Registration Of IP

When you have an interesting idea for business ready plan and starting capital, you can begin to more responsible step-registration of IP.

Of course, this is the case, you can instruct the ad hoc organization that deals with design entrepreneurs. But if you do not want to spend the extra money, it is better to try to be yourself.

To do this, it will be important to take several specific steps.

Registration Of IP. The first phase.

The choice of the tax system. This stage can be called preparatory. Generally, only the RUSSIAN FEDERATION operates five tax regimes. It makes no sense to write about all information will provide Internet access. And here's to wishing to engage small businesses are good will, WE are EVERLASTINGLY … (which replaces VAT tax, PERSONAL INCOME TAX, property taxes and interest), IPA (release of the legal person or IP of income taxes) or patents (documents confirming the right to engage in trade, as well as confirming the right to the invention). Such views are created to reduce the tax burden and significantly simplify accounting.

Registration Of IP. Stage two.

Definition of business activity.

There is such a special handbook OKVED. There are various types of entrepreneurial activity, which can deal with people. From this directory you will need to select multiple types and in documents on registration code one or another business.

Registration Of IP. Stage three.

Paper tape or registration documents.

To register the status of IP you must gather the following documents:

-Passport photocopy;

-Application for registration. If the documents are sent by post (or surrender through a representative), such statements shall be certified by a notary.

-Receipt of payment of fees (no need to be afraid of-fee is only 800 rubles).

-Copy of the certificate. If its not, then worry not worth-during the registration process, it will be assigned).

-If a person does not himself will donate documents, and someone will do it instead, it would require a special power of attorney.

Notice on the application of the FEE (or other taxation system). Required 2-x copies.

As mentioned just above, the finished set of documents can form a special person, which this is. Just fill in all the data in order and pay.

Registration Of IP. The fourth phase.

Submission of documents to the tax or MFC (multifunctional centre of public services).

The first option. For all documents would be more logical to make a custom folder. After you will need to call the tax at the place of residence and to refine the reception hours. Contact the tax can be found among the documents.

The second option. Visit any MFC (must take in any) apply there.

When filing documents employees are obliged to extradite the MFC or tax receipt.

Registration Of IP. The fifth stage.

Receipt of the documents.

Readiness records-three days. However, to obtain a package still need to bring:



-Power of Attorney (if necessary).

Eventually in MFC or tax are obliged to issue the following:

1. Certificate. registration of IP.

2. Registration certificate of registration with the tax authority.

3. Extract from the State. Registry IP.

4. Documents of registration in the Pension Fund of Russia (often, the tax itself sends all the information).

5. Notification with assigned statistical software (optional, but they are sometimes required to report at Rosstate. Just as some banks require to open a checking account).

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