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Recently in big cities are increasingly caught the eye of beauty salons for pets. In addition to selling houses sold a variety of accessories, such as mattresses, rugs are on sale even sofas for cats and dogs. Increasingly on the streets you can see a dog in a warm overalls and Cap. It would seem that the high price of such products will scare the buyer, this is actually not the case. Consumer demand for this product range grows with each passing day, so this is a very promising area to build their business.

The great advantage of this business is the production of marketable goods at home, which increases profitability and attractiveness of creating their own businesses. Below we will consider the possibility of manufacturing products for pets in terms of technical costs and cost recovery.

Let's say we need to do what neither whether the original pet furniture. It is not necessary to start from scratch. Enough to take the usual kitchen Cupboard, a little imagination a little to work with your hands, that is, add loops from the bottom, for example. Add back the mattress with removable cover and here is the original locker bed for your pet ready. Of course, the kitchen cupboards for a long time is not enough, you can take advantage of inexpensive PARTICLE BOARD and already most calculate the desired dimensions.

Wide open space for imagination and technical ability, manufacture mattresses and rugs. You can use an ordinary rug, edging him edging. But with a good imagination, you can make a work of art from a variety of materials, such as linen and tapestry. The original form of products only increase the already high probability selling.

Production of let's say the original mattress-padded stools, bring a good income at a low cost. The technique is extremely simple. Individual Ottomans preferably square-shaped sewn together. On one such changing leaves 30 to 40 small Ottomans. Sewing Cabinet edge edging, in addition each master has his own ways to show imagination in sizes and shapes products and here is your mattress-Ottoman waits for his master. And I can assure you, people love their pets, and all your articles will be in demand.

Or here's another interesting example of a good knowledge of the psychology of cats gives a good perspective of the manufacturing cat houses. After all the trait of cats that they love secluded corners where sharpen their claws on upholstered furniture. Make small cat House and decorate it "kogtetochkoj" and a good business idea. The shape of this House may be different, it depends on your imagination.

Recommended sale price of your goods, builds on the cost of manufacturing the product. Increase two times the cost of manufacture and you get a price that guarantees self-sufficiency and good profits from your business. To start this kind of business enough to invest 1500 rubles that you return and will increase three times within a month of your work.

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