Have you ever seen a holiday on which there would be no cake? No celebration can not do without it. Cake can serve not only tasty treats for your guests, and may yet become a original gift for the birthday child. If you have good at furnace, yes even you own good artistic taste, perhaps you should think about making cakes to order. If you want to start your own business, it will be one of the best.

How to open the mass production of cakes and bespoke

First you will need to to prepare the directory where customers can see examples of your work and decoration of cakes. It is a good idea to split the directory by topic.

You can use the following section titles: baby cakes in the shape of figures of fantasy characters and multgeroev, stacked wedding cakes, Christmas and winter themed birthday cakes with congratulations. You can create and include in catalog sections. After registration of works to calculate the minimum price of each cake per kilogram of weight. Value should be sufficient to cover all expenses for his cooking.

Usually, the cost of manufacturing the cake, which in itself is complicated in execution and requires a large amount of confectionary mastics and decorative elements, is 1500-2000 rubles. This does not apply to wedding cakes, because their value may be more. In this scenario you will profit from 500 rubles and above. It all depends on the complexity of the product and spent his time cooking.

All the materials that you will use for production (packaging, products, Bakeware) is the best place to buy wholesale. If you desire, this set can be ordered from small stickers on the boxes, which will be written composition and congratulation to the recipient. Be sure customers will like this approach. The circulation of such labels in 100 pieces in white printing house will cost you approximately 1.5 t -3. r. You can and not to resort to third-party services, and print them on your printer, having bought before this special paper.

Search customers start with friends and acquaintances. Second place can serve as a search of the Internet and its various forums. Already during the 2-3 months you refill your client base and orders will be painted on the 2-3 of the week ahead. And this is without any advertising! Agree, an ad in the local newspaper or creating a small site faces not so expensive.

One of the main advantages of this business is that it almost does not depend on the season, after all, birthdays, holidays, Jubilees and anniversaries are celebrated throughout the year.

It's not work alone, but in the company of other masters-confectioners. So, over time you will be able to perform many more orders.

To arrange a private pastry shop, even a small size have to seriously invest (from 200 tons. r.), but by doing so you will increase your profits. After a while you will be able to open its own sales point or a whole chain of confectionery stores.

To begin, try to sell their products in large supermarkets, combining mass production with individual orders.

If you still decide to work independently for the first time, you need the amount up to 10-15 thousand rubles. It is needed to purchase all the necessary materials and tools.

Think about where you will work. You can arrange your workspace as home, size kitchen and rent a separate room, which, of course, preferable. It is very important to observe sanitary-hygienic norms. This applies to premises and equipment for the production of cakes and their storage. Get a health book and every six months be sure to pass the physical examination. Think of it as a necessity.

As soon as you begin work, consumption of hot and cold water, gas and electricity will increase, leading to significantly higher costs on your part. Do not forget to take this into account when you calculate the final cost of the products.

Clearly plan their working hours. It is often necessary to perform urgent orders and to your reputation is not damaged, always be punctual in this regard. After all, who needs a beautiful and unusual cake after the holiday?

If your affairs are progressing successfully, and the number of orders grows and grows, patent registration of an individual entrepreneur. But it might be worth thinking and to increase production volumes. Invite employees to create a vivid and memorable design, pay due attention to each client, combine high quality products using natural ingredients and soon you will see how your small businesses will begin to develop into a truly successful and profitable business.

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