How to write a selling history?

How to write a selling history in via Instagram?

What is storitelling? Remember the tale of the Queen Scheherazade? Interesting stories saved the girl's life and helped arrange family happiness. So here we are with you the stories told in via Instagram, can help sell a product. And now a little bit ogorchajushhej information. You have no way to improve sales, if nobody will read history. The majority of stories about a product "-just such an option.

Why not read history?

Lack of time
Let's say, your account is designed for an audience that does not read at all. How to hook them at least some stories? Possibly, forever rushing people Peck for some catchy title, offering a solution to their problem. But only if the story itself is well structured, fast and readable.

Lack of interest
Let's say you're selling corsets for weight loss. Anyone in this account are not interesting to read the history of some prominent athletes, umenshivshej your waist at 1 cm. Women who sign up to the product for weight loss are unlikely to feel that this is their option. They don't want to play sports, and subscribed. In General, history should not be thrilling detectives, enough so they were told on behalf of potential consumers.

"Bed sheet" and style
Not always an administrator can write via Instagram selling texts. Not always it can find and hire a copywriter who knows. In the thread extending texts in via instagram every day, hardly anyone will read another masterpiece. Because most people reads only the stories from friends and relatives to find out how they have a case. There remains only one draw user format.

How to sell using stories

The simplest scheme is a story about how some people decided to their problem, typical for the target audience, by using your product or service. The structure of the text in this case may be:

  • eye-catching headline. Be sure to specify what exactly the problem is subject to decision. For example, "30 000 rubles for the first month of work as a copywriter, or restful sleep just a week use."; in the first paragraph need to clearly identify the «pain» consumer, which will facilitate our goods; There's also briefly indicate the goods as a means of solving the problem; then you can "grow into details, telling exactly how this product has helped solve the problem, add something describing the consumer parts, interesting details; at the end of the story, be sure to call to action, buy a product, order something on the site, Subscribe to the group, and so on

Visual design stories

There can be several options:

  • the video, which collects individual slides, for example, of "storiz" in instagram, and made with the help of the application. On the pictures you can make an inscription explaining the "outline of history; just a single picture, bright describes the resolution of the situation. For example, sell "pohudejku"-obviously do "before and after" sell developmental toy-place photo happy busy child, and making their case mother, and so on; picture diagram — this works well only if we offer financial products, credit or something similar that can be summarized in figures

In General, your task is to come up with something that meets the common task of selling text, caption, and Captivate the reader and text then lidom guaranteed to work.