Advantages of Freelancer: 5:00 today, 6:00 tomorrow, and then free a few weeks

The Executive Director of the portal for finding freelance job Gary Swart, oDesk read on Digital October lecture "employees in the clouds. Publish an abbreviated version of this lecture.

Knowledge, skills, specialists are the most important resource for modern companies. Despite that kind of like now is the time of recession, high unemployment, surely you yourself have experienced that good, qualified specialists are still hard to find. In fact, our company both time and involved in the selection of qualified specialists.

The competition for talent is awesome

The concept of work which existed 15 years ago, was born in the early years of the industrial age, and then it was natural to believe that people should work together in the same room. But it is not very efficient in the present circumstances. It is expensive because it requires the whole infrastructure.

In addition, recruitment costs themselves are quite high, even if you don't use a large hedhantingovyh agencies. In the United States calculated that on average, search the right person takes 90 days.

Many companies have to employ a lot of people, despite the fact that it is expensive and requires a lot of time. Moreover, it is necessary to fight for talent. We constantly face in Silicon Valley. Kind of like work took a good specialist, but for him still have to fight every day, because his peretjagivajut-well, you know, a lot of people are leaving Google to Facebook, and Facebook in Foursquare.

In General, the competition for talent is awesome. Often this competition comes among familiar faces-the same companies are fighting for the best people. It turns out that and selection of the personnel, and most importantly, its retention is very complicated and very expensive. Information era began, but most of the companies continued to operate as if it is absolutely necessary that all their employees were in the same room at the same time.

Of course, some work is spreading a little in time and space, have the option to transfer some work is outsourced to other countries, however, this model also proved difficult. In order to correctly give the job to outsourcing, need and proper contract draw and clearly prescribe specifications and sejly.

In the United States is very fond of outsourcing in India, but it turned out that despite the fact that the same language, difficulties in communication. Well, of course, have to fly in this India, trying to solve the problems on the ground. On the other hand, if you do it well, your competitors are starting to copy your experience and also transfer manufacturing or call centers in India, and, kind of like everything is back to square one: with the same companies for the same areas you bodaetes now in a new geographical area, and they begin poaching your already Indian employees.

Many companies don't want to take people to a permanent job

However, globalization has resulted in yet another direction changes-namely, in the field of online work. We are talking about what you are looking for and staff online, and perform the work online and paid for this work online. Instead of hiring people that will be coming into the Office your contractor in India, you just agree with them directly, and they work remotely, but with the same materials and resources that you have. Actually, oDesk works in this market. Last year we had a stream of work requests at $78 million. Our network already includes 2.5 million professionals worldwide.

Why is it interesting for our clients? Let's first let's deal with the question, why is it interesting to the employees. Because many of them are highly qualified, but did not receive adequate salaries, this qualification since live, say, in the wrong place. Suppose there is a people living somewhere in the wilderness, though American, and any important skills that dream of working in Silicon Valley, but do not have the opportunity to move there.

If you're a good expert, but you are out of luck and you live somewhere in the Urjupinsk, you should be able to earn as much as you would have earned while living in San Francisco. According to our forecasts to 2020 year only through our platform will go work at $10 billion, which will perform about 2 million people.

We now have about 4 thousand clients who come to us in search of contractors, artists in other countries. Many companies don't want to take people to a permanent job. They really like the idea that they can use the services of highly qualified specialists when they need them. On the one hand, they want to have access to good professionals when they need them, and on the other hand, you don't want to spend too much money on them.

That is, pay for jobs, dedicated phone lines, and so on. It is often the case that the specialist need 5:00 today, 6:00 tomorrow, and then it's free for several weeks. Well, with all that such a system will have a certain reputation, customers will be able to get some stats on each person to understand, really it worth specialist or not.

Even if the client, we will still pay for work

A good analogy in this case will be any electronic shop you themselves, of course, used more than once. E-commerce has been around for 15 or 20 years, and in the United States, accounting for 7% of total trade turnover. This might not seem like such a big figure: Yes, still 93% of all purchases occurred in the offline world. But these 7% represent a huge market.

Many people now buy goods online. Not just televisions and cars already people are now buying on eBay! In short, e-commerce gives us a new way to find the right product, provide it with convenient delivery and choose any convenient way to pay for it.

Actually, oDesk is same. Simply we have a very specific product. We help you find the right professionals to hire these professionals and pay for their work. A market in which we operate, is already big, but we understand that it will grow further explosive pace. When the e-commerce market in the United States only arose, we had one Amazon, which then traded only books.

Now you can online buy almost anything. According to our forecasts, more than 50% of all American specialists (70 million people) to the year 2020 will be freelancers and will work as times online. This is not surprising. From freelancers usually have the opportunity to earn more, while keeping enough flexibility.

Companies to this system is interesting because it gives them the opportunity to save significantly, which increases, of course, and the competitiveness of the companies. We help you find the right specialists and some effective payment system-there should be arranged differently. Our work, in particular, implies the possibility of online access, which makes your employee.

It works through us, he subscribes to the fact that 6 times in the hour we have the right to take screenshots on his desktop, and if you have the desire, you can look for him. It is very convenient, because if you see that he's doing something wrong, you have the opportunity at the time to fix these errors.

Why do we need a specialist? Because we personally guarantee payment for his work. Even if the client, we will still pay for the work. Yes, it happens and so that our experts somehow agree with customers behind our backs. And then they come back to us when these same clients offend them. Our specialists are very like the system, they are guaranteed to get their money from us every week. They do not need to jog for customers and have to beg.

"It's cool, we want to continue working exactly»

We conducted a survey among its clients, and interviewed more than 7 thousand companies. 72% of clients said that the use of online human resources they consider strategic advantage. That is, the company did not say: «we are now comfortable, but we ever is pererastem. No, they say "it's cool, we want to continue working exactly. In fact, 72% of companies say, ' we like so much, that we will continue to consider online work part of their strategy. More than half of the companies argues that the use of specialists through online resources enables them to improve their competitiveness. They believe that this entire market, of course, will quickly develop.

For example, the company created Creatuity man who at first was specialist, i.e. a contractor in our system. He came to us in 2009 year and began with fairly low wages in $15 per hour. But because he proved to be a good specialist, now he already earns much more about $95 per hour. This leap from $15 to $95 he committed, as you can see in just 3 years. And now he's created his own business and selects staff themselves in the same system of oDesk. And he predicts the order of a million dollars of the company's turnover Creatuity only this year.

Understand that you wonder what kind of statistics in Russia. Most popular searches-this queries related to Web development, programming and administrative work. It is, in fact, exponential statistics in General. 60% of all orders at oDesk associated with any IT skills. Not surprisingly-still we IT company. From this point of view, Russia is little different from the other countries with which we work.

It is interesting that 40% of all orders of the Russian companies take is, actually, a Russian artist. In the first quarter of 2012 year Russian contractors earned $4.4 million, earned more in the second quarter. From what other countries are coming, the Russian are engaged artists projects? 15%-17%, Ukraine-India, 6%-Egypt. And a variety of other countries.

Remember, I said that, on average, in the United States, searching for the right person takes 90 days. Online this time in 18 times less-just 5 days. And did I mention that many of these professionals, which the company therefore finds, remain in the company and working (well, maybe not at full strength, but work) not one month, one year. And it is very profitable for companies. Of course, they first come to some small bets, but proving their competence, have the opportunity to earn more.

What can we expect in the future?

It seems to me that more and more often we will face with the companies, part of the personnel which works remotely. As sobstveno, and in the company of oDesk. We have about a hundred of their own employees, and another 250 people work with us every day at udalenke. That is, in principle, one can say that they are our permanent staff.

We believe that development of this segment of the frilansovogo will change the legislation. In particular, in such an unexpected country like Bangladesh, recently passed a law stipulating that every dollar earned on the Internet are not included in the taxable base. Actually, the lawmakers recognized that Bangladesh is, as you may have heard, not the richest country in the world-the work of little and large population. And the Government has decided that it is useful for the people's money. Let the nation earns.

You can count on that and other advanced countries would take appropriate decisions. Well not yet prohibit rallies. Here we have the opportunity to work together. Therefore, it is hoped that for the working reality snaps and legislative reality.

You can count on an increase in the number of companies which develop activities in this field. More and more hybrid online-offline commands, will be new laws governing the work of such teams, there will be some specialized sites is not a generalist, as ours, and sharpened under concrete industry.

It is, of course, wonder about the complexities of integrating such virtual teams with offline employees. Of course, there may be communication difficulties-but they arise and in the offline world. Accordingly, the companies and their employees will have to find some more effective mechanisms for building communications with remote employees. In view of this need to be somehow update company policies, its code. If you are going to use remote workers, it will lead you to revise your strategy at least in some of its aspects.

While most companies that use our services, this small company. However, more and more medium-sized companies and even "hippos" like Google, Apple and Hp are starting to contact us, realizing that it is advantageous and convenient.

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