Profit shop clothes, how much can you earn?

Опубликовано: 23.02.2019

Profit shop clothes, how much can you earn?



    Is it possible to earn money on clothing trade today? Answer: It is possible, otherwise there were not so many outlets. Sometimes, thinking how all the traders are getting along with each other, because there are so many of them. Nothing like that, every year the number of clothing stores only grows like mushrooms after the rain. Well, it means that the case is profitable…

    What can be the income of the average clothing store? And I hasten to disappoint you – you will not know the exact figures. To begin with, the income concept is tensile, and depends on a number of factors.


    The store's income directly depends on its location and the passableness of the outlet. For example, the shopping mall is probably one of the best places to shop. And the more popular and larger the shopping center, the higher the potential of the outlet. The only condition is the rent, the size of which can be disproportionately large. Especially on the first floor of the center.

    Audience or who is your client?

    If you trade children's clothing, then your main audience-mommy, if sportswear-people who are engaged in active lifestyle and so on. Hence the conclusion-to place the store is necessary in those places, the permeability of which corresponds to the concept of your trading point.

    Product and its quality

    One of the main factors influencing the profit of the store. As it would not be said "cunning" businessmen that the goods need to be able to sell, if your clothes will be "basement" quality earn will be very difficult. Or the price of clothing should be appropriate, that is, extremely low.

    Range and the wider it is, the better

    The buyer likes to choose, resemble, look closely. And when you look at nothing, he will turn around and go to some supermarket or franchise network. Conclusion – the more investments you invest in expanding the range of the store, the higher the return should be.


    The rule is simple-trade in the summer that wear in summer, trade in the winter, what they wear…

    Trade markup

    Yes, there were times when the goods gossamer to 500%, or even more percent and wealthy for a couple of months. But that time has passed, the markets are filled with anything, the competition is unreal. Therefore, the markup in today's clothing store will not be more than 100-150%. No, the markup can be a lot more if you manage to find "free" suppliers. It is necessary to do everything, go a couple of times to China, and to negotiate directly with local manufacturers. Well, or if you have a relative at the customs. Otherwise, if you buy at the Russian wholesale bases-big margin do not wait.


    Quality goods, it is good, and when it sells a competent seller-even better. It is not easy to find such, but believe me, 50% of the success of your store is concluded.

    Advertising and advertising again

    No matter how low your prices are, and even if you are the only store in your city, no advertising about you will not know, or learn too late. Discounts and promotions, where without them. Our people like to buy where "cheaper", so you only need to make it clear that you have the most profitable clothing store.

    Clothing store Opening: Phased plan

    The process of organization of own business, regardless of its scale and direction of activity, begins with careful planning of all stages of realization of this business project.

    In order to open a clothing store, you need to solve the following questions:

    • Conduct market research.
    • Choose the concept of a retail outlet.
    • Gather information for the business plan and make calculations of the main economic indicators.
    • To issue documents of LLC or IP.
    • Make repairs indoors.
    • Buy furniture, equipment, etc.
    • to form staff (to sign employment contracts with them).
    • Conclude contracts with suppliers.


    Sometimes businessmen have to solve one more question – to look for additional sources of financing.

    Initial Capital Size

    The main expenses associated with the opening of the clothing store include:

    • Legal issues and business registration;
    • Repair indoors;
    • Purchase of furniture and equipment;
    • Purchase of the first shipment of goods.


    The sum of all the listed costs, including the monthly expenses for the maintenance of the store, until it reaches the "break-even point", will be at the level of 15-30 thousand. The

    Estimated profit store clothing

    Beginning businessmen, first of all, is concerned with the question, what profit can the owner of the clothing store expect? At the daily Cash 400, your gross income will be at the level of $12000/month. With this money you have to pay:

    • Rent;
    • Advertising;
    • Staff salaries;
    • public services;
    • for protection;
    • Administrative and transportation costs.


    If to add the cost of purchase of new goods to the above-mentioned costs, the sum of 9-10 thousand will be paid. Per month. As a result, the profit of the trade Point before taxation will be 2-3 thousand, and after – 1700-2550, 1 USD per month.

    Taxation system

    For this direction of commercial activity the optimal tax regime is imputed, but if the area of the outlet exceeds 150 square meters. M., then you can write an application to the FTS about the desire to work on USN (you can pay 6% of the proceeds or 15% of the profit). For a chain of shops or large supermarkets it is rational to pay taxes on common grounds.

    Purchase of equipment and preparation of documents

    The choice of furniture and equipment for the clothing store depends on its style and interior design. Buy shelving, shelves and furniture that will create a single, holistic and harmonious picture.

    For legal work of a trading point it is necessary, at the stage of registration of business, to solve questions with registration of documents. The list of mandatory papers includes:

    • Certificates of Pi or LLC;
    • Documents to the cash register;
    • Lease of premises;
    • Permission of representatives of Fire Inspectorate, SES, Rospotrebnadzor;
    • Quality certificates and invoices for your products;
    • contracts with suppliers;
    • Employment contracts with staff;
    • permission of local authorities.


    Be sure to equip the buyer's corner, so that visitors can leave their opinion about the store, get information about it, as well as find the numbers of institutions, controlling entrepreneurial activity!

    In almost all reports and documents for the FTS, Rosstat or pf It is necessary to specify the code corresponding to your business. For clothing store is okved 52.42.

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