One of the most popular types of advertising has been and remains currently posting ads on doorways, fences, posts, in the subway. No matter how you try to fight them janitors, ads appearing again and again. This means that this type of advertising, business, claimed. Talk about this idea of a small business.

There are firms, professional engaged in putting up ads on the doorways. And, as you know, if there are professionals case means there is to it and demand.

This kind of business is not expensive. Employees, raskleivajushhimi ads, mainly serve retirees and students who are not asking for a large payment. The cost of laying one ad is about 50 cents. Also do not forget to notify their workers that there are fine for putting up ads and it is 300 rubles.

How to find first clients? You can already start looking for raskleennyh foreign ads. By calling, offer their services, but a price cheaper than competitors. In order to expand the circle of customers, try to offer comprehensive services.

Putting up ads on the entrances is only the first step in the development of your business. Over time, evolving and expanding, you can switch to a full-fledged advertising activity.

PS: don't forget about the fines for such activity.

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