Advantages and disadvantages of online business

"Your business on the Internet"-sounds cool, doesn't it? And what the Association calls this phrase! -No superiors constantly hanging over their heads, and giving guidance; -Absolutely free work schedule; -Freedom to do what you like; -Possibility to reside with his family.

If that's all you can imagine, we a little you disappoint you and shoot it with your dreamy eyes pink sunglasses. No, of course, all of this has to do with Internet business. And most direct. Just have a few more parties to this case, and they are not so pleasant. Below we all consider the detail.

Pros and cons

1. So, the first advantage is the absence of superiors. This is only the front side of the coin. And if something you do not wrong, you will not help no one, only you. Because you are your own boss, then please take full responsibility.

And it's not as easy as it seems most people just not accustomed, since childhood. And if you're not ready to assess the risks themselves, make predictions, the answer for everything, it's worth thinking-whether your choice is correct?

2. Free schedule. No one will be forced to do the necessary work, and there is a danger razlenitsja, lose motivation and desire to work. And you should be able to force myself to work even when you least want.

3. You should constantly, every day purposefully work to reach your goal. And if the work in the Internet for you no more than a new hobby, you at one point simply lose interest in it, and that's all over. There should be a clear tendency to victory, and the usual interest here is not enough.

4. As mentioned above, if you now head himself, it assumes a serious responsibility. And as supervisor to yourself, you should be able to claim on my own qualitative, complete and on time performance of any necessary work. Ask you also now not with whom, and if you're not satisfied, does not deprive the host time.

Don't think that work for themselves is to work for your pleasure. Very often requires much more effort than "Uncle" for stable and fixed salaries.

5. The opportunity to be with your family carries a lot of distractions. Remember-work and family stuff, almost incompatible in one apartment. So nothing you should not divert during operation-neither children nor spouse or parents.

If you work at home you will have to constantly face with lots of distractions-home care, go to the store, etc. It is important to immediately build priorities, more importantly at the moment-in order not to spoil the nerve cells neither myself nor my family. Around know measure and make a difference. You must be willing to sacrifice some things.

Especially at the beginning. You may have to spend years of accumulated savings to launch his project. And "start" it will be very tight. Prepare yourself for the fact that in the beginning you can almost not have spare time, and may be a problem with money. Start your own business is easy, but make it profitable, it is the second question. Nothing happens immediately, and in some cases will be months and perhaps years before you get tangible benefits from their labors. And finally, one important nuance. If you leave the bustling and crowded places of work in order to start your business, at first, you will have the feeling of loneliness.

Get ready for this kind of change. As you can see from the above, in addition to the obvious benefits, e-business poses many challenges and difficulties, sometimes very unusual. Are you ready for it? If Yes, then go ahead, not turning back and not sparing of your choice!

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