Mobile application development as a business

For three years the market of mobile devices has changed beyond recognition. Users who own certain brands of mobile devices, give preference to them offered platforms and applications.

Such availability has made mobile devices an indispensable tools to address a large number of tasks that you can use to take their free time. They allow you to read the latest news or make purchases.

Business associated with the development of user-friendly mobile applications platform appeared to attract new customers, this refers to companies that distribute media content and services through the Internet. This kind of objectives, representatives of the business, while searching for contractors to develop a completely new mobile application.

In order to convey information about their services, it is better to open the Internet site, which will contain information on the proposed product. Taking the decision to develop a new application to better determine what the application itself will be different from the site, and the user will use it.

Very often during the conversation with the customer may determine that the competitor company recently launched a new application, but the client does not want her to concede, and together with these wishes have prepared much better application than its competitors.

In such a case, you should know if you enter into a competitive race, the better to appreciate how important the application output to the appointed date. May be, that term is not critical, but for the extra time you can find an excellent solution and to delay the launch until the advent of the next version of the platform.

Need to know what the structure of shops selling applications is different from handouts for search queries on the network. Not many are looking for new applications, and seek the development already audited companies. All application stores have their own methods of promotion. If you pay attention, lists top apps are games, audio and video materials, books, a lot of information applications, etc. p. Among none applications-presentations or product catalog. This kind of development cannot entertain the client.

Very often the desire to create your own business online is a likeness of existing services, but it is better to do this, implement your own original idea. It must be understood that, as in the first case, the existence of similar services, does not reduce development costs, and increases it.

This is due to the fact that the contractor, who had commissioned the project passes the source code to the client only after the completion of the project. It did not go on his own.

Well that's all ready, Internet site earned. The order was placed. The goals of the project should be the basis of a list of requirements for the designed application.

This list may consist of a list of functions, or to describe the process of future application. It's better to have been included in the list of sample applications and approaches to the implementation of all tasks.

After evaluation, you may find that the project simply does not fit within strict deadlines. To do this, better prioritize and split the output of a new annex on the phase. To prevent this from happening, customers create contests, in which multiple contractors can participate.

For example, three of them reported inability to laying the necessary deadlines, and one said about the end before. Most likely the last contractor cannot properly assess deadlines due to lack of experience, or omits important nuances.

Depending on the application, you must decide on the design. It refers to:

  1. The location of the standard elements on the screen of the application, as well as the preparation of minimum necessary icons, the start screen and colors;
  2. Adding controls and display the necessary information;
  3. Preparation of a set of screens within the application design phase.

Standardized display elements and information management, and together with these approaches to designing interfaces must be in the developer's Guide. Guide assumes that any mobile application can be implemented using a standard set of elements.

If you want to expand the vision of sketching screens, familiarity with the instrument will determine the capabilities of the platform and understand if they satisfy the needs of the application, or you may need to develop your own controls.

If prepare promotional application or game, then it is recommended to find a good designer who can prepare layouts, and ready to cooperate throughout the project. A complete set of layouts in this case becomes an important collection of requirements and technical specifications.

It often happens that the project requires integration with the database where information is stored, processed and used by the application. To solve this problem developed the specificity of data interchange, and then by the returned document are associated with this, work on the server.

API specification-a formal document, and implement on it the functionality you want is easy with the condition that the developer maintains a database of its own.

The need for distribution of responsibilities is clear, but not always, accompanied by a sufficient number of allocation provided time to work with the contractor. If the term is critical, it's best to agree on the work plan and unload his representative at the time of the preparation of TK and SoW, final testing and launch of the project.

At each of these stages the developer need fast response to all questions, otherwise, the start of the project may be delayed.

Publish the application in the store includes the following steps: download the application; placement of materials; taking it to a shop before heading to. Any platform making instructions for publishing applications.

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