Positive affirmations: what it is and why they work

Probably, in the world there are few people who do not wish to succeed in work and hobby, love and personal life, sport, etc. d. But those who wish to become successful, it does not always succeed. And one of the reasons why many are destined to remain mediocrity, is not believing in yourself and the belief in its own insolvency.

The roots of such disbelief in their strength ? often come from childhood: sometimes parents program the child to future failure. "Do you fail, you're too small," "you can't", "you don't know". The child grows up with low self-esteem and thought that everything turns out others, but not from him. As an adult, he will have to either put up with the complex of loser and go with the flow, or believe in yourself and your strength.

To be confident, don't have to imitate someone and change in nature ? need only look closely to yourself and determine its merits (not maybe that didn't have them!), and then love yourself for them.

In fact, successful people are different from those unlucky that they themselves program yourself for success. They are confident that they will succeed, and infect the confidence of others. If they do occur, they are not looped through failure to them, convinced that this is a temporary phenomenon.

In the eyes of people who exaggerate their flaws, it is possible to see doubt and lack of confidence in their abilities. And the surrounding are also beginning to treat them with a grain of salt.

Self-confident people begin their day with thoughts about the plans for the day, which they surely will manage to realize. Uncertain with early morning tune yourself to the troubles that await them ahead. So, give yourself some installation for the whole day. Somebody rightly observed that success comes not to early risers and those who stands up in a good mood.

Here's a simple example: we need to go through a narrow Creek brevnyshku. We will not fall, for now let's go easily and confidently. But we have doubts, we immediately start to throw in different directions, and keep the balance would be problematic.

But what to do if we constantly self-belief and these doubts hinder us to become successful?

Affirmation ? what it is?

It is likely we will help affirmation, which translated from Latin means "confirmation". And imply underneath a brief phrase containing positive approval or installation. With their help, the human subconscious, pronouncing this phrase, lays down the necessary images, positively affecting his mental and emotional state. This, in turn, stimulates it to positive changes in their lives.

As a famous Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza, "If you want to life smiled you, give her first its good mood". Indeed, our thoughts, motives and actions are very dependent on our mood: when it all falls out of his hand, and hang in a dead point. Conversely, when we are in a State of elation, all problems are resolved as if by themselves.

Roman philosopher Marcus Aurelius advised: "don't stay down for too long, otherwise you will not be able to help. Wont restore harmony improves you. "

Psychologists believe that a person in a State of depression, slows down the elaboration of biological energy, and sometimes its not even enough himself to wellness. Able same elation it so much that people can share it with others, charging them with positive emotions. People are drawn to such a person to "recharge" and meet him gratefully. Depressed people tend to shy away from, often it occurs on the subconscious level.

L. wrote Tolstoy, depressed and bad mood not only painfully for others, but also contagious.

Choosing their own most appropriate personally us affirmations, we can configure itself on the positive and success, respectively. However, to be effective, with the affirmation of their drafting needs to adhere to certain rules.

How to correctly formulate an affirmation?

  1. Affirmation shall be drawn up in the present tense and in first person-"I", "me", "my", etc.
  2. It must not be abstract and verbose. Brevity and spesific ? among the main conditions. Therefore, it is important to first decide what we want, who want to become or that eventually get to be happy, "that is, to form the target. For example, we are forced to communicate with someone who we don't like and whose opinion we are annoying. We can convince ourselves generalities I like people, I like people, but it will be in vain. If we say to yourself: "I respect other people's opinion, even if it is different from mine, it is likely that our ability to calmly perceive someone else's point of view will be appreciated. And we both begin to feel more comfortable in each other's company.
  3. From the previous it follows that affirmation should be personal, because only we ourselves know what we lack in order to feel more confident.
  4. Another important condition ? affirmation must carry positive energy, causing a quiet self-confidence and the desire to act.
  5. We must believe in their affirmations, otherwise they will not help.
  6. Affirmation must contain fitting on personal development. For example, it is not necessary to say to yourself: "I accept myself any/any", because thus we unconsciously depriving themselves the possibilities for improvement.
  7. It will be an incentive to periodically remind yourself: "my efforts to surpass my expectations.

Examples of affirmations

  • I believe in myself!
  • My future depends on me!
  • I can earn money!
  • My abilities allow me to achieve what I want!
  • I respect myself and I respect the other people!
  • Good luck in my hands!
  • I reject positive!
  • My desires come true!
  • I always get lucky in life!
  • I am a magnet for money!
  • Luck is my faithful companion!
  • Every day I become more successful!
  • I all have time, and I have everything!
  • Money love me!
  • My business thrive and grow!
  • Today will be all as I want!
  • I'm successful in life!
  • My work (business) is the best!
  • The situation will be better!
  • Lucky for me in any case, life is beautiful!
  • I love to learn, etc.

When affirmations don't work?

  1. If we don't: what say to ourselves in but will only affirmations, mechanically repeating learned phrases will not be confusing. As the saying goes, if a hundred times say "Halva" mouth sweeter. Affirmation should create a mood which will inspire us to action.
  2. Saying the affirmation, we should not be in the soul to question said. Saying "I'm sure that I can, to do this, you need to really set yourself for success, leaving no room for negative thoughts and doubts.
  3. You cannot use the affirmacijah negation ? particle "not", as well as the word "can" (it turns out something like this: I, and what's next?)
  4. Affirmations don't work when we try to convince ourselves something that meets our internal resistance.
  5. Effect of affirmations weakens if our allegations are contrary to our "corporal korsetu of confidence", which is expressed in the Royal posture, confident gait, clear gestures, no clamps, etc. It is unlikely that the man with the drooping shoulders helplessly and plaintive tone in his voice, uverjajushhij, that he is doing fine, will be able to convince even myself. Therefore, in order to increase the power of affirmations, parallel work and stands with his body, gestures, intonations, facial expressions.

How to work with affirmations?

Affirmation is one of the species of autosuggestion. To our phrase began to work, they need to speak several times ? it's best not to myself, and out loud. Psychologists even recommend to choose 10-20 of affirmations and for some time they record alternately left and right hand (for both hemispheres of the brain).

Affirmations can be used in parallel with other techniques that help develop confidence, including with psychotherapy.

However it is not necessary to get too carried away by them ? by themselves they do not change the reality of the situation. Their goal is to create a mood for action. After all, if we have cases backlog, and we often get sick and ill look like, one only repeat positive phrases will not change anything. These phrases should induce us to act!

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