Registration LLC with two or more founders

Опубликовано: 16.02.2019

This article describes how to use the service Manager in 15 minutes, without lawyers and other companies to create a standard package of documents for the registration of LLC with two or more founders.

On the results of work with the service on hands you will receive all necessary registration documents with your data, namely:

1. Application for State Registration of LLC in form P 11001; 2. Charter LLC; 3. Minutes of the general meeting of founders; 4. Template of payment of the state duty; 5. Notification of the transition to USN.
6. Letter of guarantee from the owner of the premises for the provision of the legal address; 7. Power of attorney for the provision of interests in the tax.

Turn-based instruction on registration of a company with two or more founders

1. Registered on the site manager. We are entering your profile on the site.
2. Go to the section "Registration Documents", then click "New set of documents". In the list that appears select "Registration LLC" and click "Create".

3. Then, in the window that appears, select "More options for registration." Press "Next".

4. We go to the Company Name window. Specify the full and abbreviated name of the registered LLC. If the name is in a foreign language, in the corresponding column specify the name on Latin. Click "Next".

5. In the next step we will be asked to note how we want to specify the share of founders in all documents: percentage, decimals or simple fractions. This is not a strong value, so you can safely specify "percentage"-this is the most common type of shares. Looking forward.

6.  Then specify the information about the founders. In the column "size of the authorized capital" drive the size of your authorized capital. By default, the number "10000 rubles" is the minimum amount of the Authorized capital of LLC (according to the legislation). It is impossible to specify less, more – please.
Then, with the "Add" button, we add the founders of the company: individuals and legal entities. You need to provide information about the founders: name, passport data, date of birth and place of registration. About legal. Person must specify: name, Bin, Inn, PPC, Representative information, etc. Fields marked with an asterisk are required.
After all the founders are added, it is necessary to specify the size of the share of each founder in the Authorized Capital of LLC (both in percent and in monetary terms). If the share is paid by the property, mark the checkbox "made by the property" and specify the information about the Made property. Click Next.

7. Specify information about the manager. In the column "Name of position" Specify the position of the Head of LLC (director, General Director). Then mark the term of election (the default is 5 years). And then click "Select" to mark the specific manager of LLC. They may already be someone from the previously added founders of the company. In this case, mark the right person. If the manager is not a member of the founders, it should be added to the list by filling all the information about this manager through the button "create".

If you plan to register an LLC on the home address of the manager (Common Way), then mark the checkbox "register the company to the home address of the manager". If the manager is the sole owner of the housing, then put a checkmark on the "head is the sole owner of housing." If other owners reside at this address, they must have written consent, in which case the tick should not be put! Click Next.

8. In the next step you will be asked to indicate all homeowners living at the manager's registration address. Unless, of course, there are. If there are no other owners, in the previous step it is necessary to specify "the manager is the sole owner of the dwelling". In this case, you will skip this step.
9. The next item is the addition of okved codes for the activity of LLC. Choose from the list of necessary okvjedy (there can be several). If you add a few Okvjedov then tick the one that will be the main, and which will be the main income of the company. However, remember that the Charter will be a provision that the company can engage in other activities. Therefore, there is no need to enumerate all the activities that the company plans to engage in.

10. We choose the system of taxation of the company. By default, USN is the most common voluntary taxation regime for small and medium-sized firms. But maybe that USN doesn't suit you. For this purpose we recommend to study the article: ". Chosen? Looking forward to further. If you choose USN, you will be asked to specify a tax rate of 6% of all income or 15% of the profits of the organization. Select the desired bet and click Next.

11. In the next step choose the Chairman and Secretary of the general meeting of the founders of the company. Select from the list and click Next.

12. Then specify the information about the registering tax authority. As a rule, all information about the tax system is automatically displayed at the address of the head of the company. Just in case, you can specify all the details of the registering authority on the site. Click Next.

13. For the Registration of LLC The founders must submit the documents to the tax and then pick them up. But this function can be shifted to a trusted person. If this is required, check the box next to "prepare a power of attorney" and specify the information about the trusted person. Click Next.

14. At the last step specify the date of drawing up the documents and click "Done". In a few seconds the whole package of documents with your data will be ready!

To download you will be available:

  • Application for registration form P 11001 – 2013
  • Charter of the organization;
  • Minutes of the Founders ' meeting;
  • Agreement on Establishment;
  • Notification of the transition to USN;
  • Power of attorney for the provision of interests in the tax;
  • Receipt template for payment Duties;
  • Letter of Guarantee template to the owner of the premises;
  • Document firmware pattern;
  • The accompanying notice of the notary to the form P 11001.

Important! The complete set of all documents you will receive only after payment of service (from 1500 rub.) Additionally, through the service you can order the service of checking documents by a lawyer.

After downloading the documents it is necessary to make the following steps before to submit the documents for Registration of LLC to the tax service:

1. Pay fee in the bank. Before paying the receipt, please specify in the tax, what kind of receipt they accept with the indication of Rcoad or OKTMO. Download from the service and pay for the receipt, which is accepted by the Tax office at your place of residence.
2. If you register an LLC on a third-party address (not at the place of residence of the manager), you will need to contact the landlord of the premises to whose address you plan to register LLC. The landlord will have to fill in the letter of guarantee and sign it. Sample letter of guarantee you can download directly from the service.
3. Sew and sign the following documents:

  1. Minutes of the Founders ' meeting;
  2. Two copies of the Treaty of Establishment;
  3. Two copies of the Charter.

The signature on the firmware is put by the Chairman of the general meeting of founders.

Important! Application P 11001 is not sewn or signed. This is done by a notary.

4. Open a current account with the bank to pay the authorized capital in cash.
5. Fill in the registration form at the notary P 11001. Cover letter form download from Dokumentoveda. Collect all the founders and visit the notary for certification form P 11001.

From July 4, 2013, according to the new requirements, the signatures of all the founders are certified! Take the following documents:

  • form P 11001;
  • Minutes of the Founders ' meeting;
  • Agreement on Establishment;
  • Charter in 2 copies;
  • All founders need to have a passport.

6. Collect the following documents and submit them to the Tax inspectorate:

  • form P 11001;
  • Charter in 2 copies;
  • receipt of payment duty;
  • Notification of the transition to USN in 2 copies;
  • Letter of Guarantee;
  • Minutes of the Founders ' meeting;
  • Passport of the applicant;
  • Certificate from the bank on the availability of funds on a temporary open account to pay the authorized capital (if the payment of the authorized capital was made by money. The certificate must indicate the amount of funds in the account and the basis for the deposit).

In the USN notification, specify the date on which the notification was submitted. This should be exactly the date when you will be giving notice to the tax.

Important! Serve two copies of the transfer notification on the USN and require one back with the tax authority's mark of acceptance.

Important! Be sure to take the tax inspector's receipt of documents.

7. After 5 working days in the tax inspectorate you will receive the following documents:

  • Certificate of State Registration (bin);
  • Extract from the Unified State Register (Egrul);
  • Certificate of tax registration;
  • Charter Ltd.

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