60 customers in one working day. The income is easy to calculate. And with the influx of people or already in the untwisted business, it will still grow. Here the income for one Segway is taken into account, and you can have 2-3 of them.

Rent for the event in Russia is 2500-3000 per hour. Segway is in demand at weddings, corporate parties, school and student holidays, excursions, promotions, presentations, etc. The demand for this service depends only on your diligence and perseverance.

Initial contribution to Segway

Buy Segway in the Russian Federation can be approximately 400 thousand rubles, if you decide to save and buy used equipment, take only with honest hands and with a very small mileage. The amount for such Segway will be 250-300 thousand rubles. A good investment, if you compare with the contribution to the bank.

In banks, the average annual interest rate is 7%, which is 0.6% of the approximate amount of the investment. If, say, you put 300 000 on a savings account at interest, then the income per month will be 1600 rubles. And on your Segway rental business you can earn about 100 thousand rubles with deduction of all expenses. This amount is your profit in its pure form.

This type of business is new for our country, with minimal competition and uncomplicated taxation. The organization will take a little time, but it will require considerable effort. Do not forget that such work brings tremendous financial benefits. Alternatively, you can additionally open services for the full maintenance of Segway electric locks. Earn on the positive emotions of your customers!